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Meeting of the Environment and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 19/06/2007
Work Programme

work programme for THE EXECUTIVE FOR NOTING
BY THE ENVIRONMENT AND LEISURE overview and scrutiny Committee – 19th SEPTEMBER19TH JUNE 2007
Planning & Major Projects
      1. Local Development Framework
Core Strategy formally withdrawn 23rd March 2007 following GOSE intervention. Revised Local Development Scheme including timetable for revised Core Strategy agreed end March 2007. Awaiting agreement by GOSE.
P Hartley
2. South East Plan and Western CorridorPart I of South East Plan was submitted in July 2005. Part II, which includes the Sub-Regional Strategies and the District Housing Allocations was submitted on 31st March 2006. Consultation took place between 31st March and 23rd June 2006. The Council’s formal comments were submitted following a joint Community/Environment O&S meeting on 5th June and Council on 27th June 2006. The Examination in Public commenced on 28th November and ended on 30th March 2007. The Council appeared on three hearing days when matters relating to protection of biodiversity, the Thames Basin Heaths SPA and the capacity of areas in Surrey beyond the sub-regional areas were considered. The Council was also represented at the three technical meetings that dealt specifically with detailed issues relating to the Thames Basin Heaths SPA. Panel report awaited.
P Hartley
      3. Dunsfold AAP
On hold until Core Strategy completed.
Summer 2010
P Hartley
4. Affordable HousingBeing considered as part of revised Core Strategy - see Local Development Framework above.
J Swanton/ P Hartley
      5. Waste & Recycling, and Climate change
The reformed Waste Management SIG met on several occasions to oversee the implementation of the Alternate Weekly Collection system (AWC). The first phase of AWC for approximately one third of Waverley households commenced in April 2006, with the second and third phases at the end of June and September 2006 respectively. The remainder of Waverley comprising flats, communal developments and Sandy Hill were dealt with on a site-by-site basis.
Implementation has been reported through SIG
P Maudsley
6. Food Safety Enforcement PlanA detailed work plan to cover food safety enforcement for which the Environmental Health section is responsible. To include the rationale for targeted inspection and circumstances for taking specified enforcement action.
Spring 2007
V Buckroyd
      7. Graffiti in Waverley
A report on the first year of operation of a graffiti removal service in Waverley and proposals for continuing this in the future.
Spring 2007
P Maudsley
Leisure, Culture, Tourism
8. Review of Bye LawsOn hold
On hold
R Pellow
      9. Museum of Farnham Garden Classroom
Executive agreed to support external funding bid for developing, refurbishing and improving the garden classroom. HLF submission to be determined by HLF Board in September.
October 2007
J Maskery
      10. Leisure Centre Procurement Strategy
Council agreed a strategy. Negotiations currently underway with DC Leisure. A full report with the outcome of these negotiations and options for refurbishment will be presented to Members in July. Discussions with Guildford Rugby Club and Commercial Developer are ongoing.
July 2007
J Maskery
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