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Meeting of the Executive held on 10/07/2007
Website Content Management System - Overview of Requirements

Annexe 3


WBC is looking for a platform that will support easy access to Council information and services for its citizens and customers and provide the necessary tools to its staff for this information to be published and these services delivered in an efficient, effective and consistent way.

Core functionality

The core functionality required of a WCMS includes the ability to:

Run the public-facing website, the intranet and any extranets managed by the Council;

Enable secure, decentralised management of the content of web pages by authorised members of staff;

Edit content in a WYSIWYG style;

Support system-wide editorial control of content;

Deliver a consistent “look and feel” throughout the website;

Create and maintain FAQs;

Check disability and accessibility compliance;

Support compliance with standards required of a UK Local Government website (e.g. e-GIF, eGMS);

Integrate with other web applications used by WBC;

Include attachments on web pages (e.g. .pdf, .doc);

Include hyperlinks and e-mail addresses on web pages;

Insert images, tables, graphs and charts;

Convert and publish content from a range of documents types including MS Word, Excel, Adobe PDF;

Use the Local Government Navigation List as a basis for navigation; and

Attach metadata to content components.

In addition it is highly desirable that the WCMS includes:

An integral search engine;

A facility to test “readability” (plain English) of content;

A spell checker;

Automatic sitemap and site index capability;

A facility to create on-line forms;

A facility to maintain on-line event calendars;

Bug reporting (i.e. visitors to the website can report broken links, etc.)

Capture and analysis of comprehensive visitor statistics; and

Content archiving.

The WCMS’ compatibility with or ability to either support or deliver the following is also of interest:

Forums, Bulletin boards, discussion threads;


Online surveys and polls;

Online “Help”;

Screen-readers; and

RSS feeds.