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Waverley Borough Council Committee System - Committee Document

Meeting of the Executive held on 01/04/2003

Aspect of Service
Legislation or Guidance which Supports Service Provision
Scope of Service
Food safetyFood Safety Act 1990
Approved Codes of Practice produced by Food Standards Agency
Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995
Inspection of food businesses within Borough.
Investigation of complaints made against food premises.
Investigation of food complaints.
Provision of response to national and international food hazard warnings involving unsafe food produce.
Health and SafetyHealth and Safety at Work Etc Act 1974
Health and Safety (Enforcing Authority) Regulations 1998
Health and Safety Commission Section 18 Guidance to Local Authorities
Inspection of certain commercial premises to assess workplace safety.
Investigation of workplace accidents.
Prohibition of unsafe workplaces and work equipment.
Animal Welfare
Pet and Animals Act 1951
Animal Boarding Establishment Act 1963
Breeding of Dogs Acts 1973 and 1991
Breeding and Sale of Dogs (Welfare) Act 1999
Riding Establishment Acts 1994
Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976
Administration of animal welfare licences.
Inspection of animal boarding establishments, dog breeders, riding establishments, pet shops and dangerous wild animal keepers
Special Treatment

Ear Piercing
Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982

Administration of special treatment licences.
Inspection of premises practicing ear piercing, electrolysis or acupuncture.
Infectious Disease
Public Health (Control of Diseases) Act 1984Investigation of sporadic cases and outbreaks of infectious disease including food poisoning, legionnaires disease and hepatitis.
Aspect of Service
Legislation or Guidance which Supports Service Provision
Scope of Service

Dust, Steam,
Environmental Protection Act 1990
Clean Air Act
Control of Pollution Act 1974
Investigation of complaints made regarding alleged nuisance from residential or commercial premises.
Service of notices and formal action where necessary.
Out of hours Noise
Investigation of noise nuisance outside normal office hours on a proactive and reactive basis.
Part B Authorised
Environmental Protection Act 1990Inspection of high polluting Part B processes within the Borough to ensure that minimum standards of pollution emissions are achieved.
Advice &
Assistance to
Public and
NoneProvision of advice and assistance to the public and local businesses on a whole range of issues.
Advice to Planning
and Licensing
NoneProvision of advice and assistance to other Council departments including assessment of environmental impact for planning and licensing applications.
Housing standards
in private rented
including HMOs
Housing Act 1985
Circular 17/96
Circular 12/92
Inspection of private rented accommodation including houses in multiple occupation to enforce minimum standards of fitness, facilities and fire safety.
Disabled Facilities
Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996
Circular 17/96
Administration of disabled facilities grants.
Aspect of Service
Legislation or Guidance which Supports Service Provision
Scope of Service
Housing Renewal
Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996
Circular 17/96
The Regulatory Reform (Housing Assistance) (England and Wales) Order 2002
Administration of Home Repair Assistance and House Renovation Grants up to 01.04.03.
Introduction of New Minor Repairs Grants, Houseproud Loans and Equity Release Schemes as of 01.04.03.
Caravan site
Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960
Model standards
Inspection of caravan sites to ensure minimum standards are met.
Drainage defectsPublic Health Acts 1936 and 1961
Building Act 1984
Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1974
Investigation of complaints regarding unsatisfactory drainage including blocked or defective sewers.
Notices served to remedy defects.
Sampling of
private water
The Private Water Supplies Regulations 1991Proactive sampling of private water supplies carried out to ensure portable and safe water supplies are maintained.
Energy efficiency
Home Energy Efficiency Act 1995Implementation of initiatives which improve commercial and domestic energy efficiency within the Borough.
Air quality
Environment Act 1995
National Air Quality Strategy
Monitoring carried out across the Borough.
Utilising the air quality monitoring unit and other means to ensure that exceedance levels are not breached and to inform the Local Air Quality Strategy.
Identifying and
contaminated land
Environmental Protection Act 1990 Part IIAImplementation of programme to identify and assess the risk of all contaminated land within the Borough.
To designate and monitor, clean up at contaminated land sites being developed.
To respond to enquiries from prospective property purchasers and other Council departments about liability for contaminated land remediation.

Aspect of Service
Legislation or Guidance which Supports Service Provision
Scope of Service
Burial of the deadPublic Health (Prevention of Disease) Act 1984To arrange for burial of the dead in cases of no next of kin together with dispensation of assets and recovery of costs.
Pest ControlPrevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949
Public Health Act 1936
To offer chargeable service within the Borough for the treatment of rats, mice, squirrels, wasps and bedbugs.
Dog Control

Environmental Protection Act 1989. Control of Dogs Order 1992
Dog Control Byelaws
Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996
Dogs Act 1971
Dangerous Dogs Act 1991
To collect stray dogs roaming within the Borough.
To investigate complaints of dog fouling and enforce against those dog owners who allow their animals to foul in public places.
To investigate and act upon complaints of dangerous dogs.
To promote positive pet ownership.
Filthy and
Public Health Act 1936To initiate the cleansing and treatment of filthy and verminous residential premises.
To liaise with Social Services and other agencies to secure the welfare of persons living in such a state as to be prejudicial to health.
OvercrowdingHousing Act 1985To inspect overcrowded dwellings and set permitted numbers for maximum occupation.
Harassment and
illegal eviction
Protection from Eviction Act 1977To investigate cases of harassment or illegal eviction and to secure living accommodation for persons who are evicted legally.
Health Promotion
and Home Safety
Home Safety Act
Health of the Nation Strategy
To implement initiatives which achieve health promotion within the community including the GP referral scheme.
Care and RepairHousing Act 1985To assist the elderly and those in ill health or disadvantaged circumstances to access schemes to improve their living conditions and standard of life.
SearchesLegislation administered by Chief Executive’s DepartmentTo collate and provide information held within the Department upon statutory request via the Land Charges Section.