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Meeting of the Environment and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 04/07/2005
Determination of Key Issues Presented to the Waste Management Special Interest Group on 21st June 2005.

Annexe 3
Determination of Key Issues Presented to the Waste Management Special Interest Group on 21st June 2005.

Strategy & Principles

1. Are you still in agreement with Surrey’s countywide policy of recycling at least 36%? And to the statement of principles (these were included as Annexe – 2 to the report of the first meeting of the SIG on 24th May)?

2. Is there a need to draw up a new Waverley Waste Management Strategy (in addition to Surrey Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy)?

Service Delivery Review

3. Would you be prepared to consider changes to the Waverley collection and recycling service? If so, should those changes be:

a) Minor?
b) Significant?
c) Major?

4. AWC may have costs associated with its implementation. Would you be prepared to agree additional costs over say, 1 or 2 years in order to save money and improve recycling performance beyond that?

a) Purchase of an additional set of wheeled bins and their delivery.
b) Purchase of garden waste containers.
c) MRF gate-fees.
d) Compost site gate-fees.
e) Start-up staffing costs during implementation phase.
f) Funding an awareness campaign.
g) Changing existing vehicles, which may be unsuitable.

5. Implementing major changes to the service, such as adopting AWC, may bring problems in perception, or in practice.

6. Do you wish to support a separate green waste collection service?

a) Should this be on a subscription basis?
b) Should it be subsidised, or be operated on a self-financing basis if possible (this would result in higher subscription charges).
c) Should containers provided or sold? What type of container would be more acceptable?

7. What plans do you feel should be adopted for the future of the recycling bring-site service? An example would be to change the commodities that can be recycled at the bring sites to include only those not collected kerbside. Alternatively it may be advisable to undertake a further review once any changes to the kerbside service have been implemented.

Agreed – That there be a review of any changes to bring-sites at a later date.

8. What benefits would you expect to arise as a result of a revised service, and in what order of priority?
a) An improvement in the recycling rate.
b) A reduction in waste arisings.
c) Higher levels of customer satisfaction.
d) A high quality, reliable service.
e) A wider range of recyclates included.
f) Controlling the cost of the service.

Agreed – That all of the above would be potential benefits.


9. What order of priority would you place on establishing/maintaining a kerbside recycling service for:

10. How important is it that we recycle plastics? Should this be through the kerbside and/or bring-sites?

11. In order of priority, which of the following do you feel should be considered to be most & least important:

a) Explain how system works
b) Deal with problems, queries & complaints including via town and parish councils.
c) Targeted information/persuasion, on say how the system works - composting.
d) Assisting business with recycling commercial waste.
e) Taking part in campaigns, such as real nappies/compost week.

Agreed – That all of the above are important - in that order.

Implementing Changes

12. Recognising that Waverley would be starting from a stronger position if it were to adopt AWC, than East Hants or Mole Valley were in before they embarked on this change; would there be a need to test the acceptability of changes to the service with residents of Waverley under a trial or following major consultation?

a) Full-scale pilot with feed-back.
b) Members’ trial
c) Trials for, say, green-waste before contract commencement
d) Learn from other Waste Collection Authorities.

13. Over what period should changes to the service be implemented/phase- in?

Agreed – That the new scheme could start in Spring 2006.

14. Should concessions be made for say;

a) Large families (over 5 persons at present).
b) Those in receipt of benefit (reduced cost green-waste bags at present).
c) Council tenants on size of bins (no concessions at present, but bin swaps possible).
d) Bank holidays (Christmas only at present).
e) Any others?

Agreed– That concessions should be made for the above groups.

Further Considerations

15. Which options would you like worked up for further consideration? (It will be necessary to narrow down the wide range of options available).
a) Adoption of AWC (residual waste collected in week 1; mixed dry recyclables collected in week 2).
b) Adoption of AWC (residual waste collected in week 1; kerbside sorting of recyclables from use of existing boxes & baskets in week 2).
c) Addition of a separate glass collection service to compliment AWC using mixed dry recyclables.
d) Addition of a subscription-based separate green-waste collection service.

Agreed - That all the above options be costed.

16. Would you be prepared to consider constructing a Waverley Materials Recycling Facility? Would you be prepared to consider the use of other available and developing technologies?

17. Do you feel you have yet achieved your objectives as a Special Interest Group? Have you received enough information and attended sufficient visits to make recommendations?