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Meeting of the Executive held on 12/06/2007

Summary & Purpose
The purpose of this report is to advise Members about the possibilities of revising the kerbside refuse and recycling collection service to provide a ‘Same Day’ collection facility.

Waverley Borough Council


[Wards Affected: All]

Note pursuant to Section 100B(5) of the Local Government Act 1972

An annexe to this report contains exempt information by virtue of which the public is likely to be excluded during the item to which the report relates, as specified in Paragraph 3 of the revised Part I of Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act 1972, namely:-

Information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person (including the authority holding that information).

Summary and purpose:

The purpose of this report is to advise Members about the possibilities of revising the kerbside refuse and recycling collection service to provide a ‘Same Day’ collection facility.

Environmental implications:

Waste management remains one of the most polluting of our municipal activities and any improvements in facilitating residents to minimise residual waste and maximise recycling are significant environmental improvements. Indications are that potential confusion over collection days is resulting in missed opportunities for waste minimisation in general and recycling in particular. Concerns have also been expressed about the extended collection periods following bank holidays. This report attempts to provide opportunities for clarity throughout the year about days of collection for kerbside refuse and recycling collections. It is intended that the proposed revision will be easier to follow and therefore improve the overall environmental performance of the service.

Social / community implications:

There are no particular implications in relation to the recommendations of this report although concerns expressed about waste problems, especially those caused by extended collection times at bank holidays, will tend to be minimised with greater clarity about days of refuse collection and removal and with simplified arrangements at bank holidays.

E-Government implications:

There are no particular E-government implications in respect of this report although a reduction in the level of complaints in relation to refuse collection would bring a concomitant reduction in the level of E-traffic between the client department and our contractors. The feature of the Waverley Website enabling collection day for each street to be checked is kept up to date currently with the existing ‘Roll-Forward’ system. This will need to be kept updated in line with any implemented ‘Same-Day/Catch-Up’ option.

Resource and legal implications:

There are potentially significant resource implications in respect of the conclusions of this report that would need to be accommodated from within the extra 100,000 budget provision made in 2007/08, although this will restrict the Council’s ability to fund other schemes. A growth bid will be required in 2007/08 and future years to cover the contractor cost, publicity cost and any additional tipping charges. There are no capital implications of which your officers are aware.

The legal requirement to alter the specification to this contract could potentially be achieved by way of a variation to this contract but because of the potential size of this variation, further legal advice on this matter will need to be obtained.


1. The Council entered into a new Waste Management Contract for kerbside collections of refuse and recycling, together with environmental cleaning, on 1st November 2005. Since that time the Council has resolved to achieve an enhancement of recycling by switching to an Alternate Weekly Collection system. The financial savings have been significant. In respect of the re-tendering exercise alone, the contract savings amounted to some 450,000 per annum on an ongoing basis, and the switch to alternate weekly will account for a further reduction of some 650,000 per annum after paying for significant set-up costs, also on an ongoing basis, for the life of the current contract which is for a period of 7 years with a further option to renew (exercisable at this Council’s discretion only) for a total period of 14 years.

2. Environmentally, there has been a considerable increase in the rate of recycling at 30.63% (excluding garden waste collected for composting) for 2006/07, compared with 22.7% for 2005/06. There was also a reduction in the amount of residual waste collected for disposal.

3. However, amongst the issues regularly raised by residents relate to refuse and recycling collections. This has been evidenced by the results of the most recent General Survey. A significant matter of concern raised with Officers and Members has been the current system of ‘Roll-Forward/Day-Change’ of collections whereby the collection day moves after each bank holiday. This is considered to be difficult to follow and of particular concern when the refuse collection period is extended. Instead of receiving a refuse or recycling collection service on a 14 day basis, the service interval can be as much as 19 days depending on the bank holiday. Your officers have therefore sought to devise collection sequences that would attempt to provide ’Same-Day/Catch-Up’ throughout the year and would be easier to follow at bank holidays.

Consideration of Options

4. Options for ‘Same-Day’ collection have been generated and considered by Officers. Some of these have been rejected at an early stage, while others have been subject of further evaluation.

Early Rejections

5. Amongst the range of options which were initially deemed inappropriate because of their attendant costs was the option of collecting on the same day each week, come what may, whether the day is a bank holiday or a public holiday. This seemed to us to be able to attract the consequence of inordinately high expenditure for paying operatives to work on bank holidays including Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Easter Monday or Good Friday and seemed not worth pursuing at the outset. This decision was endorsed by the contractor.
6. The second option discounted early on was the option of simply not collecting from those households who missed the bank holiday collection. This was considered inappropriate under the circumstances of the Alternate Weekly Collection regime because in effect it would mean that a non-collection would result in at least one month’s gap between a collection and the subsequent collection. Also, the majority of householders most affected would be those whose collection is on a Monday.

Possibilities for enhancement

7. The remaining possibilities for enhancement fell into two generic sorts: firstly move the date of a bank holiday collection temporarily to another day (options 1 & 2 described below), and secondly offer a four-day collection service (options 3 & 4 described below):
8. The contractor has given the four-day working options (option 3 and option 4) consideration and concluded that it would not be possible to complete the work in four days, either in a bank holiday week, or on a permanent basis. This is because of the challenges presented in collecting from five days’ worth of properties in four days, both in terms of vehicle capacity and tipping arrangements. These options are not therefore being pursued further.

Financial Implications

9. The financial implications of the two possible options are set out in the (Exempt) Annexe to this report. These costings are indicative at this stage and subject to several assumptions made by the contractor. They do not include any additional tipping costs nor advertising/publicity costs which would also have to come out of the 100,000 if supplementary estimates are to be avoided.

Practical Considerations and Implementation.

10. The contractor has indicated that his preference would be Option 1, Saturday Catch-Up. This is because negotiations with staff for the necessary revision to working arrangements are more likely to be successfully concluded on this basis. Veolia have also indicated that a revised collection system can be implemented at Christmas this year, with August bank holiday as the last under the existing ‘Roll-Forward’ system.

11. Examples of the ways in which these changes will affect collection sequences will be presented graphically at the meeting.

12. Officers are investigating the necessary steps that would need to be taken to implement the change to a ‘Same-Day/Catch-Up’ system. Those that fall within the remit of the contractor are set out in the (Exempt) Annexe.

13. Waverley for its part would need to distribute collection calendars to all households. The existing calendars already cover the period of at least up to and including the 2007 August bank holiday. It was therefore already going to be necessary for new calendars to be prepared and distributed after August this year. Some confusion is likely to be caused if we were to distribute replacement information and calendars to implement a revised collection service for August bank holiday. Revisions will be needed to the web-based collection-day finder and the Council’s own Waste Management IT system.


14. It is concluded that there would be advantage in replacing the existing ‘Roll-Forward’ bank holiday collection arrangements with a ‘Same-Day/Catch-Up’ system using Saturdays for additional collections in accordance with Option 1, as described in this report. This revision to collection arrangements would be in accordance with the indicative costs set out in the (Exempt) Annexe to this report. These costs, once finalised would need to be met from the additional 100,000 budget provision in 2007/08 and be built into the base budget for 2008/09.

15. In view of these significant proposed changes to the Kerbside Refuse and Recycling Collection Service, it is suggested that the Executive refer this matter, together with its recommendations to 19th June meeting of the Environment and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Committee and that the Executive give consideration to their comments further at its meeting on 10th July 2007. These policy changes, once agreed by the Executive would be recommended to the Council in July.


It is therefore recommended that: -

1. the Executive approves, subject to any further consideration it may give to this matter at its meeting on 10th July, that the contract with Veolia Environmental Services be varied or otherwise amended, as legally appropriate, to allow for a ‘Same-Day/Catch-Up’ collection of refuse and recycling throughout the whole of the calendar year, with effect from Christmas 2007, with such arrangements to accord with Option 1 described above; 2. the Executive note the indicative cost of this option for the current year, together with the need for a supplementary revenue estimate, if agreed and implemented and the need for inclusion of a commensurate sum in the base revenue budget for future years;

3. this matter be referred to the 19th June meeting of the Environment and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Committee and that the Executive give consideration to their comments at its meeting on 10th July 2007; and

4. officers be instructed to enter into negotiations with Veolia Environmental Services to achieve the improvements in the report.

Background Papers (DoEL)

Recent correspondence, including e-correspondence with Veolia Environmental Services Ltd.


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