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Meeting of the Licensing Sub-Committee "A" held on 16/02/2007
New Premises Licence - The Stafford House Hotel


[Wards Affected: Farnham Wards]

Summary and Purpose

1. The purpose of the report is to enable the Sub-Committee to consider an application from Mr R Williams for a new Premises Licence under the Licensing Act 2003, where representations have been received.


2. The Stafford House Hotel was previously a licensed premises. It was the subject of a conversion application in the transitional period (February to August 2005), under the 2003 Licensing Act. The licence was never issued since the applicant disappeared in about September 2005 and the premises then remained closed. It is understood that the building has since been placed on the property sales market.

3. A new application to license the premises (as the Firgrove Hotel) was submitted in the summer of 2006, seeking to licence the premises for the sale of alcohol and to permit live and recorded music at weekends and on certain bank holidays. That application was refused on 28th September 2006 at a hearing following receipt of objections from interested parties (people living in the vicinity of the premises).

4. A new application was then submitted for a licence at the premises. This resulted in representations being received from interested parties (neighbours to the Hotel site) and a hearing was scheduled for 1st February 2007.

Explanatory Note

5. New information lately requested and queried by the applicant’s solicitors indicated that the original converted premises licence might be transferable. Given that it appeared that this was the case, it was agreed that the hearing should be withdrawn and not held on the original agreed date of 1st February 2007. As there was then little time before 1st February, the hearing was cancelled and all participants notified at the earliest opportunity. Subsequently it was found that the former licence had lapsed and could not be transferable for legal reasons connected with the previous licence-holder’s financial situation. Accordingly, the application for a new licence has been re-instated and the hearing into the application and the representations received is now re-activated.

Activities sought under the new (latest) application

6. A new application for the premises has been submitted by Mr R Williams. The application now before the Sub-Committee seeks to license the premises for the sale of alcohol and to permit recorded music at a background level every day and on certain holidays. (It should be noted that there is no requirement in the Licensing Act 2003 for a licence to cover music which is played at a background level only.)

7. The detail of the application is set out in Annexe 1, including non-standard timings, and the application is also outlined below:
Sale of Alcohol: (Box M) Sunday to Thursday, 1200 - 2230, Friday, Saturday 1200 -

Hours the premises are open: (Box 0) As for the sale of alcohol, closing 30 minutes

Steps to meet the Licensing Objectives - are also attached - Box P.

Licensing Objectives

8. The four Licensing Objectives of the Licensing Act 2003 are set out below. Any representations for consideration must relate to one or more of these objectives.

Prevention of Crime and Disorder
Public Safety
Prevention of Nuisance
Protection of Children from Harm

Representations received

9. The Responsible Authorities have not made representations on this application.

10. Seven letters of objection have been received from local residents (interested parties) within the 28-day representation period, shown at Annexe 2. 11. Attached to this document at Annexe 3 is a plan showing the site of the premises and the surrounding area.

Subsequent Developments in this Application Procedure

12. Any amendment to the application submitted to the Licensing Officer will be circulated to Members prior to the meeting.


It is recommended that the application for a new premises licence for Stafford House Hotel, 22 Firgrove Hill, Farnham, be determined in the light of the representations received, the Licensing Objectives, Waverley’s Statement of Licensing Policy, statutory guidance and after hearing from the applicant and those making representations.

Background Papers (MD)

Application referred to above; representations referred to above.


Name: Mrs R Hughes Telephone : 01483 523225
E-mail: rhughes@waverley.gov.uk

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