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Waverley Borough Council Committee System - Committee Document

Meeting of the Executive held on 04/07/2001




A. The Corporate Asset Management Group shall comprise of the following:
2. Assistant Chief Executive
3. Chief Accountant
4. Head of Leisure Services
5. Assistant Director of Housing

B. The role of the Corporate Asset Management Group is to:

advise Management Board in respect of the use of the Council’s capital (property) assets so that their use, acquisition, or disposal is maximised for the benefit of the Waverley community

ensure issues concerning capital assets are considered in the widest context having due regard to, for example:

o Community Strategy
o Corporate Plan
o Best Value Performance Plan
o Financial Strategy
o Service Strategies and
o partner agencies strategic documents

assist with the annual production of the:
o Asset Management Plan;
o Capital Strategy;
o ‘Single Pot’ approach; and
o Other Strategic planning documents such as the Housing Investment Programme (HIP)

support the Corporate Property Officer, who is responsible for the formulation of the Asset Management Plan annually

review the Capital Assets held by the Council and critically assess whether they are being used to their maximum effect

ensure that appropriate consultation takes place in respect of the Asset Management Plan both internally and with partner organisations

ensure that changing needs, priorities and operating environments are taken into account

help reconcile competing demands and priorities on finite resources

C. The Corporate Asset Management Group shall meet quarterly and more frequently as required by the Corporate Property Officer.

D. The Corporate Asset Management Group shall be chaired by the Corporate Property Officer

COMMS/O&S1/2001-02/016 18414