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Meeting of the Council held on 24/04/2007
Licensing & Regulatory Committee Minutes - Report to Council

1.That there should be a requirement to hold a full Driving Licence for a minimum of two years before a vocational licence is considered by Waverley (legislation already sets a one-year limitation on drivers)Could consider only granting to people over 21 yearsThis proposal may be considered in conjunction with 3 below, since the DSA test may suffice alone. Drivers must in any case, have held a driving licence for at least one year before they may hold a licence from WaverleyThe Committee should consider with item 3 below
2.That the Group 2 Medical standard be adopted for new and existing drivers, subject to any exceptional arrangements for applicants with diabetic control being considered, as set out at Annex B to the Best Practice Guidance of the Department of Transport dated October 2006;No comment, although interest expressed at the liaison meeting in the changes proposed for diabeticsThere is new information on the licensing of insulin-dependent diabetics in exceptional cases in accordance with ‘C1’ standard That the Group 2 medical and the attached criteria be adopted for Waverley licensees
3.That all new applicants for hackney carriage and/or private hire driver licences be required to have taken and passed the enhanced Driving Standards Agency test, From liaison meeting - there are other schemes which might also be used - IAM, ROSPA for instance; also concern was expressed as to whether the enhanced test could be taken by a driver in an ordinary saloon car.This will be a strong tool in ensuring that applicants meet a reasonable standard BEFORE they start the application for a driver’s licence.
Officers have further researched the best standard for the DSA test and established that the enhanced test may only be taken with a disabled accessible vehicle. Further information will be presented at the meeting.
Consider with 1. above, although the DSA test is a stronger test for new drivers than a two-year experience test.
ACCEPT subject to the advice of officers.
Officers recommend adopting DSA as the minimum new driver standard.
4.AMENDMENT: “be well dressed, neat and clean No commentAccept as an amendment
5.AMENDMENT: Not carry in the vehicle more than the number of passengers, of whatever age, specified in the vehicle licence. N B every child must have his/her own designated seat in the vehicle and the vehicle must accord with the seatbelt requirements set by the Road Traffic Acts in force.No commentAccept as an amendment
6AMENDMENT:Not carry any person in the vehicle during a hiring without the express permission of {the hirer} the person who has first hired the vehicleNo commentAccept as an amendment

AMENDMENT The {driver} licensee shall notify the Council in writing as soon as possible and, in any event, with fourteen days of any:
    (a) Change of name, change of address, change of telephone number(s); N B any telephone number given to the Council for licensing purposes shall be capable of receiving withheld numbers;
    Raised as a concern at the liaison meeting, where licensees felt that the 14 days to report should be retained; That such matters should be reported at the earliest opportunity, and this raises awareness that a report must be madeApprove new wording shown in bold

    8.The licensee shall report to the Council in writing as soon as possible, and in any event within 7 days, details of any:

    (a) convictions or formal police cautions;
    (b) motoring offences or endorsements of any type;
    (c) charges brought against him or her in respect of any criminal offence;

    and the licensee is advised to contact the Licensing Administrator (01483 523219) if in any doubt of his/her duties under this condition.
    From the liaison group meeting - licensees prefer to keep this notification at 14 days; As aboveApprove new proposal of 7 days notification