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Meeting of the Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 23/09/2002
Draft Corporate Aims and Objectives - 2002 and Forward




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Summary and Purpose

The Council’s four-year corporate plan, “A Fresh Future”, runs until the end of the financial year 2002/03. This report, was first considered by the Executive on 9th July when the vision for the Council was agreed. It was also agreed to initiate draft aims and objectives for 2002 and forward that could be used as the basis for wider consultation with Members of the Council.

There are no immediate financial, environmental, community safety or “Opportunities for All” implications arising from this report.


1. The adopted framework for delivering the Council’s priorities is “A Fresh Future”. This sets out corporate aims and objectives and a vision for Waverley Borough Council for the period 1999-2003, which is:-
2. In accordance with the annual corporate and financial planning cycle, it is appropriate now for the draft aims and objectives to be the subject of wider discussion in all Overview and Scrutiny Committees. Such consultation has added significance this year in view of the need to begin the debate on what will follow “A Fresh Future”.

3. The Council held a series of Ward meetings around Waverley in late 2001 and early 2002 as part of the community planning process, which gave a clear idea of what are the needs, expectations and aspirations of local communities. Many of the priorities arising from the community planning process will be delivered in partnership through the Community Strategy.

4. However, it was reassuring to note that these priorities are consistent with the existing priorities identified in “A Fresh Future”; and it should be noted that the new corporate strategy would build on “A Fresh Future”, not replace it.

5. In addition, best value service reviews and ongoing performance management enable the Council to evaluate how well it is performing, what it is achieving and where it wants to be.

Why have Corporate Aims and Objectives and a Corporate Strategy?

6. The purpose of the corporate strategy is to focus on what Waverley Borough Council can do, through the services it provides, to realise local priorities and secure continuous improvement.

7. The draft vision, aims and objectives presented in this report give expression to the Council’s priorities. They set high-level objectives that will be cascaded through service planning into service delivery. They are intended to be clear, realistic and measurable. The corporate strategy will include an action plan that will set out clearly how they will be delivered and that will enable delivery to be monitored and reported.

A draft vision for Waverley Borough Council

8. The vision of “A Fresh Future” anticipated a time of considerable change and uncertainty for the Council and focused on getting the basics right. The direction of change is now much clearer. It is proposed, therefore, that the vision for the new corporate strategy could be more expansive and should reflect three fundamentals at the heart of local government; care, stewardship and leadership. The proposed new vision is:-

9. The draft aims and objectives presented at Annexe 1 are consistent with delivering such a vision for Waverley.

10. At its meeting on 9th July, the Executive agreed that:-

1. the vision for the Council set out at paragraph 8 be approved; and

2. the aims and objectives set out at Annexe 1 be adopted as draft corporate aims and objectives for 2002 and forward.


11. It is recommended that once the Overview and Scrutiny Committees have been consulted on the draft aims and objectives in this cycle of meetings, all views expressed can be fed back to the Executive for further consideration at its meeting on 30th September. The corporate vision, aims and objectives can then be adopted at Council on 15th October. This will allow time for officers to begin drafting the new Corporate Strategy and begin developing Service Plans for 2003/04 that will deliver the Council’s priorities.


It is recommended that this Committee be invited to comment on the draft corporate aims and objectives set out at Annexe 1 so that they can be considered further by the Executive and submitted formally to the Council on 15th October 2002.

Background Papers (CEx)

There are no background papers (as defined by Section 100D(5) of the Local Government Act 1972) relating to this report.


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