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Meeting of the Executive held on 07/03/2006
Community Partnership Funding Grant for Chantrys Youth Facility




[Ward Affected: Farnham Castle]
Summary and purpose:

The purpose of this report is to seek approval for the reallocation of the original community partnership grant for a community garden to be used for the purpose of developing a multi-use games facility for young people at the same site at the Chantrys, in line with the Community’s request.

Social/Community implications:

The provision of youth facilities will enhance the quality of life for young people living on the Chantrys estate. The provision of a multi-use games area will provide stimulating activities for the young people which will help in improving their health and well being and providing a focus for accessible constructive activities.

Environmental implications:

The area of land proposed for the youth facility is currently a grassed area with minimal amenity value. The community welcome the opportunity to develop this area by providing a built facility. Access to sports and recreational facilities improve fitness, well-being and quality of life. From an environmental and social perspective this proposal has positive sustainability elements.

E-Government implications:

There are no e-government implications associated with this report.

Resource and legal implications:

There are no additional resource implications arising from the recommendations in this report. 10,000 was awarded from the 2004/5 Community Partnership Fund allocation for a community garden scheme. It is suggested, following further consultation with the residents of the Chantrys, that this funding is reallocated to contribute towards the provision of a multi use games area for young people.


1. In 2003 the Farnham Maltings, in conjunction with the Council's Arts Team, undertook a consultation project with residents living in the Chantrys called “Community Stories and How to Tell Them”. As an outcome of this project, the local community generated the idea for a garden. It was thought that the garden would provide a communal space creating opportunities for leisure and recreation on the estate. In January 2004 the Farnham Maltings, on behalf of the Residents Association, made an application to Waverley’s Community Partnership Fund for 10,000 towards the cost of developing the Community Garden. In April 2004, the Executive approved this application subject to further detailed designs, costings and information on project management.

2. Following approval of the grant, the Farnham Maltings and officers from Leisure Services endeavoured to progress the plans, along with local residents. At the same time a local Environmental Improvement Forum had been established with representatives from the Residents' Association and a community meeting was held with officers from Environmental and Housing Services, the Police, Surrey County Council and local members, including the Leader of the Council. During discussions it emerged that a significant issue for the residents was the lack of accessible facilities for young people. Further meetings led to the recommendation that, rather than utilising the open space adjacent to the community centre for a garden, residents preferred the proposal to use the identified space to develop a multi use games area for young people.

3. On the back of this revised proposal officers have conducted more consultation with local residents. The findings of this consultation support the proposal to amend the original scheme in favour of the proposed youth facility.

4. Officers have drawn up proposals for this scheme, which it is estimated, will cost approximately 48,000. The Active Communities Coordinator has been engaged in sourcing additional funding opportunities for the scheme and has identified funding from the following sources:

The Chantrys Multi-Use Games Area - Partnership Funding

Funding source
Amount applied for
Outcome of application or state when outcome will be known
Waverley Community Partnership Fund10,000To be confirmed
Waverley Youth Facilities Capital Budget10,000Confirmed
Waverley Housing Capital Budget2,500Confirmed
Total Waverley Support (47%)22,500
Surrey County Council4571Confirmed
Surrey Police400Confirmed
Farnham Charity Institute5,000Confirmed
Farnham Town Council10,000To be confirmed
South West Trains5,000Confirmed
Total Other Support (53%)24,971

5. The Council has previously recognised and supported the need to develop an area on the Chantrys estate for community leisure and recreation. In response to direct consultation with local residents, the proposal to amend the original scheme for a community garden in favour of a multi-use games area for young people has emerged. In order to progress with this initiative the Council is requested to reallocate the original grant for the purpose of funding this facility in line with the Community’s wishes.


It is recommended that the Executive agrees to the reallocation of the 10,000 Community Partnership Fund Grant from the 2004/05 round for the Community Garden to funding a multi-use games area for young people at the same location in the Chantrys.

Background Papers (DoEL)

Executive Report 06/04/04 (Appendix E)


Name: Julie Maskery Telephone: 01483 523432
E-mail: jmaskery@waverley.gov.uk