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Meeting of the Executive held on 07/03/2006
Change of Use Planning Application: Flat at Rowland House, Cranleigh

Waverley Borough Council

EXECUTIVE – 7TH march 2006
[Wards Affected: All Cranleigh Wards]

Summary and purpose:

This report proposes that a vacant flat at Rowland House, Cranleigh could be used on a temporary basis as office premises for Age Concern Waverley. It invites members to consider this proposal, and if acceptable, authorise the Director of Housing to submit a planning application for change of use.
Environmental implications:

There are none arising from the recommendations in this report.

Social / community implications:

Age Concern Waverley proves a range of services for older people in Waverley, and will be managing the Day Centre facility at Cranleigh, which is also located in Rowland House.

E-Government implications:

There are none arising from this report.

Resource and legal implications:

This proposal will generate some additional rental income for the Housing Revenue Account. There will be some cost attached to the making of a planning application.


1. Some time ago, the Council resolved to decommission Rowland House, Cranleigh with a view to redevelopment in due course. Since that time the Council has not re-let any of the units that have become vacant, though some have been used as emergency accommodation on a temporary basis.

2. For a variety of reasons, including managerial efficiency and cost effectiveness, Age Concern Waverley and Age Concern Cranleigh and District have decided to merge into one organisation. The functions and assets of Age Concern Cranleigh and District are to be transferred to Age Concern Waverley.

3. A Day Centre operated currently operated by Age Concern Cranleigh and District, is based in premises adjacent to Rowland House.

4. Age Concern Waverley presently has office premises at Church Street, Godalming, where the lease is due to expire in the spring of 2006.

5. Age Concern Waverley/Age Concern Cranleigh and District, has approached the Director of Housing to request the temporary use of a vacant flat at Rowland House, Cranleigh as offices for a period of time. This will overcome the uncertainty of surrounding the short/medium term location of the staff employed by Age Concern Waverley and would help with the day-to-day management of the day centre operation at Rowland House.

6. It is suggested that Age Concern Waverley be offered the flat for a temporary period to 31st March 2008.

7. The Council’s Housing Revenue Account would receive a rental income from the start of the let until March 2008.

8. In order for this proposal to be implemented, the Council would need to make a planning application for “Temporary Change of Use” from a dwelling to office use.


It is recommended that:

1. the request by Age Concern Waverley to use the flat at 2 Ivy Hall, Parsonage Road, Cranleigh as office premises for a period to 31st March 2008 be supported; and 2. the Director of Housing be authorised to make a planning application for temporary change of use from a dwelling to office premises until 31st March 2008.

Background Papers (DoH)

There are no background papers (as defined by Section 100D(5) of the Local Government Act 1972) relating to this report.


Name: John Swanton Telephone: 01483 - 523375

E-mail: jswanton@waverley.gov.uk