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Meeting of the Executive held on 18/04/2006
List of Evidence Documents and Relevant Plans and Strategies



Principal Evidence Documents

The 2001 full Housing Needs Survey and related 2003 and 2005 updates; (with a full survey planned for 2006);
Lettings and applications information from the Council’s Housing Register;
Housing monitoring information, including the annual Housing Land Availability Statement (HLAS);
The Urban Housing Potential Study (UHPS) that is being produced for the Council by Baker Associates;
The Council’s own Employment Land Survey (2005/2006);
The Council’s own survey of gypsy and traveller needs (2005/2006);
The Economics of Affordable Housing in Surrey (Produced for the Surrey Local Authority Chief Executives by Knight Frank – October 2003);
Land Registry Information, Surrey County Council Quarterly House Price Reports and ODPM House Price Reports;
Baseline information that the Council has collected providing statistical information on a range of issues across the borough, including Council and Housing Association stock held and being developed in Waverley;
The Annual Monitoring Report for the Local Development Framework;
The Housing Market Assessment for Rushmoor Borough Council and the Blackwater Valley (2005).

Main Plans and Strategies Relevant to the Housing DPD

NATIONAL – Planning Policy Statement (PPS)1, PPS12, Planning Policy Guidance Note (PPG) 3, Circular 6/98 – “Planning and Affordable Housing”, ODPM Circular 01/2006 – “Planning for Gypsy and Traveller Caravan Sites”, Circular 22/91 – “Travelling Showpeople”

REGIONAL – Regional Planning Guidance for the South East (RPG9) 2001, the draft South East Plan (SEP), the South East Regional Housing Strategy 2006-8, the Communities Plan; Sustainable Communities in the South East. The Regional Economic Strategy.

COUNTY – The Surrey Structure Plan (SSP) 2004, The Provisional Surrey Local Transport Plan 2006/07 – 2011/12, the Surrey County Community Strategy, the Surrey Supporting People Strategy 2004-2009,

LOCAL – Waverley Borough Local Plan 2002, Draft Core Strategy 2005, Waverley BC Corporate Plan 2005-2006, Waverley Borough Council Housing Strategy 2005-2010, Waverley Community Strategy (2003), Waverley Community Safety Strategy (2005 – 2008), Waverley Borough Council Homelessness Strategy (2003), outcomes from the local ‘Health checks’ for Farnham, Haslemere and Cranleigh.