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Meeting of the Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 24/04/2002
Year 2 Reviews

Annexe 1
Year 2 Reviews - Achieving A Lighter Touch
Lighter touchEffect
The scale of the review:
A proportionate approach to the conduct of reviews, concentrating most effort where the risk and/or the potential for improvement is greatestLess demand on staff time; review activity to be undertaken only where it serves a purpose and is consistent with the scale of review
Member Involvement:
New service review flow diagram agreedClearer Member involvement, easier to understand the process
Combining Member workshops to deal with reviews at a more strategic level, with shorter or no presentationsFewer workshops; more effective use of Member time whilst ensuring that Members still have opportunity to raise issues and influence the lightness of touch required; saving on the cost of facilitation
Making options workshops essential only if there are significant options to discussBetter use of Member time; more effective Member involvement; potential saving on the cost of facilitation
Use of the Citizens’ Panel as the principal means for consulting the general publicCost saving; better co-ordination of surveys
More realistic targeting of stakeholder groups, including fewer but more generic questionnairesCost saving on consultation; more effective use of staff time
Streamlining information gathering:
Being clear early on in the review about what are the key review issues Clearer direction; ‘seeing the wood for the trees’
Focusing on key issues rather than fundamentally reviewing the whole serviceLess demand on staff time; time spent on review activity is more productive; more purposeful information gathering
A pragmatic approach to the conduct of reviews, keeping review activity clear and simpleClearer understanding of what needs to be done to cover the ‘4Cs’; undertake review activity only where it serves a purpose; more effective use of staff time

Lighter touchEffect
The management and conduct of reviews:
Adopting a pragmatic style for Scoping ReportsLess time spent in preparation, more concise product
Grouping services for review, e.g. ‘Community Protection’Fewer meetings; less demand on staff time; better co-ordination
Combining the Housing, Environment & Leisure FSR team meetings under the joint chair of the respective Independent Chief OfficersFewer meetings, less demand on staff time
Internal audit and finance staff required at meetings only when specialist advice is neededLess demand on internal audit and finance staff time, more effective use of specialist support
A less administrative approachLess paperwork; less over-lap between FSRs and SRGs; less bureaucratic; more effective use of staff time