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Meeting of the Executive held on 22/10/2004

MINUTES of the SPECIAL MEETING of the EXECUTIVE held on 22nd October 2004 at 4.30 pm

(To be read in conjunction with the Agenda for the Meeting)

*Mr C C E Slyfield (Chairman)*Mr C H Mansell
*Miss G B W Ferguson (Vice-Chairman)Mr J E Robini
Mr M J D AllanMrs C E Savage
*Mr S D Edge*Mr V K Scrivens
Mr B Grainger-Jones
* Present

The following members were also present Mr B A Ellis, Mr R J Gates, Mr P Haveron, Mr P B Isherwood, Mr A Rayner and Mr A E B Taylor-Smith. Mr Haveron and Mr Taylor-Smith spoke on the Godalming Key Site item.

168. MINUTES (Agenda Item 1)

The Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive held on 4th October 2004 were confirmed and signed.

169. APOLOGIES (Agenda Item 2)

Apologies for absence were received from Mr M J D Allan, Mr B Grainger-Jones, Mr J E Robini and Mrs C E Savage.


There were no disclosures of interests from Executive members present.

On the advice of the officers, Mr J E Robini had decided, because of his employment by Surrey Police and the potential for allegations of bias in the matter of the Godalming Key Site, not to attend the meeting.

Mr A E B Taylor-Smith, present at the meeting and who had given notice to speak, declared a personal interest as he acts for the Surrey Police Authority in relation to land matters and has given advice on contamination issues in respect of the Police Station site.

171. GODALMING KEY SITE (Agenda Item 4)

The Executive commenced consideration of this item in open session, but because the principal subject matter was of a contractual nature, the Chairman announced that, regrettably, it would not be appropriate to continue the discussion in open. However, those seated in the public gallery would be invited to return to be advised of the Executive’s recommendation to Council, which would be given in open. The Chairman also announced that there would be a press release issued shortly in order to keep the public informed as much as possible.


RESOLVED that pursuant to Procedure Rule 20 and in accordance with Section 100A(4) of the Local Government Act 1972, the press and public be excluded from the meeting during consideration of the following item on the grounds that it is likely, in view of the nature of the business to be transacted or the nature of the proceedings, that if members of the public were present during the item, there would be disclosure to them of exempt information (as defined by Section 1001 of the Act) of the description specified in those paragraphs of Part 1 of Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act 1972 indicated:

Information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person (other than the authority) (paragraph 7).

Any terms proposed or to be proposed by or to the authority in the course of negotiations for a contract for the acquisition or disposal of property or the supply of goods or services (paragraph 9).

Any instructions to counsel and any opinion of counsel (whether or not in connection with any proceedings) and any advice received, information obtained or action to be taken in connection with –

(a) any legal proceedings by or against the authority, or

(b) the determination of any matter affecting the authority (whether, in either case, proceedings have been commenced or in contemplation) (paragraph 12).

173. GODALMING KEY SITE (Agenda Item 6; (Exempt) Appendix B and Addendum)

The discussion continued with the public and press excluded.

At 5.35 p.m. the meeting was adjourned. At 5.38 p.m. the Executive moved back into open session.

The meeting concluded at 5.42 p.m.


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