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Meeting of the Executive held on 07/12/2004
Vision, Aim and Objectives; 2005 and Beyond

Vision, Aim & Objectives; 2005 and beyond

Vision: “To enhance the quality of life in Waverley, now and for the future, through strong local leadership and customer focused service”

Obj. No
Enhance the quality of lifeEncourage, provide and improve cultural and leisure facilities for all, particularly leisure/sports centres providing a new leisure centre for Godalming, upgrading Farnham Sports Centre, improving parks and play areas and supporting Farnham Maltings (including the provision of performance/theatre space)1.
Work with other partners to reduce crime and disorder and the fear of crime2.
Support measures to control and reduce late night nuisance and anti-social behaviour3.
Support and encourage activities which enable older people to live their lives to the full4.
Improve opportunities for young people5.
Create a local environment that will help to keep children safe 6.
Improve opportunities for those with disabilities7.
Promote social inclusion across the Council’s services (by ensuring that the needs of all members of the community are taken into account irrespective of gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion/belief, or age)8.
Encourage the Local Strategic Partnership to maximise the opportunities for Community Transport9.
Listen to and be accountable to the people of WaverleyContinue to improve communication between the Council and the community, and encourage feedback 10.
Ensure that services are widely accessible including by electronic means 11.
Present key performance and financial information in a clear and engaging way12.
Obj. No
Maintain an attractive, sustainable environmentRetain the special character of the countryside, towns and villages in Waverley13.
Encourage village and town health checks and parish plans with a view to incorporating them into the Local Development Framework and Community Strategy14.
Promote and influence beneficial development to enhance and safeguard the use of land and the built and natural environment, particularly East Street, Farnham and Godalming Key Site15.
Minimise use of natural resources through waste reduction, increased recycling including plastics, and composting16.
Provide an effective and efficient refuse and recycling collection service17.
Continue to improve Planning processes 18.
Protect public health and safety19.
Encourage energy efficiency, especially in housing20.
Facilitate the provision of good quality local housingEnable more affordable housing for essential workers and local young people21.
Enable well managed and maintained social housing22.
Enable effective and efficient support to tenants23.
Support homeless people24.
Minimise the use of Bed & Breakfast accommodation 25.
Ensure that residents receive an efficient Benefits Service 26.
Encourage a strong local economySupport local businesses, shops and services for residents and visitors27.
Work with the business community and other partners to maintain the vitality of towns, villages and the rural economy28.

Driven by:

Focus the Council’s resources on priorities Maintain prudent and sound financial management29.
Focus on the efficient and effective delivery of priority services and the avoidance of bureaucratic costs30.
Optimise the benefits from managing the council’s assets31.
Employ a workforce with the right balance and skills mix to deliver the council’s priorities and objectives32.