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Meeting of the Executive held on 06/12/2005
Workforce Plan


Workforce Plan

Management Implementation Action Plan for the period to the end of June 2006 - Version 5

No.ActionAccountabilityBy When
1.Complete draft Workforce plan to reflect COG commentsRW29/09/2005
Copy ‘final’ draft to Portfolio Holder for Finance and HR (currently has a copy of the first draft)RWEarly November 2005
Submit Draft Workforce Plan to Corporate O& S for commentRW21/11/2005
Submit Draft Workforce Plan to the Executive for adoptionRW06/12/2005
Review the Workforce Plan and make recommendations to COGRW & AO End of June 2006
2.Adapt the Service Plan template to include staffing resources and skill development needsRW with the Improving Performance GroupImminent for the current Service Planning Exercise
Identify ‘age profile’ of Waverley staff on a department by department basisAOJanuary 2006
Meet with Departmental Directors (and Heads of Service as appropriate, to discuss HR implications of the departmental Service PlansRW & AO with departmental DirectorsEnd of December 2005
Departmental Directors & Head of Personnel & Central Services to meet with relevant portfolio holders to advise on conclusions from the action in the box above and seek input from portfolio holdersDepartmental directors with RWMid December through to end February 2006
Personnel Service Plan to be drafted to reflect needs identified in all other service plansRW & AOMid December 2005
On the presumption of Housing Stock Transfer, review Staffing requirements for Waverley against the TUPE transfer list, the restructuring proposals and the age profilesRW with COGEnd of March 2006
Develop departmental Succession Planning models with departmental DirectorsRW with departmental Directors`End of May 2006
3.Reach agreement on the purchase of an upgrade to the Personnel Management Information SystemRW with PWEnd November 2005
Implement the upgrade to the Personnel Management Information SystemRW, AO plus the Personnel TeamEnd of January 2006
Provide data to Directors on departmental age profilesRW & AOEnd February 2006
Provide Directors with Equality Monitoring Data on a quarterly basis RW & AOCommencing April 2006
Provide Directors with turnover Data on a quarterly basisRWCommencing April 2006
Local PIs to be developed for HR to reflect the requirements of the Workforce PlanRW/AOEnd of March 2006
4.Adapt the Committee report standard document to reflect the need to consider all Council decisions from an Equality/Diversity angleRW with Robin Pellow and Sara WhitmarshEnd December 2005
5.Consult with Staff Side on the draft Workforce PlanRWDecember 2005/January 2006
Communicate the agreed first draft Workforce Plan to staff.RW & AO in consultation with PRFebruary 2006
6.Personnel to complete the review of the Recruitment Policy and Procedures and submit to COG for adoptionPersonnel with RWEnd of February 2006
Retention strategy to be documented and included in the Recruitment Policy and ProceduresPersonnel with RWEnd of March 2006