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Meeting of the Executive held on 18/09/2001
Asset Management Plan - Dry Run November 2000


1.0 Statement of Context

1.1 Waverley has published its Corporate Plan for 2000/2001. In this it sets out four priority areas, one of which is “Managing land and property”. This plan acknowledges the importance of property as a resource and sets out a series of objectives for its management:-

a) Maintenance of land and property records on computerised terrier. b) Continuous review of reasons for current use and retention of property plus analysis of opportunities for change of use or disposal in the light of approved or anticipated policies including the effect of modern ways of working initiatives.

c) Identification of opportunity costs for all uses of Council – owned property.

d) Review of planned maintenance programmes to ensure adequate and accurate budget provision on a rolling programme basis.

e) Investigation of alternative uses for surplus property and, if disposal is determined, vigorous marketing.

f) Ensuring that all service occupiers of corporate property have clearly defined maintenance responsibilities.

g) Continue to seek methods of imposing energy efficiency and supporting Waverley’s strategy for sustainable development.

1.2 All of the above objectives support Waverley’s stated policy not to hold property simply for its own sake, but to support the Council in providing a wide range of services as efficiently and effectively as possible. 1.3 In 1990 Waverley approved a strategy for the management of its corporate property to run in parallel with its Housing Management Strategy. The Property Strategy has been the subject of periodic review and amendment and has lately been subsumed into the Council’s financial strategy. (Capital Strategy)