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Meeting of the Council held on 11/12/2007
Minutes of Special Meeting - 16/10/07

MINUTES of the SPECIAL MEETING of the WAVERLEY BOROUGH COUNCIL held in the Council Chamber, Council Offices, Godalming on 16th October 2007 at 6.00 p.m.
* Councillor M W Byham (Mayor)
* Councillor L C Bate (Deputy Mayor)
*Mrs J I Arrick*R A Knowles
*C R Baily*Ms D Le Gal
*M H W Band*Dr N J Lee
*Mrs G M BeelA J Lovell
*Mrs E Cable*P J Martin
*M Causey*T E Martin
*Mrs C Cockburn*B J Morgan
*S P Connolly*S N Mulliner
*V Duckett*D J Munro
*J H B Edwards*S J O’Grady
*B A Ellis*S L Pritchard
*Mrs P Ellis*K T Reed
*Mrs L J Fleming*S Renshaw
*Mrs P M Frost*S N Reynolds
*R D Frost*I E Sampson
*R J Gates*J R Sandy
*M R GoodridgeMrs C E Savage
*R A Gordon-Smith*J M Savage
Mrs J P Hargreaves*R J Steel
*S L Hill*A E B Taylor-Smith
N P Holder*Cllr Ms J R Thomson
*J P HubbleA P Thorp
S R E Inchbald*J A Ward
*D C Inman*Mrs N Warner-O’Neill
*P B Isherwood*K Webster
*Mrs D M James*R A Welland
*Mrs C A KingMrs L Wheatley
* C A Wilson
* Present


The Mayor introduced the Special Meeting which had been called to confer the Honorary Freedom of the Borough on the former Waverley Borough Councillor, Mr Harold (Danny) Denningberg, MBE.

He welcomed Mr Denningberg, his daughter Linda, other members of his family and guests of honour, including past Mayors of Waverley and the first Honorary Freeman, Mr M F Chastell, to the meeting, together with members and staff of the Council.

The Leader of the Council, Cllr R J Gates moved, in accordance with Section 249 of the Local Government Act 1972, that the second Honorary Freedom of the Borough be conferred on Harold (Danny) Denningberg MBE in recognition of the eminent service he had rendered to the Borough as a Councillor from Waverley’s establishment in 1974 and for his exemplary work in the voluntary sector in the Borough.
The Leader of the Council expressed his pleasure that so many generations of Mr Denningberg’s family could attend, including his great great grandson Matthew, aged only three weeks. The Leader said his only sadness was that Peg, Danny’s beloved wife of sixty years, could not be present to see Danny receiving this well deserved honour. He reminded the Council of Danny’s over forty years service to all levels of local government, first on Godalming Borough as a Member and Mayor, then Godalming Town Council and Town Mayor, on Waverley as a Member and Mayor and two terms on Surrey County Council.

The motion was unanimously CARRIED by acclamation.

The Mayor then presented Mr Denningberg with the official scroll conferring the Freedom of the Borough and the badge of office.

Mr Denningberg responded, thanking all previous speakers for their kind words and the Council for the great honour it had bestowed on him. He felt this was also a tribute to his wife Peg, and he said he could not have achieved what he had without her help.