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Meeting of the Executive held on 13/11/2001

- 2 ANNEXE 1
Recommendations of Housing and Community Welfare
Committee 6TH/15TH November 2000

1. Instructs officers to develop a resourcing formula, which would provide for the regeneration of High Lane estate and would create a mixed community of high quality housing, community and leisure facilities.

2. The preliminary resource implications be noted and the officers work up these costings into the appropriate draft Capital Programmes for 2001/02 and 2002/03 and report back to the Dwellings in Haslemere Task Group

3. PRP Architects be re-engaged to complete sufficiently detailed plans to enable full planning permission for the scheme to be obtained, subject to Standing Order (Contracts)103(1) being applied, enabling exemption front he requirements of selective tendering in the light of PRP Architects previous involvement in this scheme.

4. A first resolution, subject to Regulation 3 of the Town and Country General Regulations 1992 be made to allow two full planning applications to be submitted

5. Officers advertise and carry out a selective exercise to draw up a short list of prospective builders for the project(in accordance with the Council Procurement Strategy)

6. Officers after consultation with the Chairman and Vice Chairman, be authorised to select suitable qualified surveying consultant to at as client project monitoring advisor.

7. Thames Valley Housing Association be selected as the preferred RSL for the shared ownership homes as part of the partnership team.

8. A Housing Management Professional be appointed to administer the housing management associated with the project when the scheme proposals are approved; and

9. Officers continue to liaise with the group of 13 household who form the residents’ design and consultation team.

Executive Committee 16th February 2001

1. The site at Weycombe Road, as identified in this report be offered for sale on the open market by competitive tender.

2. The are of land falling within part of the High Lane recreation ground and identified as necessary to the regeneration scheme be appropriated from the General Fund to the HRA

3. The Borough Housing Officer after consultation with the Leader and the relevant Portfolio Holder select and appoint a Principal advisor to act for the Council as part of the Client Project Team

4. Following the appointment of the Project Advisor, officers report further to the Executive Committee on the contract options, tendering exercise with builders/developers and appropriate partnering arrangements; and the decisions taken by the Housing and Community Welfare Committee on 6th/15th November be endorsed