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Meeting of the Eastern Area Development Control Sub Committee held on 31/07/2002

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Application No. and
Property Concerned

Proposed Development

The Laurels
High Street
(Report Item B.8)
Construction of vehicular access (as amplified by letter dated 29.07.02)Following receipt of further highway advice from an independent highway consultant, members were satisfied that there were no overriding safety objections to the proposal. The Sub-Committee did not consider the visual aspect of the proposal would justify refusal.

Resolved that permission be GRANTED subject to the following conditions:-

1. Standard Approval of Materials (4.4)

2. HC2 – the proposed vehicular access to the High Street shall be designed/constructed in accordance with the approved plans to be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority, all to be maintained to a specification to be agreed with the Local Planning Authority

3. HC6 (a) – no new development shall be occupied until space has been laid out within the site in accordance with the approved plans to be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority for cars to be parked. The parking area shall be used and retained exclusively for its designated use.

4. HC8 – prior to the grant of planning permission, a method of construction statement, to include details of storage of plant and materials shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. Only the approved details shall be implemented during the construction period.

5. The developer shall give at least two weeks notice to Surrey County Council's Principal Archaeologist of his intention to start work on the site, and shall afford access at all reasonable times to any qualified person nominated by the Planning Authority, so that he or she shall have opportunity to observe any works involving disturbance of the ground, and record any items of archaeological interest.

    1. RC4 (visual amenity and the character and appearance of the Conservation Area) (PE12) (D1, D4 and HE8)

    2 – 4 HR1, in order that the development should not prejudice highway safety, nor cause inconvenience to other highway users and to accord with policies MT2 and MT5 of the 1994 Surrey Structure Plan.

    5. Standard RC30.
        1. Standard H (Inf) 7

        2. Standard H (Inf) 13.
        Sunnyside Cottage
        Guildford Road
        (Report Item B.5)
        Erection of extensions and alterationsRecommendation to GRANT accepted
        Regal Cinema
        High Street
        (Agenda Item 4.1(i))
        Erection of a building to provide 14 flats, together with associated works following demolition of existing cinema (as amplified by letter dated 30.07.02 and plans received 30.07.02)Recommendation to REFUSE accepted
        New House Farm Barn
        Knowle Lane
        (Report Item B.3)
        Demolition of existing Dutch barn, grain store and part of existing barn building, extension and conversion of remainder to provide a dwelling and erection of stables and garagingRecommendation to GRANT accepted
        Former Tillingbourne Bus Site
        Littlemead Industrial Estate
        Little Mead
        (Report Item B.7)
        Erection of a two-storey building of 1,630 sq.m. of floor space to provide offices, warehousing and packing facilities following demolition of existing buildings (as amplified by letter dated 26.07.02)Deferred
        Land to the rear of Crossways
        Wanborough Lane
        (Report Item B.2)
        Erection of four detached dwellings (details pursuant to WA00/1418) (as amplified by letter dated 29.07.02 and ecological appraisal dated July 02, received on 31.07.02)Resolved that details be NOT APPROVED for the following reasons:-

        1. The proposed development, by reason of the size, height, bulk, massing and form of dwellings proposed would appear overlarge and to overdevelop the area and would materially detract from the character and appearance of the area and thereby conflict with the intention of the LPA to protect and enhance the visual character of the settlement, as set out in Policy PE10 of the Surrey Structure Plan 1994, Policy SE3 of the Surrey Structure Plan (Deposit Draft) 2001 and Policies D1 and D4 of the Waverley Borough Local Plan 2002.

        2. Having regard to the details of the development proposed and its relationship with nearby residential properties, it is considered that the proposal would represent an un-neighbourly form of development and thereby be contrary to Policies D1 and D4 of the Waverley Borough Local Plan 2002.
        1 Park Flats
        New Park Road
        (Report Item B.6)
        Retention of a conservatoryRecommendation to GRANT accepted and AGREED that no further action be taken
        Land at Farnhurst Farm
        Alfold Road
        (Report Item B.1)
        Use of land for the erection of a replacement 18 metre high telecommunication mast with associated antennae equipment cabinets and associated works with demolition of existing 12 metre high mast (as amplified by letter received 25.07.02 and plans received 26.07.02)Recommendation to GRANT accepted
        Hawkins Barn
        Stovolds Hill
        (Report Item B.4)
        Application for the discharge of a planning obligation attached to WA92/0153 (obligation limits use of attached barn to recreational or storage use ancillary to the dwelling)Recommendation to discharge the legal agreement accepted and referred to the Development Control Committee for determination