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Meeting of the Executive held on 10/07/2007
Website Manager - Draft Job Description

Annexe 2



Purpose of the job:
The job holder will be responsible for the ongoing development, management and support of the Council’s Internet, Intranet and Members’ Extranet websites covering:

To provide Directors, Members and Officers of the Council with advice and support on all web- related matters.

Strategy, policies and standards development and governance,

Day-to-day management and support of the website infrastructure,

Oversight of the websites publishing processes,

Promotion and publicising of the website as a primary channel for communication and service delivery for the Council’s residents and customers,

Development of the Intranet and Members’ Extranet as a primary communications channel for employees and Members respectively,

Liaison with management across the council and external partners on website requirements, features and links.

Specific responsibilities will include:

1. Management and day-to-day administration of the Council’s Website Content Management System.

2. Technical support for WBC’s Internet and Intranet web infrastructure including management of metadata (used in navigation, indexing and search), and compliance with web standards, e.g. AAA.

3. Managing the day-to-day information submission and updating activities on the Internet and intranet including compliance with web policies, standards and best practice.

4. Liaising and working with Senior Management and service areas to define the Council’s Internet and Intranet strategy.

5. Development and maintenance of web policies, standards and best practice guidelines.

6. Creation and maintenance of website statistics for Senior Management reports.

7. Working with the Communications Officer to ensure the quality and integrity of the documents published.

8. Working with the Council’s IT Section supplier and other partners to provide integration support to application web portals such as Planning, online Payments etc.

9. Ongoing promotion and publicising of the Internet website as a primary Citizen service channel.

10. Online consultation, including forms design, test, implementation and maintenance.

11. Ongoing development of the Intranet website as an employee portal to support the Council’s E-enablement Programme, e.g. information publishing and collaboration.

12. Working with Democratic Services on the development and maintenance of the Members’ Extranet.

13. Content governance and management, e.g. compliance with best practice guides, “look and feel”, etc.)

14. Maintenance of pages, e.g. link testing, and end-user training and support.

15. Ensuring linked information resources are kept relevant, appropriate, etc. Including maintenance of links to, and liaison with, neighbouring Authority websites and the Government Portal.

16. Keeping up to date with best practice in web usability, web page design and writing for the web

17. Undertaking regular reviews of the Internet and Intranet information architecture and conducting regular user needs analyses.

18. Maintenance of the Council’s A-Z and search engine thesaurus along with integration with other organisations A-Zs, eg. SurreyOnline, that may benefit the Council.

19 Monitoring communications via the website to ensure timely response to e-mails.

20. The post holder will be expected to bring professional judgement and legal interpretation of the relevant acts as they apply to this position eg. Data Protection Act.