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Meeting of the Community Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 19/06/2006
Work Programme for Community Overview and Scrutiny Committee - 19th June 2006

work programme for community overview and scrutiny Committee - 19TH JUNE 2006
Lead Officer
      1. Housing and Care Needs of Older People in Waverley
Report received at March 2006 on Extra Care Sheltered Housing Strategy. Housing Strategy Statement considered at May meeting. Report on Developing Community Based Services for Older People to this meeting.
June 2006
Director of Housing
2. Community TransportThe Council has agreed to make funding available for 2006/07 (for one year) in order to support the Waverley Hoppa community transport service as the Countryside Agency's revenue funding ceases at the end of March 2006. However, during the next year (2006/07) consideration will need to be given to the long-term financial issues for Hoppa for 2007/08 and beyond. Report to this meeting.
June 2006
Clive Parkinson
3. Brightwells Gostrey CentreReport to this meeting.
June 2006
Alayne May
4. Citizens’ Advice Bureaux Report to this meeting.
June 2006
Roger Standing
5. Meals on WheelsA special meeting was held in February 2006 in 'select committee mode' and evidence was received from organisations/representatives.

The Sub-Committee are undertaking Meals on Wheels visits with WRVS and considering eligibility criteria used by other authorities. The work of the Sub-Committee will be reported to this meeting as part of the final report.
June 2006
Roger Standing
6. Community Partnership FundReview be undertaken of the existing criteria used for making grants from the Community Partnership Fund.Paul Wenham
7. Affordable HousingReports on different approaches for enabling and financing. Report considered at May 2006 meeting.Director of Housing/Director of Planning and Development
8. Outside BodiesFurther report anticipated at September 2006 meeting.
September 2006
Roger Standing
9. Community SafetyBriefing from Surrey Police held before March 2006 meeting. Community Safety Progress report to September 2006 meeting.
September 2006
Anne Bott
10. Health ConsultationsThe Committee has previously received reports and presentations on the future of Milford Hospital.

The Primary Care Trust is currently undertaking a consultation exercise on developing more community based services and proposals for reducing the activity in community hospitals and possibly moving the rehabilitation service from Milford. The consultation is much wider than just Milford Hospital, as it affects the community hospital services at Cranleigh, Haslemere, Farnham and Milford. The consultation document 'Modernising Your Local Healthcare' and draft response was considered at the January 2006 meeting.

The Department of Health's other initiatives and consultation documents entitled, 'Ensuring a Patient -Led NHS -Consultations on new NHS organisations in Surrey and Sussex: Strategic Health Authority and Primary Care Trusts' and 'Configuration of NHS Ambulance Trusts in England' were also considered at the January 2006 meeting. A presentation from the Chief Executive of the Surrey Ambulance Service and a report was considered at the March meeting. An update report on the changes in health services was received at May meeting.
John Swanton
      11. Monitoring Reports
Reports as necessary (to enable position to be monitored)

comms/o&s2/2006-07/019 (updates since the last meeting are in bold)