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Meeting of the Executive held on 02/11/2004
A New Leisure Centre for Godalming - Options for Consideration


1. Re-consider the option to build a centre without a sports hall on the siteThis option could be accommodated on the identified site.
    It would be in line with the Council’s current provision at The Herons in Haslemere and Cranleigh Leisure Centre.

    The Broadwater School sports hall would meet some of the current needs.

    A second sports hall could be considered elsewhere as a phase 2 project to follow.

    The cost of delivering this facility would be less than building a facility which included a sports hall and therefore more achievable in the shorter term.
    Would not initially provide a second sports hall in Godalming, a need identified in the Godalming Leisure Needs Study.

    The income generating capacity from a centre without a sports hall would be reduced and may have an impact on the operating costs.

    The Broadwater School Sports hall does not meet the space requirements recommended by Sport England for some competitive level sports.
    This option would meet a significant number of the Godalming Leisure needs and at the same time allow the Rugby Club to remain on the site under their existing lease.

    Given the financial position of the Council this option would be more affordable than a centre, which included a sports hall.

    This approach could be phased to allow for a second sports hall to be progressed at a future point in time in an alternative location to be identified.

    This option, if pursued, would still require the agreement of Guildford Borough Council to lease or sell the land currently occupied by the Rugby club. Officers have outlined the proposal to Guildford and negotiations are on-going.
    2. Re-locate the Rugby Club to a new siteThis option would free up the existing site to allow for a centre including a sports hall to be provided.

    It would remove the need to purchase or lease land from Guildford Borough Council.

    The Rugby Club could benefit from new facilities, on an independent site with sufficient on-site car parking to meet their needs.
    It could be difficult to identify a suitable site, which is available for this type of development and is acceptable to the Club.

    The costs associated with this option are currently unknown and may be unaffordable.
    The Rugby Club have agreed that this option would be acceptable in principle if a suitable alternative location could be found and suitable replacement facilities were provided.
      If this option were feasible, it would enable a new sports centre complete with sports hall to be built on the Broadwater site.
      3. Identify a new location for a leisure centre to accommodate both wet and dry facilitiesThis could provide a site capable of meeting the space requirements for a new centre without the need to involve the rugby club.Following the Godalming Leisure Needs Study in 1999 other possible locations were considered without success. The Council does not own any alternative areas of land and therefore any new site would need to be purchased and the additional costs would be considerable.This option could significantly delay the development of a new leisure centre for Godalming and would add to the costs.
      4. Refurbish and extend existing sports centre or rebuild on existing site.

      Note: This option would require the full agreement of the John Stanley Jeffries Trust
      Fewer planning issues except for access issues

      Limits the need for new building work on park land

      Visitors to centre could enjoy lakeside views

      A refurbishment could be less costly than building a new facility depending on the specification
      Maintains and exacerbates access problems off Summers Road.

      Further encroachment onto sensitive open area and lake and proximity to historic core.

      Visual impact and disturbance to nearby houses within Broadwater Park and Summers Road.
      As a result of the 2002 PMP study the option of building a new facility on this site was not considered appropriate.

      A refurbishment and expansion of the existing centre could provide a more cost effective option in the short term.
      Difficult to integrate with public transport.

      Increases building mass at historic centre.

      Would mean loss of current leisure centre whilst new one is being built.

      Site may not accommodate all of the required facilities of a new build and associated car parking, in particular a sports hall.