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Meeting of the Council held on 17/02/2004
Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of the Council held on 2nd February 2004

MINUTES of the EXTRAORDINARY MEETING of the WAVERLEY BOROUGH COUNCIL held in the Council Chamber, Council Offices, Godalming on 2nd February 2004 at 7.47 p.m.____________

* Mr R C Terry (Mayor)
* Mr V Duckett (Deputy Mayor)
Mr R H Worby

* Present

[The meeting was preceded by a combined informal
public question time with the Executive]

At the commencement of the meeting the Council stood in silence as a mark of respect at the passing of former Councillors Mrs Daphne Mackie and Mrs Anna Thomson, both of whom had recently died.


The Minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 16 December 2003 were confirmed and signed.


Apologies for absence were received from Mr L C Bate, Mr P Betlem, Mr J C S Mackie and Mr S D Steel. (Mrs M E Foryszewski left the meeting at approximately 8.00 pm.)


Mr M J Blower declared a personal interest in the Executive Report as a member of Farnham Society.

Mr V K Scrivens declared a personal and prejudicial interest in the Executive Report and left the meeting prior to the debate on their item.


The Mayor and the Council warmly welcomed Mrs M Nyazai back, following her recent absence through illness.

The Mayor also extended the thanks of the Council to the officers upon the achievement of ‘Investors in People’ status for Waverley..


45.1. Mr E J Boyle of Old Compton Lane, Farnham asked the following question on the East Street, Farnham, redevelopment:

“Does the Council think that it is right to grant a Landlord’s sanction to a new masterplan that hasn’t been seen by the people of Farnham or by the Farnham Town Council?”

The Leader of the Council replied as follows:

The master plan is based on the Planning Brief and subsequently the Crest Nicholson Sainsbury’s scheme that was selected by the Council. Both the Brief and the CNS scheme have been the subject of public consultation.”

45.2. Mrs Ann Thurston of Cherry Tree Road, Rowledge, Farnham asked the following question:

“I refer to the East Street SIG report from the Executive meeting of 6th January. One of the key issues, which we understand has been addressed in the new masterplan, is Brightwell House and Gardens.

“In the last masterplan there were three residential blocks obstructing the view through to the river and destroying the amenity area by the river. This is contrary to the Development Brief and to Waverley’s own Local Plan – Policy C12. Can I be assured that these residential blocks and the balancing ponds have been erased from the new masterplan?”

The Leader of the Council replied as follows:

“The residential blocks in question were the subject of discussion at the Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee last Monday. Depending on the outcome of the forthcoming Council debate this evening, they may be subject to further review. It would be wrong of me to predict or pre-empt what the Council will decide.”


The Executive had met prior to the extraordinary meeting of the Council to consider a report on East Street Landowner Sanction. Its report was circulated at the meeting of the Council.

It was moved by the Chairman of the Executive and duly seconded that the tabled report of the meeting held earlier on 2nd February 2004 be approved and adopted.

Recommendation 70

It was moved and seconded that Recommendation 70 be amended by inserting the words “proper public consultation and” after the word “including”; and deleting the word “March” and inserting the word “appropriate” in its place.

It was then moved in accordance with Procedure Rule 17.5 that the voting on the amendment be by roll-call and recorded. The voting was as follows:
For the Amendment (29 votes)

Mr M H W Band, Mr M J Blower, Capt P G Burden, Mr M W Byham, Mrs E Cable, Mr M A Clark, Mrs C Cockburn, Mr V Duckett, Mr B A Ellis, Mrs P Ellis, Mrs P M Frost, Mr D R Gallacher, Mr R J Gates, Mr P D Harmer, Mrs P Hibbert Mrs L S R Hodgson, Mrs M V M Hunt, Mr D C Inman, Mr P B Isherwood, Mrs S R Jacobs, Mrs J R Keen, Dr M-G Lane, Dr P M Marriott, Mr W M Marshall, Mrs M Nyazai, Mr J R Sandy, Ms M Taylor, Mr A E B Taylor-Smith, Mr K Webster.
Against the Amendment (12 votes)

Mr M J D Allan, Dr J F A Blowers, Mr S D Edge, Mr B Grainger-Jones, Mrs P N Mitchell, Mr A Rayner, Mr P S Rivers, Mr J E Robini, Mr J M Savage, Mr B G Shelley, Mr C C E Slyfield, Mrs J A Slyfield.
Abstained (6)

Mr M A Edgington, Miss G B W Ferguson, Mrs A E Mansell, Mr C H Mansell, Mrs C E Savage, Mr R C Terry
Amendments to add new Recommendation 72

It was then further moved and seconded that an additional Recommendation (No. 72) be added, and this, after debate and adjustment, was as follows:-

“72. requests the officers to approach CNS to see whether these three specific pages (Page 14, Page 3 of 3 and the ground floor plan) of the Master Plan presented to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, and now withdrawn, be put completely in the public domain, and that CNS also be approached to see if there are further pages which could be made public.”

Upon being put to the meeting, the amendment was APPROVED.

RESOLVED that the report of the Executive as now amended, be approved and the recommendations contained therein adopted.

The meeting concluded at 8.58 pm.