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Meeting of the Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 23/09/2002
Natural Resource Use


Detailed objectives
Section Comments \ Current status
Improve domestic energy efficiency by 30% over a 10 year period (based on 1995/96 figures) TARGET DATE: End of March 2006

Offer discounted energy-saving products (e.g. cavity wall insulation & condensing boilers)
Environmental Health (Residential) (EL)Discounted products offered in partnership with Energy Efficiency Advice Centre
Promote renewable energy sources where possible (e.g. domestic solar panels)
Environmental Health (Residential) (EL)Discounted solar water heating offered in partnership with Energy Efficiency Advice Centre
Promote and provide information on energy-saving measures for householders and advice on energy efficiency measures available
Environmental Health (Residential) (EL) & Environmental Co-ordinator (EL)102 Waverley residents have been given energy efficiency advice through our partnership with the South East Energy Efficiency Advice Centre. Waverley's website will be updated during 2002 to provide better access to energy-efficiency and other environmental information
Provide grants to install loft insulation, cavity-fill and other energy saving measures as part of Waverley’s renovation grant scheme
Environmental Health (Residential) (EL)All home improvement grants include energy efficiency measures where appropriate. Grants specifically for insulation etc offered where government 'Warm Front' grant is not available
Provide free low energy light bulbs to Southern Electric customers
Environmental Health (Residential) (EL)Approximately 600 low energy light bulbs have been given out over the last 12 months through various promotions in conjunction with the Energy Efficiency Advice Centre. Bulbs also given to school children in context of talks on energy efficiency, four of which have been given this year
Promote Warm Front grants and provide top-up funding
Environmental Health (Residential) (EL)Advice given on Warm Front to those who may qualify. Also promoted in partnership with Energy Efficiency Advice Centre
Improve domestic energy efficiency by 30% over a 10 year period (based on 1995/96 figures) TARGET DATE: End of March 2006Promote energy efficiency awareness in the health sector to improve the health of vulnerable people
Environmental Health (Residential) (EL)Various presentations given to health professionals highlighting the importance of ensuring that housing is warm.
Offer home energy audits and reports for domestic properties in the Borough
Environmental Health (Residential) (EL)Free home energy audit offered through 'The Link' magazine. Energy Efficiency Advice Centre also offers home energy audits. Over 300 audits were done in the last year, with the South East Energy Advice Centre doing a further 492 audits
Investment programme to improve energy efficiency in Waverley’s Council-owned housing
Housing Department (Surveying & Maintenance)A programme of installation of external wall insulation was completed to 46 properties last year. A further programme of 56 properties will be externally insulated this year. A further 32 timber frame properties will have their insulation upgraded
Continue to replace existing boilers with more modern energy efficient boilers in Council-owned housing
Housing Department (Surveying & Maintenance)Replacement central heating systems were fitted to 101 properties last year. Condensing gas boilers have been fitted wherever technically possible. In excess of 120 replacement heating systems are planned for this financial year.
Introduce low-energy light bulbs to all sheltered housing schemes and communal areas wherever practical.
Housing Department (Elderly Services)All contractors instructed to use low energy light bulbs wherever possible within Health & Safety considerations.
Promote energy efficiency through Tenants Extra annual publication
Housing DepartmentRegular articles in the renamed Waverley Homes which go to tenants on a quarterly basis.
Encourage Registered Social Landlords/Waverley new build schemes to achieve high SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) ratings and to use other natural resources prudently
Housing Department (Enabling Section)Current application with planning department to build 30 energy efficient dwellings as part of the Amphion Project.
Monitor energy efficiency status of homes in the Borough each yearCarry out annual energy efficiency assessments on a sample of residential properties
Environmental Health (Residential) (EL)Telephone survey carried out annually and results provided to GOSE
Help to reduce domestic water usageOffer a reduced cost rain butt to every household with a garden TARGET DATE: End of Dec 2003 (subject to availability of resources)
Environmental Co-ordinator (EL)Proposing to address this during 2003
Promote efficient & careful use of natural resources (e.g. water, energy & packaging materials)
Promote to local residents via, for example, The Link magazine, promotional events & working in conjunction with Town & Parish Councils, Town Initiatives & local LA21 groups
Environmental Co-ordinator (EL)Proposing to address this during 2002/03. Some information is already available on Waverley's website and further information and links to other relevant websites will be added during 2002/02
Promote to local businesses via newsletters, briefings and training
Environmental Co-ordinator (EL)Training sessions for local businesses undertaken during 2001/02 period in conjunction with Business Support and the Surrey Programme for Environmentally Responsible Business (SuPERB), for example, on waste minimisation and recycling. A page on Waverley's website on environmental advice and contacts for local businesses is also being developed
Reduce Waverley's use of natural resources (targets to be established, then reviewed annually)Reduce office paper usage by maximising use of technology (e.g. in information circulation, the undertaking of meetings and the making of presentations)
Chief Executive’s Dept (Central Services)All agendas for committees and Council are published on the web – members requesting papers are sent Summary and Recommendation pages rather than the full agenda papers.
Piloting new multi-function digital office photocopiers that also serve as networked computer printers enabling double sided printing and saving in consumables

Reduce water usage by monitoring current water consumption and implementing efficiency measures to save water
Environmental Co-ordinator (EL)Baseline survey of Waverley's environmental impacts and resource usage currently being undertaken, including looking at water, energy and paper usage and waste disposal and recycling at Waverley's offices. Report on the implications of adopting an Environmental Management System is currently being drawn up. Waterless urinals have now been installed in the Ground, First and Second Floor Gents toilets at the Central Offices. Pilot project underway to replace kettles with energy and water efficient hot and cold water machines.
Continue to investigate ways to reduce Waverley's natural resource usage
Environmental Co-ordinator (EL)As above
Promote careful use of natural resources to officers and Members
Environmental Co-ordinator (EL)This is due to follow the baseline survey and environmental management plan being considered. Careful use of natural resources is also currently being promoted during Best Value reviews
Improve energy efficiency and consider use of ‘greener’ energy sources at Council Offices
Monitor current energy consumption. Report on findings, set targets and implement energy saving measures
Environmental Co-ordinator (EL)Part of aforementioned baseline survey and management report on Waverley's environmental impacts and resource use. The measurement of local authority energy usage and associated CO2 emissions have now become Asset Management and Best Value indicators
Investigate possibility of using ‘greener’ energy sources
Environmental Co-ordinator (EL)Proposing to address this during 2003/04

Detailed objectives
Action SectionComments \ Current status
Maintain household waste disposal at 1999/00 levels via waste minimisation, repair, reuse and recyclingContribute to the production of a Municipal Waste Management Strategy for Surrey Environmental Services / Recycling (EL) & Environmental Co-ordinator (EL)Contributing to the production of the Municipal Waste Management Strategy for Surrey that is currently being formulated. A draft strategy should be ready for adoption by all Districts and the County by the end of 2002.
Continue to promote charity shops as an alternative method of disposalRecycling (EL)Agreed as part of the awareness raising and education programme by Special Interest Group
Develop and promote education programmes on waste minimisationRecycling (EL) & Environmental Co-ordinator (EL)A Borough wide Waste Awareness Campaign is to be launched in the Autumn, to coincide with the introduction of new waste reduction policies and recycling schemes.
Set ‘Waste Minimisation Challenges’ which aim to reduce refuse bin contents by 25% in 4 weeks through recycling and reuseRecycling (EL)A Borough wide Waste Awareness Campaign is to be launched in the Autumn, to coincide with the introduction of new waste reduction policies and recycling schemes.
(see also Actions for recycling listed below) (see below)
Achieve Government recycling targets TARGETS: 24% by 2003/04 and rising to 36% by 2005/06Aim to provide every householder with conveniently accessible recycling facilities (door-to-door or a nearby ‘bring’ facility)Recycling (EL)Extension of the household collection scheme is a major part of the proposals adopted to achieve the recycling targets for 2003/04 of 24%. It is anticipated that most households will receive a separate collection of recyclables.
Continue to promote home composting and offer subsidised compostersRecycling (EL)Reduction of green waste and promoting home composting are major parts of the proposals to reduce waste.
Continue to provide facilities for shredding Christmas trees and recycling Christmas cards every yearRecycling (EL)Shredding scheme operated Christmas / New Year 2001/02
Provide visiting domestic green waste shredding facility TARGET DATE: End of Dec 2002 (subject to availability of resources)Recycling (EL)Shredding scheme launched Spring 2002
Continue to work with Surrey County Council’s Disposal Contractor to implement schemes for the collection of plastic bottles and organic waste as part of the Municipal Waste Management Strategy for SurreyRecycling (EL)Collection of plastic and garden waste for recycling will be considered when sorting / processing facilities become available
Increase participation in the household collection scheme by 10% each yearRecycling (EL)Extension of the household collection scheme to most householders is a major part of the proposals to reduce waste and increase recycling.
Investigate new sites for recycling banks (‘bring’ facilities)Recycling (EL)New recycling site in Tesco’s in Haslemere. Cardboard banks installed at 7 new sites in 2001/02.
Lobby central government for improvements in their waste minimisation and recycling policiesLobby central government, in particular the new Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP)Recycling (EL)Lobbying will form part of the implementation of the proposed waste and recycling schemes. Will also be part of the Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy for Surrey
Promote waste minimisation (including packaging minimisation) and recycling to local businesses Promote these issues to local businesses via newsletters, briefings and trainingEnvironmental Co-ordinator (EL) & Business Support (PD)Training sessions for local businesses undertaken during 2001/02 in conjunction with Business Support and the Surrey Programme for Environmentally Responsible Business (SuPERB). A page on Waverley's website on environmental advice and contacts for local businesses is also now being prepared
Introduce sustainability into waste and recycling contractsReview Waverley’s contracts when they are being re-drawn or re-let to ensure that they encourage sustainabilityAll DepartmentsA Procurement Strategy for Waverley is currently being developed which includes sustainability issues as part of the decision making process for procurement
Minimise waste and improve levels of reuse and recycling within WaverleyReview Waverley’s own office waste disposal, recycling and document distribution systemEnvironmental Co-ordinator (EL) & Recycling (EL)Baseline survey of Waverley's environmental impacts and resource usage currently being undertaken, including looking at water, energy and paper usage and waste disposal and recycling at Waverley's offices. Review of Waverley's own office waste disposal, recycling and document distribution system is due to follow the baseline survey and environmental management plan currently being developed
Promote waste minimisation, reuse and recycling within WaverleyEnvironmental Co-ordinator (EL) & Recycling (EL)Baseline survey of Waverley's environmental impacts and resource usage currently being undertaken, including looking at water, energy and paper usage and waste disposal and recycling at Waverley's offices. The promotion of waste minimisation, reuse and recycling within Waverley is due to follow the baseline survey and management plan currently being developed. Careful use of natural resources is also currently being promoted during Best Value reviews

Detailed objectives
Comments \ Current status
Confirm that 'Authorised Processes' comply with minimum pollution control standards set out in Central Government GuidanceAnnual inspection of premises to ensure compliance with authorisation conditions
Environmental Health (Commercial) (EL)
Inspection of authorised processes in Borough currently being undertaken by Environmental Health Officers
('Authorised Processes' are those specified under Part I of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, and include brickworks, waste oil burners and certain industrial processes)Review Authorised Processes within the Borough to ensure that every means reasonably available to minimise pollution levels is utilised TARGET DATE: April 2005
Environmental Health (Commercial) (EL)
Action plan produced as result of Fundamental Service Review to include this as a target
Monitor air pollution within the Borough and enforce legal standardsRegular inspection of the Borough for smoke
Environmental Health (Commercial & Residential) (EL)
Environmental Health Officers out of the office investigate any incidents they become aware of
Investigation of all complaints made to Waverley regarding burning
Environmental Health (Commercial & Residential) (EL)
All complaints of commercial and domestic smoke and bonfire nuisance are investigated. 144 investigations were carried out in 2001
Initiation of formal action against persistent polluters
Environmental Health (Commercial & Residential) (EL)
No legal enforcement action taken in 2002
Continue to monitor air pollution (including that from traffic) against national legal standards
Environmental Health (Commercial & Residential) (EL)
On-going monitoring continued. Stage II and III review and assessment accepted by DETR (as was)
Notify Environment Agency of water pollution incidentsEstablish reporting mechanisms for water pollution incidents
Environmental Health (Commercial & Residential) (EL)
All officers made aware of procedures to be followed to notify the Environment Agency of water-threatening pollution incidents. All complaints of water pollution referred to Environment Agency
Control the effect of contaminated land pollution Finalise the strategy for dealing with contaminated land TARGET DATE: Feb 2002
Environmental Health (Residential) (EL)
Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy final document published and also available on Waverley website
Identify all potentially contaminated land locations within the Borough TARGET DATE: End of 2003
Environmental Health (Residential) (EL) & Planning Dept
Sites are currently being identified on a risk-based approach
Assess the risk associated with each contaminated land site TARGET DATE: End of 2006
Environmental Health (Residential) (EL)
Hazards currently being identified
Where possible, secure remediation of contaminated land sites where a source, pathway and receptor exists
Environmental Health (Residential) (EL)
Smithbrook Kilns site to be remediated during 2003 by Surrey County Council. Other sites expected to be subject to remediation measures following completion of risk assessments etc
Ensure that the presence of contaminated land is considered as a part of the Borough planning process
Environmental Health (Residential) (EL) & Planning Dept
Where information is available, potentially contaminated sites subject to development proposals are assessed by Environmental Health and Planning.

Detailed objectives
SectionComments \ Current status
Develop and review strategies for protecting biodiversity in the BoroughContinue to contribute to Surrey’s Habitat Action Plans
Countryside (EL)Surrey Biodiversity Partnership has now published Action Plans for chalk grassland, floodplain grazing marsh, lowland heathland, standing open water and large reed beds, farmland, wetland, woodland, lowland unimproved neutral and dry acid grassland, wood pasture and parkland and urban areas. Waverley Countryside Team will take an active part in implementation groups as they are set up and keep informed of progress reports from Biodiversity Partnership.
Produce and update Management Plans for main countryside sites
Countryside (EL)Site Management Plans under continuous review. Management Plans in production for Blackheath and Mare Hill. Local consultation to take place Autumn 2002.
Maintain and update Waverley’s Natural Resource Survey of local biodiversityMaintain and update Waverley’s Natural Resource Survey TARGET DATE: End of Dec 2002 (3rd edition)
Countryside (EL)Natural Resource Survey update under way. Sharing information with specialist local interest groups and recorders.
Share information with the Surrey Wildlife Trust and WWF-UK (World Wide Fund for Nature)
Countryside (EL)Information continually shared and updated with Biological Records Centre maintained by Surrey Wildlife Trust. WWF liaison has been through Conservation Volunteer Team (approximately 8 tasks per year including coppicing, pond work and heathland restoration)
Educate and provide information to the public on biodiversity and nature conservation issuesProvide information to the public on biodiversity and nature conservation issues
Countryside (EL)In 2001/2002, 127 events and activities were organised (walks, talks, children’s events, conservation task etc). The Countryside team provides information to landowners and members of the public on site, by phone and e-mail. Items were contributed to newspapers and ‘in house’ publications. Information on the Countryside web pages is continually updated.
Encourage involvement of schools and play schemes in environmental projects (e.g. with Ranger team)
Countryside (EL) & Environmental Co-ordinator (EL)The Countryside Team has helped to run Playschemes in Godalming and at Frensham Little Pond in partnership with Disability Challengers. It has provided environmental education input into Tilford, Elstead and Cranleigh schemes. The Countryside Projects Assistant sits on the Officer group established to promote environmental issues in local schools. The education web page continues to assist pupils and teachers with finding information on environmental issues in the Borough and with contacting relevant Waverley Officers. School visits and conservation tasks continue to form an important part of the walks and events programme.
Monitor local biodiversityContinue to monitor wildlife and habitats
Countryside (EL)The monitoring of wildlife and habitats is included in Management Plan Actions. Where possible, additional information is obtained from specialist wildlife organisations and volunteers. Tomorrows Heathland Heritage Lottery funding has enabled establishment of fixed point photographical monitoring of heathland restoration work at Blackheath and Frensham (5 year project)
Identify key species
Countryside (EL)Action complete:-
Key species identified as Great Crested Newt, Water Vole, Stag Beetle, Dartford Warbler, Sand Lizard, Deptford Pink
Carry out appropriate site management to increase biodiversity and protect key species
Countryside (EL)Planned pond restoration work at Farnham Park, Cranleigh and Ewhurst for Great Crested Newt. Habitat improvement work at Weybourne Nature Reserve for Water Vole. Scrub control and heathland restoration work. Continue 10 year Countryside Stewardship Schemes and existing Woodland Grant Schemes. Investigate other opportunities for funding management through environmental grant schemes
Preserve the natural heritage of habitats and wildlifeProtect sites of importance for nature conservation from inappropriate development
Development Control (PD)Ongoing
Use of statutory planning powers to protect important trees, woodland and hedgerows
Development Control (PD) & Planning Policy (PD)Work ongoing within Development Control. A number of policies in the 2002 Local Plan relate to protection of trees, woodland and/or hedgerows
Continue to support local biodiversity-related schemesContinue to support and contribute to pond warden and tree warden schemes
Countryside (EL)The Tree Warden Scheme co-ordinated by Surrey County Council has a county-wide committee with a Waverley representative. Surrey County Council to investigate establishment of Wildlife Warden Scheme. Rangers maintain contact with individual wardens and through Volunteers Newsletter.
Promote and increase level of volunteeringIncrease the number of volunteer days on countryside sites by supporting and encouraging individuals and groups
Countryside (EL)Volunteer days spent carrying out conservation work on Waverley countryside sites increased to 1029 in 2001/2002. More volunteers were recruited, bringing the total to 218, and a new conservation group was established for the Bourne area of Farnham. Two Volunteer Newsletters were produced and the volunteers’ web pages kept up to date.
Encourage local employers to involve staff in conservation projects by publicising potential partnership opportunities
Countryside (EL)Conservation advice is provided to businesses and landowners on request. The WWF-UK staff conservation group carries out eight tasks per year on Waverley countryside sites. Conservation tasks and training opportunities can be arranged to suit individual businesses
Fund Volunteer Bureaux
Housing DeptThe Council currently helps fund 3 bureaux in Farnham, Godalming & Haslemere

Detailed objectives
Comments \ current status
Limit traffic growth to 8% above 1998 levels TARGET DATE: 2006 Rolling programme of works (subject to Local Transport Plan funding)
Planning Policy (PD)
Works carried out by Surrey County Council. Waverley is supporting the County Council through the work of the local Committee (which superseded Waverley PATS in April 2002) and involvement in specific initiatives e.g. the development of the Farnham Movement Package proposals and the A325 Corridor Study
Reduce the need to travel by promoting the provision of services locally See 6: The built environment and 11: Local economy for actions to promote local businesses and services, thereby reducing the need to travel (see other sections)
Encourage the use of alternative means of transport without damaging the economic well-being of the BoroughProvide transport improvements
Planning Policy (PD)
Surrey County Council is responsible for transport improvements. Waverley is supporting the work of the County Council (see above)
Integrate transport facilities with new developments
Development Control (PD)
Opportunities are limited by the fact that Waverley does not receive many planning applications for large-scale developments. Cycle parking and changing facilities have been required on a number of office developments. However, further consideration needs to be given as to how sustainable transport objectives can best be delivered through the planning process
Work in partnership with others to improve bus services and facilities on appropriate routes through 'Bus Quality Partnerships'
Planning Policy (PD) & Engineering (EL)
A County/Borough Council Officer Working Group has been set up to oversee the introduction of a Quality Bus Partnership in Mid Waverley between Godalming and Haslemere. Initial survey work has been undertaken and other agencies will be involved as the scheme progresses. Some slippage in original timetable due to staff changes at Surrey County Council
Improve accessibility, particularly for non-car users and people with disabilitiesManage Waverley’s car parks to meet the needs of disabled
Engineering (EL)
Unlimited free parking is offered to blue and orange badge-holders. The number of extra-wide dedicated bays for disabled use are provided to merit the demand and are located in areas most accessible to the shopping centres.
Establish a new Waverley Community Transport Organisation (WCT)
Community Care (H)
Established WCT – operational from April 02, providing fully accessible minibus transport for people with disabilities, older people and geographically isolated communities in the Borough.
Work with town and parish councils to secure DLTR and DEFRA funding for community transport
Community Care (H)
Waverley Community
Transport Organisation
This work is in association with Surrey Voluntary Service Council (see Countryside Agency box below). WCT must be seen to sit within general public transport provision and not a separate entity serving only a section of the Waverley community.
Implement the Rural Transport Action Plan
Community Care (H)
Guildford BC
Action Plan being implemented alongside the development of WCT and other transport providers.
Make applications for external funding (e.g. DoT, Countryside Agency) as appropriate
Community Care (H)
See above. Successful bids made to both DTLR (Capital and Revenue) and Countryside Agency. Looking to Primary Care Trust for funding for “Non-emergency hospital transport”.
Promote cyclingPublicise and promote facilities for cyclists within the Borough
Countryside (EL) & Planning Policy (PD)
Continue to support Waverley Cycling Forum in promoting improved facilities for cyclists and organise quarterly meetings. Cycling web pages on Waverley's website have been improved and updated in 2002. Work has started on reviewing and updating the 1997 Waverley Cycling Plan.

Liase with Surrey County Council via Local Area Committee on highway and rights of way schemes with implications for cyclists. Cycling web pages on Waverley’s website are under continuous review and updating. Promote off road cycling at Frensham Common through leaflets, information boards and waymarking.
Promote walkingImprove facilities for pedestrians
Countryside (EL), Planning Policy (PD) & Development Control (PD)
COUNTRYSIDE: SITA landfill tax has enabled path widening and surfacing in Farnham Park. Foot accesses into the park will be improved and made safer. A new publicity campaign with Southwest Trains will further publicise the pack of five ‘Rail to Ramble’ walks leaflets produced in partnership with Surrey Hills AONB. SITA funding obtained in 2002/2003 for the production and promotion of a series of walks from Frensham into the wider countryside of the AONB. PLANNING: Policy M4 in the 2002 Local Plan relates to provision for pedestrians. The Godalming Pedestrian Priority Scheme whereby the High Street is closed to through traffic except buses on Saturdays has been implemented in 2002.
Promote ‘greener’ transport within WaverleyFinalise and adopt a Waverley Company Transport Plan to include, for example, the promotion of car sharing via e-mail, the provision of public transport information and a review of how cycling facilities can be improved at Waverley
Head of Personnel & Central Services (CE) & Environmental Co-ordinator (EL)
A Company Transport Plan for Waverley Borough Council is currently being developed. Initial reports are currently being prepared. Also looking into ways of working in partnership with WWF-UK, whose UK headquarters are in Godalming, on company transport. Six days worth of free consultancy advice on developing the Plan also obtained from the Government’s Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme

Detailed objectives
SectionComments \ Current status
Preserve the special and distinctive characteristics of the built environment and protect the quality of urban lifeAdopt the Replacement Local Plan TARGET DATE: April 2002
Planning Policy (PD)Plan adopted 23rd April 2002 as the ‘Waverley Borough Local Plan 2002’.
Protect distinctive landscape / townscape features, the built heritage and environmental assets of the Borough (e.g. public open space, important trees) through responding to planning applications and exercising Waverley’s statutory powers
Development Control (PD) Ongoing process. Work has begun on programme of Conservation Area Appraisals. The first of these at Wrecclesham has been through extensive consultation and is scheduled to be adopted by the Council in October 2002.
Support community initiatives (e.g. Village Design Statements) by responding positively to any requests from local communities for assistance, and by enabling local communities to have an influence on planning policies
Planning Policy (PD)Supported Dunsfold Village Design Statement, which was adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) in April 2001. The Surrey Local Government Association document “Surrey Design” was adopted by Waverley at Supplementary Planning Guidance in April 2002.
Continue to run ‘Waverley Design Awards’ every two years and review categories to promote sustainable design
Planning Policy (PD)Successful Design Awards ceremony held in November 2001. Apparent lack of interest in Environmental Design category despite attempts to stimulate greater interest. All the categories to be reviewed next time
Issue Local Planning Guidance in relation to car parking, trees and landscaping, and particular areas of the Borough that require attention
Planning Policy (PD)Project Brief has been agreed and work has started on Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) for the Revitalisation of the Hindhead area work on Car Parking SPG scheduled to begin in Autumn 2002, following consultation on County Council's review of Surrey Parking Strategy. Information leaflet on 'Buying a House with a Tree in the Garden' produced and published on website - SPG on Trees and Landscaping scheduled for 2002/03.
Promote sustainability in developmentIncorporate sustainability policies into our Local Plan
Planning Policy (PD) The whole Plan, including the Keynote Policy, is based on the theme of sustainability
Promote and encourage sustainability and consideration of local character in new social housing developmentsProvide land, capital funding or support to Registered Social Landlords and the Rural Housing Trust
Enabling (H)PP achieved on rural housing scheme at Milford 2002, Ewhurst 2002. Rural scheme in Dunsfold due to complete in September 2002. Move-on accommodation in Farnham completed July 2002.
Work in partnership with Parish Councils in the Borough
Enabling (H)Working with Witley, Bramley, Frensham, Dunsfold, Elstead, Wonersh & Ewhurst to enable affordable housing for local people.
Achieve best use of Waverley’s physical resources and provide opportunities for developmentRegularly review Waverley’s land/property holdings
Housing Dept &
Property (PD)Carry out options appraisals on all vacant land holdings and miscellaneous properties.

Detailed objectives
ActionSectionComments \ Current status
Promote health awarenessPromotion of health issues within sports centres, especially gymsLeisure (EL)Each sports centre undertakes regular health promotion
Introduce GP referral schemes in all sports centres. TARGET DATE: End Dec 2002Leisure (EL) &
Community Care (H)Housing (Comm Care) have 1.5 full-time equivalent officers who work with the over 50s on exercise, mobility and prevention of falls etc in a variety of venues. Also take GP referrals.
    GP referral schemes, to varying degrees, have been introduced at all the sports centres.
    Promote walking and cycling (which have beneficial health implications for people of all ages)See 5: Transport (see other section)
    Continue to promote and improve walking and cycling opportunities on Waverley’s countryside sitesCountryside (EL)See Section 5 – Promote Cycling, Promote Walking
    Consultation on a “Walking for Health” initiative is underway and a draft project proposal has been presented to potential partners. Pilot study planned in Godalming area Spring 2003.
    Continue to promote walks and walking events in the Borough on Waverley’s websiteCountryside (EL)The Countryside web pages and volunteers newsletter have details of all walks and events organised by Waverley. These are made available to local press and media contacts and to Members via the monthly bulletin. Publicity is also given to appropriate events organised by National Trust, English Nature, Ramblers Association Groups etc.
    Monitor the incidence of notifiable communicable (infectious) disease and reduce the risk of them spreading furtherInvestigate all cases of notifiable communicable diseases reported by the Consultant in Communicable Disease Control, GPs and individual sufferersEnvironmental Health (Commercial) (EL)Cases of notifiable communicable disease are investigated on a reactive basis
    Raise awareness of communicable diseases and means used to prevent spreadEnvironmental Health (Commercial) (EL) & Communications (CE)Policy on the investigation of Communicable Disease Cases including outbreaks has been introduced. Waverley’s website is being updated.
    Minimise the risk that the food we eat results in food poisoning or adverse health effectsInspect food premises located within the Borough according to a prioritised risk rating systemEnvironmental Health (Commercial) (EL)Programme of inspecting food premises continuing
    Investigate all complaints of poor food safety within the Borough’s food-related premisesEnvironmental Health (Commercial) (EL)All complaints relating to food premises are investigated
    Investigate all complaints of food purchased which fails to meet food safety requirementsEnvironmental Health (Commercial) (EL)All complaints regarding unsuitable or unfit food are investigated by Environmental Health Officers
    Monitor private water supplies for possible health risksImplement programme of sampling of private water suppliesEnvironmental Health (Residential) (EL)Monitoring programme ongoing
    Ensure that premises for which Waverley enforces Health and Safety legislation (‘local authority enforced premises’) do not pose a risk to the health, safety and welfare of employees, visitors and members of the publicInspect commercial premises located within the Borough according to a prioritised risk rating systemEnvironmental Health (Commercial) (EL)This area of work has been reviewed as part of the Best Value Fundamental Service Review of Environmental Health
    Raise awareness of health and safety issues Environmental Health (Commercial) (EL)Environmental Health Section has participated in local and regional events including promotion of Legionella control measures in connection with cooling towers and water systems.
    Investigate all notifiable accidents occurring within local authority enforced premises within the BoroughEnvironmental Health (Commercial) (EL)All workplace accidents notified to the Environmental Health Section are investigated
    Respond to complaints of poor health and safety within premisesEnvironmental Health (Commercial) (EL)All complaints relating to health and safety are investigated
    Reduce the incidence of noise nuisanceInvestigate all complaints of commercial and domestic noise, and take appropriate actionEnvironmental Health (Commercial & Residential) (EL)All complaints of noise are investigated by the Environmental Health Section
    Consider all planning applications for commercial development from a noise impact perspectivePlanning Dept & Environmental Health (Commercial) (EL)Noise impact is considered on all commercial development proposals and the views of Environmental Health (Commercial) Section are sought where it is felt a noise problem may occur
    Control noise from premises holding an entertainment licence through the setting of conditionsEnvironmental Health (Commercial) (EL) & Licensing (CE)The Environmental Health Section are consulted and have an input into the public entertainment licensing process with the aim of minimising nuisance
    Support and/or provide services for the elderly, vulnerable, disabled and victims of crimeEnable meals-on-wheels service and lunch clubs for the elderly/vulnerableCommunity Care (H)
    WRVS & other voluntary organisationsNew Service Level Agreement entered into in 2002 with WRVS to ensure high standards of service throughout the Borough.
    Provide telephone alarm service to people who are elderly, vulnerable, disabled or victims of crimeElderly Services (H)A number of voluntary organisations provide funding to purchase alarms and the service can be provided at a reduced charge for people who are elderly, vulnerable, disabled or victims of crime.
    Enable and support Day Centres for the elderlyCommunity Care (H) &
    voluntary organisationsThe Council support Day Centres for the elderly with an annual revenue grants. Council supporting the provision of new Day Centre in Haslemere by capital grant
    Provide warden-assisted accommodation to allow people to stay in their own homes for as long as possibleElderly Services (H)The government is changing the funding of such support from being paid through rent to being paid by the new Supporting People regime starting in April 2003. The future of these services will depend upon the Best Value reviews carried out after this date. The Council waiting for updated information on the Supporting People regime.
    Support the Age Concern Handyman Service to allow people to stay in their own homes for as long as possibleCommunity Care (H)The Council support Age Concern Waverley with an annual revenue grant.
    Support and/or provide services for the elderly, vulnerable, disabled and victims of crimeProvide annual revenue funding for domestic violence refugeNeeds Section (H)13,000 included in the Council’s Revenue Budget.
    Provide housing advice, temporary accommodation and permanent housing to meet the needs of homeless people and those threatened with homelessnessNeeds Section (H)Best Value Review of this service being undertaken. The Council supports the CABx in Waverley to provide, amongst other things, housing advice.
    Reduce fear of crime in BoroughImprove lighting in specified areasSurrey County Council in partnership with Waverley Community Safety ExecutiveSCC continues to tackle lighting in specific areas and has developed a schedule of work priorities (to be updated regularly). Waverley Community Safety Executive has developed the Community Safety Strategy for 2002-2005 which targets areas of concern in relation to general community safety and fear of crime issues. Waverley Community Safety Executive will be undertaking a second Fear of Crime Survey during Autumn 2002.
    Provide safe places for young people to meetWorking in partnership with various agenciesWaverley supported the Sandy Hill Youth Shelter. Work underway to develop a Drop-In facility for young people in Farnham. Waverley Community Safety Executive will continue to work in partnership to address issues relating to young people. Surrey Police and Health Promotion continue to support drugs and alcohol education amongst young people in a range of settings
    Promote community safety skills among the youngVarious projects working with young people in the BoroughPartnership with SCC Youth Service (lead partner)
    Community Safety Co-ordinatorKey agencies continue to work in partnership to improve services for young people

    Improve access for the disabled to Waverley’s facilities and servicesWork with Disability Challengers to create new and review existing leisure opportunities in the Borough to make them more inclusive of disabled young people (see Theme 10: Leisure & Culture for more details)
    Leisure (EL)
    A postholder, working through a Steering Group involving WBC/SCC/Challengers/Parent Representatives, has been developing and promoting leisure opportunities throughout the Borough for young disabled people.
    Make further access improvements to Central Offices in Godalming
    Chief Executive’s Dept
    Main entrance (The Burys) works completed to provide access for the disabled to the main Reception area. Plans for revised reception areas for Planning on the first floor and in the medium term the main Reception are to include lower counters and the transfer of first point of customer contact to the Ground Floor are being prepared.

    Detailed objectives
    SectionComments \ Current status
    Enable people on low incomes to improve the quality of their homesProvide home improvement grants to low income households in order to enable them to carry out essential repairs, improvements or adaptations
    Environmental Health (Residential) (EL)Grants continue to be provided in line with Council policy and subject to the limitations of the capital programme and staff resources. 353,000 awarded in 2001/02
    Secure affordable accommodation to a standard which meets people’s varying housing needs within the BoroughOn sites above a certain size threshold, requiring at least 30% of new residential development to be subsidised affordable housing
    Development Control (PD) & Planning Policy (PD)This policy is being implemented on all developments above the relevant size threshold
    Provide improvement grants to property owners to encourage the provision of new affordable dwellings in existing buildings
    Environmental Health (Residential) (EL)Grants continue to be available in line with Council Policy and subject to the limitations of the capital programme
    Encourage private landlords to maintain their properties in good condition, and take enforcement action if necessary
    Environmental Health (Residential) (EL)All complaints about rented housing are investigated. Statutory repairs notices were served in respect of five dwellings in the year to January 2002.
    Maintain a housing needs register and allocate social housing accommodation according to need
    Needs Section (H)At 29th July 2002 there were 1,100 households on the Housing Needs Register and another 449 seeking a transfer.
    Identify empty living accommodation over shops and work with owners to bring them back into use
    Housing DeptAlthough there is some empty property over shops in Waverley that could be used as living accommodation, shop owners are reluctant to offer long-term leases of the space to enable the significant investment required by housing associations to bring the space into use.
    Provide improvement grants to property owners to encourage the provision of new affordable dwellings in existing buildings
    Environmental Health (Residential) (EL)Grants continue to be available in line with Council policy and subject to the limitations of the capital programme
    Encourage private landlords to maintain their properties in good condition, and take enforcement action if necessary
    Environmental Health (Residential) (EL)All complaints about rented housing are investigated. Statutory repairs notices were served in respect of five dwellings in the year to January 2002
    Provide temporary accommodation through the winter periodSupport annual Winterwatch project
    Needs Section (H)
    Winterwatch/FirstbaseFor 2002/03, Officers will be working to find a site for the project to be located etc.
    Provide secure accommodation for single homeless peopleDevelop permanent hostel for single homeless people
    Housing Dept in partnership with SCDT & Firstbase for the Homeless
    Site now found and planning permission being sought
    Make best use of existing housing/land resources owned by WaverleyRegularly review Waverley’s property/land holdings
    Enabling (H) &
    Property (P&D)In hand.
    Provide regular meals for the elderly and infirmContinue to provide meals-on-wheels serviceCommunity Care (H)On going in partnership with WRVS
    Monitor food outlets and private water supplies in the BoroughSee 7: Human health, public safety & amenity (see other section)
    Assist with attaining energy-saving and thereby cost-saving measures See 1: Natural resource use (see other section)

    Detailed objectives
    SectionComments \ Current status
    Give young people a sense of communityInvolve young people in community safety matters through various projects (see Community Safety Strategy)
    Community Safety Executive (Waverley) in partnership with SCC Youth Leader
    SCC Youth Workers continue to engage with young people in Waverley. A Drop-In facility is being developed for young people in Farnham
    Implement tenant participation compactFollow through action plan contained in Compact
    Tenants Panel (H)The compact has been reviewed, is being published and sent to all tenants.
    Review Waverley’s services to ensure they meet the needs of customers and the communityUndertake 5 year Best Value Reviews, involving customers in the consultation process
    All Departments5 yearly review scheme now abolished. All Best Value reviews should seek to involve customers in the consultation process
    Improve our response to queries and suggestions from the publicDevelop a system whereby there will be a structured response to any telephone calls, e-mails and responses to consultations it receives. This will incorporate an audit trail and the results will be published
    Customer Care Officer GroupWaverley’s Customer Care Group is currently reviewing the complaints and requests for information and services systems in use in various departments and trying to establish a corporate complaints procedure
    Improve consultation with the public on our policies and strategiesMake sure that public consultations are user friendly and appropriate to the stakeholder group being consulted and use targeted consultation as necessary
    Support Unit (CE) &
    All DepartmentsCitizens Panel Members from Farnham were consulted by questionnaire survey on issues for Farnham Park. Community Strategy consultation events targeted local communities at ward level and were facilitated in a relaxed and friendly way to make them enjoyable as well as constructive.

    Ensure that the Citizens’ Panel, made up of a representative sample of local people, is consulted regularly
    Support Unit (CE)
    Citizens Panel consulted six times in 2001/02 on Farnham Park, Community Protection, Recycling and Waste Management, Communications, Environmental Health and Community Safety.
    Encourage the community to participate actively in the Local Plan processFully involve the public in the monitoring and reviewing of our Local Plan once the Replacement is adopted in April 2002
    Planning Policy (P&D)
    Timetable for monitoring and reviewing to be agreed
    Develop all new Waverley Strategies by involving interest/community groupsEnsure all strategies have a clear statement about public involvement/contribution
    All Departments
    All strategy development should seek to involve the public
    Improve feedback to the publicGive feed-back to the public of the Borough on what has happened as the result of any consultation
    Communications (CE)
    The Best Value Performance Plan Summary is the main tool for providing feedback on the outcomes of consultation exercises. Throughout the year articles have also appeared in The Link and the annual report. People who attended the Community Strategy Ward Events received a newsletter giving feedback and a progress update to keep them informed.
    Continue to keep the public informed of Waverley’s policies and activities
    Communications (CE)
    The public continue to be kept informed through the local media. This is often as a direct result of media releases issued by Waverley (185 in 2001). Other Waverley publications such as The Link and Waverley Homes are used as additional communications tools.
    Adopt a Community StrategyDevelop and adopt a Community Strategy, following public consultation
    Community Strategy Officer Group
    Public consultation programme of ward events completed for 2001/02. Community Strategy currently being developed in line with key themes identified by the public

    Detailed objectives
    SectionComments \ Current status
    Improve equality of access to leisure facilities by priceContinue to promote the ‘Passport to Leisure’ scheme which gives discounted participation charges at Waverley facilities to those in target groups
    Leisure (EL)Take up 440 members to-date. Continue to promote and monitor.
    Improve services for young peopleComplete skate parks in all four main population centres. TARGET DATE: Summer/Autumn 2002
    Leisure (EL)Completed
    Continue partnership work with young people in the Borough on various arts projects (e.g. Live & Direct an education and performance project for youth bands)
    Arts (EL)Creating sustainable links with young people directly and through youth organisations. ‘Live and Direct’ successfully completed its pilot year including festival on Farnham Park in July 2001. Artists worked with pupils in St Marks Primary School to create a large scale mural.
    Improve opportunities and access for those with special needsCreate new and review existing leisure opportunities in the Borough to make them more inclusive of disabled children and young people (e.g. play schemes, holiday schemes, sports clubs and arts projects)
    Leisure (EL)Working with Disability Challengers to promote individual play schemes.
    Continue to improve facilities at existing leisure locations (leisure centres, arts venues, countryside and school sites)Support redevelopment of Farnham Maltings
    Leisure (EL)Funding in place to support Malting fundraising programme.
    Investigate options for the redevelopment of Godalming Leisure Centre.
    Leisure (EL)New Action
    Provide indoor sports facilities at Weydon School, Farnham
    Leisure (EL)Completed
    Promote cycling and walking for all within the Borough
    See Theme 7: Human health, public safety & amenity for actions concerning the promotion of cycling and walking in the Borough

    Detailed objectives
    SectionComments \ Current status
    Promote and support the local economy whilst balancing the need to maintain this Borough’s high environmental qualityContinue to support local Town Initiatives in achieving improved vitality and viability in the four main urban areas in the Borough
    Business Support (PD)New community organisations lists have been prepared in Haslemere and Cranleigh and details included on the town’s websites. The Pedestrian Priority scheme in Godalming was launched in September 2001. Market Town Health checks are now being undertaken in Cranleigh and Haslemere looking at the important community facilities in and around the two towns.
    Continue to support the Waverley Business Forum and retailing opportunities between local businesses and local businesses and Waverley
    Business Support (PD)The Council continues to work closely with the Waverley Business Forum on a range of projects and with individual Chambers of Commerce and other partners where appropriate. A new Local Shops On-line project will take place in the Autumn of 2002 to encourage small retail businesses to take advantage of e-commerce and the internet.
    Shop Local’ campaign
    Business Support (PD)Project launched with Surrey Association of Village Shops and focussed on the need to support local shops and businesses. New Surrey Association of Rural Retailers will be launched during 2002/03 to encourage continued support of local services.
    Update Waverley Business Directory
    Business Support (PD)New edition of business directory published with automatic updates available on-line.
    Publish register of available industrial, office and retail premises quarterly
    Business Support & Planning Policy (PD)Publication continues to be made available on a quarterly basis in accordance with information supplied by agents. Wider information is now also made available on Business Link Surrey’s website for certain types of property.
    Identify suitable sites for economic development through the Local Plan and safeguard existing employment land
    Development Control & Planning Policy (PD)The Local Plan has two new sites earmarked which were successfully promoted and endorsed by the Local Plan Inspector. A number of planning applications have been successfully resisted where the loss of employment land was proposed. This continues to be a real issue with the high value of land for residential purposes.
    Continue to promote Waverley’s Farmers’ Markets and the consumer support of buying local produce
    Business Support (PD)Waverley’s farmers market at Milford recently celebrated its third anniversary. In 2001 it won the NFU award for the Best Farmers’ Market in the South East. Anew successful monthly market has been developed in Farnham (organised by Farnham Town Council) and a new market is planned for Cranleigh from 2003. Henrietta Green’s Food Lovers’ Fair was held in Waverley for the first time in 2002.
    Influence and work with the county-wide ‘Working in the Countryside’ Group to maximise the opportunity for the Borough’s agricultural sector to survive in business and maintain and enhance the landscape in the Borough
    Business Support (PD)Waverley has continued to play an active part in the Working in the Countryside Group and has contributed to an update survey of the agriculture sector due for publication in the Autumn of 2002.
    Publish local produce directory
    Business Support (PD) & partner organisationsThe Waverley initiated “Local Food”, where to buy local produce in south-west Surrey and the Surrey Hills and published it in 2002 with support from Guildford Borough Council, Business Link, Surrey County Council and the Surrey Hills Partnership.
    Develop small business units
    Business Support & Property (PD)Small and move-on business units continue to be in strong demand. Waverley’s own scheme in Haslemere has not progressed as quickly as hoped but new units have also been earmarked as part of a development in Godalming.
    Develop tourism businesses
    Business Support (PD)Advice for people wishing to start B&B businesses continues to be provided through the scheme developed by Waverley and Guildford. In addition, further opportunities have been provided through the Countywide Partners in Success Scheme.
    Raise the profile of environmental issues relating to businessContinue to provide support and advice to businesses involved in the Waverley Business Forum (e.g. further ‘Breakfast Briefing’ meetings and newsletter articles relating to environmental issues)
    Business Support (PD) & Environmental Co-ordinator (EL)
    Environmental issues have been raised as part of the Councils “Listening to Business” events and a breakfast briefing on managing waste was held in January 2002.
    Build closer links with the Surrey Programme for Environmentally Responsible Business (SuPERB) and promote the services SuPERB offers to local businesses
    Business Support (PD), Environmental Co-ordinator (EL) & SuPERBSupport for the Surrey Programme for Responsible Businesses is continuing in 2002/03.
    Encourage businesses to be more sustainable (e.g. by looking at recycling, company transport and reducing packaging
    Business Support (PD) & Environmental Co-ordinator (EL)Waverley is working with the Waverley Business Forum on a pilot project in Farnham which aims to encourage car sharing. Breakfast Briefing undertaken on waste minimisation and recycling during 2001/02 period
    Promote volunteeringFund Volunteer Bureau
    Housing DeptAs well as promoting volunteering through the Volunteer Bureau, Waverley encourages work in partnership with volunteers through the activities of the Town Initiatives.
    The Council helps fund the Godalming, Haslemere & Farnham Volunteer Bureaux (NB. There is not a VB in Cranleigh)