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Meeting of the Executive held on 16/05/2006

Summary & Purpose
The purpose of this report is to update members on the way forward with regard to the restructuring of the Council.

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[Wards Affected: N/A]
Summary and purpose:

The purpose of this report is to update members on the way forward with regard to the restructuring of the Council.
Environmental implications:

In so far as their activities relate to environmental matters, managers affected by these proposals currently have full work programmes which could, in the interim, be affected.

Social / community implications:

Managers affected by these proposals currently have full work programmes of social and community involvement, both within and across the County. Some areas of activity could now cease and others will be reassigned as capacity permits.

E-Government implications:

The improved use of information by the Council's IT Strategy has already, and will continue to facilitate efficiency savings within the Council.

Resource and legal implications:

Resource implications associated with any restructure will be considered as part of the review process.


1. At the Council meeting on 26th April 2006, the Council resolved to continue on its process of restructuring the Council. At the present time the principal aim has been to address the role of senior management in setting up the interim arrangement for a Head of Paid Service from the current departmental directors. The Council recognised that further work would be done on progressing a deeper approach to the form and function of the organisation.

Way Forward

2. Whilst it is clear that there are a number of significant factors which could impinge upon any potential solution such as

The possibility of local government review
The local elections in May 2007
Potential staffing changes at senior management level
The benefits of partnership working
New formal funding structures (e.g. LAA)
The decision on the housing vote
Continuing restrictions on our resource levels
The ‘efficiency’ agenda including the potential contribution, which could be made by e-gov enabled transactions etc.

3. As well as taking account of the drivers, consideration needs to be given as to where the Council is currently positioned on its improvement journey and to putting current commitments in place to improve services and their delivery. In plotting the Councils position and considering its future direction, there could be a role for external challenge in helping to clarify what is significant, what are critical values and what are essential factors in achieving the Council’s ultimate destination. Attached as Annexe 1 is a previous report to the January Executive that sets out some of the earlier thinking on these matters.

4. The departmental directors are proposing that it is important to begin this process by pointing in the right direction and, to that end, some care should be taken in establishing some well defined terms of reference for the restructuring process. We would expect these to cover a range of matters including:

What issues are Waverley trying to address?
What are the critical drivers which are influencing future direction?
Who are the stakeholders who need to be consulted on the process?
The definitive programme and the resource, including financial, implications of carrying out the review.


It is recommended that the departmental directors be authorised to bring forward to the Executive meeting on 13th June 2006, via the Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee, the terms of reference for the formal review of the Council structures.

Background Papers (HOPS)

There are no background papers (as defined by Section 100D(5) of the Local Government Act 1972) relating to this report.


Name: Richard Wood Telephone: 01483 523387

E-mail: rwood@waverley.gov.uk