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Meeting of the Executive held on 07/12/2004
Background Information on Resources


Staff Resources

Estimates of time required to effectively carry out routine work on all sites is as follows:-

Work ItemMan Days Required
(provided by ranger staff)
Annual checks on 126 sites & essential follow up work, H&S 607
Routine site management eg grass cutting, path management, common land problems
(NB does not include mowing done under contract)
Habitat management and Countryside Stewardship Scheme responsibilities 380
Volunteer supervision and tasks 216
Visitor services (Frensham) & PR 107
Administration and liaison 195
Total1562 (equivalent 6.8 man years)

Operational Budget Resources

Countryside has an operational (buildings and grounds maintenance) budget of 91,500, for 2004/05 which is equivalent to 82/hectare (33/acre).

Work ItemExpenditure 2003/04Estimated annual budget requirement
Grass management 31,820 35,000
Ditching/drainage 6,800 12,000
Habitat management 12,739 18,500
Tree management 43,134 27,000
Structure repairs & maintenance 6,410 10,000
Prevention of encroachment & parking 2,970 6,000
Litter & Fly tipping 7,572 9,000
Visitor Services & access 3,957 8,500
Health & Safety 8,960 12,000
Volunteers scheme 1,500 2,000
Approved budget 100,000
Expenditure exceeding budget - 25,862
Grant income received * 20,512
* Grant income is for habitat work on 5 sites under Countryside Stewardship Schemes at Blackheath, Smithwood, and Frensham Commons, Farnham Park and Lammas Lands and a Woodland Grant Schemes at Crooksbury Hill (final year).