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Meeting of the Community Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 10/09/2002




ItemStatusLead Officer
Review of Support Services for Members (including IT support and training, presentation facilities at public meetings, member car parking provision, accommodation and office facilities, members’ allowances and other facilities currently available to members).Scoping report approved on 3/4/01. Update report on Members’ IT support element of review to Committee on 20/11/01. Further reports in due course – a report on car parking at the Council Offices in Godalming is expected in the near future.Roger Standing
Public Access StrategyTo consider the proposed Public Access Strategy for consistent service delivery over all services across all access channels – face to face, telephone and internet – part of the Facilities Management Best Value Action Plan. This issue is now being progressed as part of the IEG Statement.Roger Standing
Implementing Electronic Government (IEG) for Customer ServiceTo consider progress on the Council's approved IEG Statement for customer focussed service delivery. Government capital funding of 200,000 has recently been announced for 2002/03 to support this initiative. Presentation to all members of the Council due to take place in October with progress report to the Committee expected to follow.Paul Wenham
Office Accommodation ReviewTo consider report proposing proceeding with the next stage of the Office Accommodation Review to take account of issues arising from the Facilities Management Best Value Action Plan and IEG initiatives. New planning reception resulting in some early office changes in the Chief Executive's Department. Further report in due course.Richard Wood

Cultural and Leisure Provision and Youth

ItemStatusLead Officer
Museum of FarnhamYear Two Fundamental Service Review. Received legal advice. Service Review Group considering a range of options. FSR final report considered by the Executive in April. Members will receive an update report in January.Peter Maudsley
The MaltingsFollowing approval of funding, consultant now appointed to develop fundraising strategy. Members to be updated as and when required.Julie Maskery
Sandy Hill Youth FacilityDiscussions continuing with Rushmoor Borough Council and PavilionRoger Standing
Godalming Leisure Needs(a) Broadwater Park – ‘Parklife’ Masterplan received and presented to the Godalming Leisure Needs SIG and Environment O and S. Procurement process is currently being worked-up. Leisure Needs reported to the Executive on 1/5/02. SIG met on 1st August 2002 and the report is presented to the September meeting of the Committee as information only.Julie Maskery

Cultural Strategy for Waverley BoroughThe first meeting of the Cultural Strategy SIG took place on 28th August 2002. First draft of the Strategy is due to be considered by O and S on 28th October 2002.Julie Maskery
ItemStatusLead Officer
Affordable Housing (including Key Workers)Ongoing. Further report in due course, possibly Autumn.John Swanton/Louise Goodfellow
Vulnerable TenantsConsidered on 5/4/01 and 21/2/02. Matter ongoing.David January/Louise Goodfellow
Community TransportConsidered on 5/4/01 with subsequent reports on 4/6/01, 12/11/01 and 21/5/02. Further report on financial implications once the Waverley Community Transport Business Plan has been completed. Waverley Community Transport to be invited to attend a meeting of the Committee in due course.John Swanton
Local Government BillReport on implications for capital receipts was considered at last meeting. Further reports to September meeting.Paul Wenham
Graeme Clark
White Paper on Regional GovernmentReport to September meeting on implications for the various funding agencies such as the Housing Corporation.David January
Comprehensive Spending ReviewReport on implications for housing in Autumn 2002.David January
Day CentresReport in due course on an examination of Day Centres.David January
Work and role of the Surrey and Sussex Strategic Health AuthorityPresentation by Chief Executive of the Strategic Health Authority in the Autumn.John Swanton
Care DirectInformation report on development of Care Direct – Autumn 2002.John Swanton
Supporting PeoplePresentation by Rebecca Pritchard, Lead Officer for Supporting People in Surrey at September meeting.John Swanton
Guildford and Waverley Primary Care TrustPresentation about the work of PCT – Chief Executive - Autumn 2002/New Year 2003.John Swanton

Planning and Major Developments

ItemStatusLead Officer
Planning Code – OverviewReport from DA considered by the Probity in Planning Sub-Committee. Work still being undertaken by the Sub-Committee on the Planning Code of Conduct following receipt of questionnaire responses. Report expected October/November 2002.Sara Whitmarsh/Steve Thwaites/Anne Bott
(Louise Goodfellow)
Godalming Key SiteFollowing the withdrawal of WWF, the developer for this site has been assembling a new proposal. Discussions on the property aspects are still progressing. The planning issues will be progressed through the Central Area Development Control Sub-Committee.Steve Thwaites (Roger Standing)
Implementation of Year 1 FSRsReport considered on 11/9/01. Further six monthly update due in October/November 2002Louise Goodfellow

Affordable Housing (also under Community O and S)Affordable Housing Workshop held on 30th October 2001. Further report in due course.Daniel Hawes/Louise Goodfellow
Future of Dunsfold AirfieldNow that the legal issues surrounding the present planning status of the site have been settled, BAE Systems are still considering their future proposals.Roger Standing
TourismYear Two Fundamental Service Review – reported to Executive in April 2002. Further report expected in October 2002.Iain Lynch
(Roger Standing)


Waste ManagementWaste Management SIG work completed – considered by Executive on 15/01/02. SIG continuing with revised terms of reference - considering the implementation issues relating to the agreed proposals. Following the recent Audit Commission's Best Value Inspection of the Council's Waste Management Services, an oral update will be given at the September meeting. Martin Shorten/Louise Goodfellow
LA21 StrategyAnnual update and six month interim item on Action Plans to be presented to this Committee in advance of the Executive. First interim report considered on 22/01/02. Strategy launched on 5th February. Report to September meeting of the Committee.Su Gilfrin/Louise Goodfellow
Abandoned VehiclesThe existing arrangements in the Year Two Fundamental Service Review of Waste Management, which has been reported to members. Scoping report covering abandoned vehicles and fridges was presented to meeting in May (one report covering both issues). A further report is expected in November.Martin Shorten
(Roger Standing)

Best Value and Strategies

The process of Best Value across the Council and links between strategiesAgreed at the meeting on 22nd January – subject of Year 3 Fundamental Service Review – co-ordinating panel to meet to determine to which O and S Committee(s) this should be allocated. The views of the Committee will be reported to the Executive on the outcome. A further report will be presented to O and S in October/November 2002.Anne Bott (Louise Goodfellow & Roger Standing)