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Meeting of the Executive held on 12/07/2005
The Original Suggestions Made by the Constitution Special Interest Group


The original suggestions made by the SIG were as follows:-

[Considered at the Executive meeting on 7th February 2005].

1. (a) Organisational Culture of the Overview and Scrutiny Process
2. The SIG felt that in the last year Overview and Scrutiny Committees had achieved considerable success in focusing their efforts on a limited number of major reviews. They drew attention to the very successful work on issues as diverse as the A3 Hindhead proposals, the review of Development Control and less broad but equally important issues such as the review of the Mayoralty and fly-tipping.

3. The SIG did discuss ways of developing this further, and suggested that some form of annual review by all three committees, and a look forward to the following year’s work programme, could be submitted to Council and Council could then be given an opportunity to look across the work of all three committees to see how they could be co-ordinated better and contribute still further to policy development.

4. The SIG discussed the relationship of Special Interest Groups and Overview and Scrutiny Sub-Committees and agreed this is a continuing area of uncertainty. However, the SIG felt it would be more fruitful to concentrate on developing practical ways of moving forward on this issue, and that the Council should adopt a flexible stance as to what was the best format for looking at a particular issue. The SIG also suggested relaxing the need for Overview and Scrutiny Committees to obtain Council approval to setting up Sub-Committees.

5. The SIG noted that Overview and Scrutiny Committees had made progress in the area of performance monitoring, but felt that some form of informal performance improvement group of members could help focus member attention on areas where Waverley could improve.