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Waverley Borough Council Committee System - Committee Document

Meeting of the Executive held on 02/12/2003
General Fund Revenue Account,

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Corporate & Community Strategy Portfolio
Land drainage
Corporate Communications and Public Relations
Waverley Trainign Services
Borough Elections
Corporate Management
Community Strategy
Community Safety
IMproving Local Government
Best Value
Democratic Representation
Interest and Finance Expenses
Unapportioned Central Overheads
Property Administration
Youth Centres
Industrial Sites
Miscellaneous Properties
Treasury Management and Bank Charges
Office Manpower
Establishment Expenses
ASsset Management Review
Housing and Community Welfare Portfolio
Concessionary Fares
Meals on Wheels
Rent Allowances
Rent Rebate Administration
House Renovation Grants
Waverley Home IMprovement Agency
Community Care
Community Transport Initiative
Other General Fund Housing Services
Central Communications
Day Centres
Housing Act Advances - Fixed Interest
Farnham Closed Circuit TV
Asset Management and Human Resources Portfolio
Street Furniture
Word Processing
Central Office Accommodation
Locality Offices
Information Technology
Register of Electors
Financial and Legal Expenses
Cost of Collection
Council Tax benefit
Cost of Collection Business Rates
Cost of Collection Council Tax
Emergency Services
Planning and Major Developments Portfolio
Development Control
Other Planning Services
Building Control
Street Naming
Land Charges
Environment Portfolio
Inspection and Preventative Measures
Animal Control
Liquid Waste Services
Refuse Collection
Waste Recycling
Special Refuse Collection
Environmental Cleaning
Car Parks
Local Agenda 21
Economic Development and Business Liaison Portfolio
Economic Opportunitiues Activity
Sponsored Organisation Scheme
Town and Village Liaison Portfolio
Welfare Grants
Compensatory Grants
Sponsored Organisation Scheme
Culture and Leisure Portfolio
Craneligh Leisure Centre, Farnham Sports Centre, Godalming Leisure Centre
Ther Herons (Haslemere Leisure Centre)
The Edge Sports Centre
Borugh Hall, Memorial Hall
Recreational Open Space
Community Activities
Leisure Gardens
Museum of Farnham
Museums - Grant Aid
Arts Activities
Target reduction
Sponsored Organisation Scheme