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Meeting of the Community Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 10/09/2007

Summary & Purpose
The purpose of this report is to ask the Committee to comment on the principle of supporting the Sponsored Organisation Scheme and the Waverley Voluntary Grants Partnership (WVGP) in 2008/09.




[Wards Affected: All]

Summary and purpose:

The purpose of this report is to ask the Committee to comment on the principle of supporting the Sponsored Organisation Scheme and the Waverley Voluntary Grants Partnership (WVGP) in 2008/09.

Environmental Implications:

Many of the Sponsored Organisations contribute towards improving the environment in which Waverley residents live.

Social/community Implications:

The organisations that Waverley supports under the Sponsored Organisation Scheme provide valuable services to the community which benefit a large number of Waverley’s residents. Waverley’s contribution to the Waverley Voluntary Grants Partnership helps support organisations specifically in the social and welfare area.

E-Government implications:

There are no direct E-Government implications arising from this report. Sponsored Organisation Scheme application forms and guidance notes are available electronically by email.

Resource and legal implications:

In the previous three years, the total Sponsored Organisation Scheme funding awarded was as follows:

Number of Organisations
Total Funding Awarded ()
The sponsored organisations receiving grants are detailed in Annexe 1.

The application timetable, as detailed in paragraphs 11-12, will enable the Sponsored Organisation Scheme applications to be considered as part of the budget process.


1. The Council introduced the Sponsored Organisation Scheme to formalise the revenue support to community and voluntary organisations in Waverley.

2. The principal aim of the Sponsored Organisation Scheme is to provide financial support ‘for the ongoing revenue costs of voluntary and charitable organisations that are delivering high priority services for the benefit Waverley residents in partnership with the Council’.

3. The scheme is reviewed annually to ensure that the grant criteria and assessment processes continue to meet the priorities of the Council.

4. The Council agreed the principle of three-year intention-to-fund agreements for larger Sponsored Organisations with approved grants of 10,000 and above. In the current year this provides one year approved funding for 2008/09 with two further years intention-to-fund for 2009/10 & 2010/11, dependent on sufficient budget being available and subject to an annual appraisal of the organisation’s performance and an up-date of its financial status.

5. This policy was designed to provide the organisation with greater financial certainty (of particular comfort to organisations with staff costs) and an ongoing recognition of the value of the services to the Council. It would also improve the monitoring of outputs and the standards of service provided, and could provide encouragement for other funders to increase their grants.

6. This report considers the grant eligibility, criteria and timetable for the Sponsored Organisation Scheme in 2008/09 and provides details of the proposals for contributing for a fourth year to the Waverley Voluntary Grants Partnership in 2008/09.

Eligibility & Criteria

7. It is suggested that the eligibility criteria for organisations wishing to be considered for funding be retained as set out in the application guidance at Annexe 2.

8. In particular, members are asked to note that it is proposed that:

Social/Welfare Organisations in Waverley will continue to be funded through the Waverley Voluntary Grants Partnership (WVGP) for 2008/09. Organisations with general reserves (excluding any designated funds for specific projects) should continue to be considered on a case-by-case basis. Those organisations with reserves will be required to submit a clear written reserves policy explaining the reason for the level of reserves and their proposed future uses. In considering organisations level of reserves, Waverley officers will consider the Charity Commission’s current recommendations and advice.

Organisations will be assessed against the degree to which they contribute to Waverley’s Corporate Plan, current priorities and Community Strategy. To ensure that only organisations eligible to apply for SOS funding are considered officers will continue to reject applications which clearly do not meet the eligibility criteria, thereby providing organisations with clarity at an early stage. Assessments

9. Each application will be thoroughly assessed and scored against the proposed grant criteria for 2008/09 as detailed in Annexe 3. Officers within each of the relevant service departments will undertake the assessments. In addition, a financial assessment of each organisations annual accounts will be undertaken by Waverley’s accountants.

10. The service officers consider the results from the financial assessments when making funding recommendations. Service officers will continue to use a standard assessment form to ensure equity in assessing each application. A copy is attached at Annexe 3. Timetable

11. It is proposed that applications are invited to apply for SOS funding for the financial year 2008/09 with a closing date for applications is 12th November 2007.

12. Applications and assessment results will be considered by each of the relevant Overview and Scrutiny Committees in January 2008 and by Executive at the budget meeting on 5th February 2008. Applicants will be notified the outcome of their applications in writing after the Council meeting on 19th February 2008. A summary of the timetable is provided at Annexe 4. Partnership Agreements

13. Once an SOS grant is approved and a grant offer made, a partnership agreement is prepared by each organisation and the relevant Waverley service officer, who forms the key link officer during the funding period. The partnership agreement details the key outputs and achievements for the year and is signed by both parties. A pro-forma partnership agreement is attached at Annexe 5. The partnership agreement enables service officers to monitor each organisations performance against stated outcomes.

Budgets and Inflation

14. Members will need to consider whether the level of funding is increased in-line with current inflation, but at this stage in the budget process it would be appropriate to have a proviso that this increase is assessed alongside other demands on Council’s finances during the budget process. An inflation based increase would be of particular comfort to those organisations with staff costs and it may also encourage other funders to increase their grants. Despite the other known pressures on Waverley’s budget, it is proposed that in 2008-2009 the Sponsored Organisations Scheme is opened up for new organisations to apply to ensure that members have the opportunity to consider current funding alongside any other new requests from organisations meeting Waverley’s criteria.

Waverley Voluntary Grants Partnership

15. The Waverley Voluntary Grants Partnership (WVGP) is a partnership fund with the Guildford and Waverley Primary Care Trust (PCT) and Surrey County Council Adults and Community Care and Children’s Services which seeks to fund social welfare organisations. Waverley diverts a proportion of the Sponsored Organisations Scheme funding to the WVGP to aim to lever in a greater level of funding for Social/Welfare Organisations in the Borough. A separate report will be brought to the Executive later in the year following the WVGP funding decisions for 2008-2009, informing Members of the grants approved to organisations.

16. Two nominated Members, supported by officers, represent Waverley on the WVGP. For 2007/08 they are Councillors Mrs Ellis and Mr Morgan.


The Committee is recommended to make any observations to be passed to the Executive on the following:

1. the principle of supporting the Sponsored Organisation Scheme and the Waverley Voluntary Grants Partnership for 2008/09 using the application eligibility and grant criteria as set out at Annexe 2;

2. the proposed timetable for applying for Sponsored Organisation funding for 2008/09, as set out at Annexe 4;

3. that the Sponsored Organisation Scheme should be open to new applicants for 2008/09;

4. that Waverley’s contribution to the Waverley Voluntary Grants Partnership in 2008/09 will be on the same basis as in 2007/08 with two nominated members on the panel and with the results of the grants being reported back to the Overview and Scrutiny Committees and the Executive;

5. that the overall level of funding for the Sponsored Organisation Scheme and Waverley Voluntary Grants Partnership in 2008/09 be increased in line with inflation, but with the proviso that such an increase will have to be assessed alongside other demands on Council finances during the budget process.

Background Papers (DoF)

There are no background papers (as defined by Section 100D(5) of the Local Government Act 1972) relating to this report.


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