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Meeting of the Environment and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 16/01/2007
Application Guidance - Admission & Funding

The principle aim of the Sponsored Organisation Scheme is to provide financial support for the ongoing revenue costs of voluntary and charitable organisations that are delivering high priority services for the benefit of Waverley residents, in partnership with the Council.

The scheme does not fund project or capital costs. For details of Waverley’s Community Partnerships Fund, please see “FURTHER INFORMATION” on page 4.

        Organisations eligible to receive revenue funding from the Sponsored Organisation Scheme need to meet the following:
m The organisation is a charity, voluntary or a partnership organisation run on a not-for-profit basis.
STRUCTUREm The organisation has a constitution or a set of rules;

m There are identified postholders and officers; and

m The organisation’s aims and objectives are commensurate with the Council’s.
SERVICESm The organisation provides services to the benefit of Waverley residents; and

m The services provided by the organisation fall within the areas of Waverley Borough Council’s responsibility.
m The organisation has clear and appropriate policies in relation to the activities they are undertaking (relevant policies could include Heath & Safety, Equal Opportunities and child protection and safeguarding vulnerable adults);

m The last full year accounts have been properly audited or independently verified;

m The organisation has appropriate levels of insurance in relation to the activities they are undertaking;

m The organisation has clear accounting and financial procedures;
m The application has been fully completed in the format requested, with all additional attachments requested, and signed and dated; and

m Officers of the organisation are prepared to sign a Partnership Agreement and provide relevant monitoring and financial records.
FINANCIAL RESERVESm Waverley will prioritise funds to areas where they are most needed. Organisations with general reserves (excluding any designated funds for specific projects) will need to justify the level of reserves in relation to the grant request. Organisations with general reserves will need to submit a written reserves policy as part of their application and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Each application will be assessed on the degree to which it meets the following criteria:

The degree of priority of the services provided by the organisation in relation to Waverley’ s Community Strategy, current Corporate Plan, Objectives and Priorities;

Clear feasible details on how the money will be spent;

Realistic and detailed budget for the year 2007/08;

Value for money – both quality and quantity of the service in relation to the cost;

The level of service delivery in the previous year against stated outputs and outcomes;

The proposed service delivery in the coming year in terms of key outputs and outcomes; and

Evidence that relevant/appropriate partnership funding has, or is being, sought for revenue and project costs. WHEN TO APPLY
        For organisations awarded a grant of less than 10,000 per year, applications are made in annual bidding rounds;

        For organisations awarded a grant of 10,000 or more per year, the Council will consider offering a three-year commitment-to-fund agreement, providing one year’s approved funding plus two further years intention-to-fund at a pre-determined level. The additional two years will not be a firm grant offer but will provide an indication of the Council’s commitment to offer continued support. The grant offered in years two and three will depend on the Council having sufficient budget available and will be subject to an annual appraisal of the organisation’s performance in the year, its proposals for the coming year and its updated financial position.
          For funding from 1st April 2007 to 31st March 2008, the deadline date for applications is Monday 13th November 2006.

    Handwritten or typed applications are welcome. Application forms are available by email but must be returned as a signed hard copy with all relevant attachments;

    To assist with the application process, organisations currently receiving Sponsored Organisation Scheme funding can arrange a 1:1 meeting with their Link Officer.

    Please complete all questions on the application form and enclose the following:

    m A copy of the most recent audited or independently verified accounts; m A copy of your organisation’s signed constitution or set of rules if these have changed since your Sponsored Organisation Scheme application last year; m A copy of the budget forecast for 2007/08; and m Any relevant business plans, strategic or policy documents, (for example, Health & Safety and Child Protection Policies). Please send the completed application form by Monday 13th November 2006 to:
    Mike Horlock, Grants Administrator,
    Waverley Borough Council, The Burys Godalming, Surrey GU7 1HR

    All applicants should receive an acknowledgement of their application within a week of submission. Please contact Mike Horlock, Grants Administrator on 01483 523257 if you do not receive an acknowledgement;

    Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application, or the reason for any delay, by early March 2007.


    If you would like to discuss the details of your application, please contact your Sponsored Organisation link officer or,

    Please contact Jane Todd, Grants Administrator (01483-523067) if you would like further details about Waverley’s Community Partnerships Fund for project or capital grants.




    Key dates
    Weds 23 AugustManagement Team
    Tues 11th September Community O&S Committee
    Mon 18th September Corporate O&S Committee
    Tues 19th SeptemberEnvironment O&S Committee
    Tues 3rd OctoberExecutive
    Tues 17th OctoberCouncil
    Monday 4th SeptemberLetter to Sponsored Organisations giving application timetable
    Wednesday 4th OctoberApplication round opens
    Application packs sent out
    Monday 13th NovemberApplication deadline
    Mon 13th – Tues 14th NovemberSummary table of applications and copies to officers
    Wednesday 15th November – Fri 1st DecemberAssessment of applications by Service Officers
    Mon 4th December – Fri 15th DecemberPreparation of recommendations and MT report
    Weds 20th DecemberManagement Team
    Mon 15th January (23/12/06)Community O&S Committee
    Tues 16th January (23/12/06)Environment & Leisure O&S Committee
    Mon 22nd January (30/12/06)Corporate O&S Committee
    Tues 6th February (16/1/07)Executive
    Tues 21st FebruaryCouncil
    Mon 26th February Grant award letters sent to applicants