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Meeting of the Executive held on 25/05/2004
UKCouncil Webcasting
Briefing Document


UKCouncil Webcasting
Briefing Document

Introduction to Webcasting

Why webcast?
Local government across the country is faced with the challenge of increasing participation in the democratic process and facilitating open government. One way in which this can be achieved is through webcasting which harnesses the power of the internet to enable members of the electorate to view meetings and events, pass on feedback and gain information on the activities of their council all at their own convenience from the comfort of their own homes.

How do I view meetings?
To view meetings broadcast on-line you will first need to access the Transmission Page either by going to http://www.waverley.ukcouncil.net or to following links which will soon be on the Waverley web site (www.waverley.gov.uk). When you first arrive at the Transmission Page, the Status Box will tell you if there is a live webcast in progress and when the next webcast is scheduled for.

The “Start” tab will be selected and you will see a calendar showing all the webcasts scheduled for that month. Clicking on a date with an activity associated with it will display all the activities for that day. Clicking on any of the activities will take you to the appropriate tab. If the activity is live you will be taken to the “Live” tab and you will be able to select a link to the webcast and view it in the “Now Viewing” pane.

If the webcast is archived you will be taken to the “Archive” tab and you will be able to click a link to the webcast and view it in the “Now Viewing” pane. Both live and archived webcasts can have additional materials attached to them such as agendas or PowerPoint presentations; these will appear in the “Live” and “Archive” tabs and at the bottom of the “Now Viewing” pane.

The “Interactive” tab will contain any interactive features attached to a meeting: these might include polls and surveys on a specific topic for instance. There is also a feedback form where you can pass on any comments or request technical help

What will I need to view the meetings?
To view a webcast you will require a computer with an internet connection and the appropriate media player. Anyone with a standard dial-up connection will be able to view meetings, although quality will improve with a faster connection. The Waverley Webcasts are in the RealOne Player format. If you need to down load RealOneplayer there is a link on the transmission webpage. It can also be obtained from http://uk.real.com/freeplayer_r1p.html. It is free to down load and use, although the site also offers you a chargeable upgrade. You do not need to enter any payment details or subscribe to this enhanced service.

There are a handful of problems that you might experience when trying to view a webcast. The most likely are:

1) No Picture
If you are accessing a webcast through a network there is a chance that the firewall or proxy server could be blocking access. Contact your network administrator for more information.
Make sure that the correct media player is installed (see above). If you are using Windows 95, you will find that you need Realplayer8 rather than the latest Realoneplayer version. Realplayer8 can be downloaded from http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/audiohelp.shtml?focuswin.

2) No Sound
Check that the speakers are turned on
Make sure that your computer can broadcast audio