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Meeting of the Development Control Committee held on 08/08/2005

Central 15


PART I – Reports containing recommendations for decision by the Committee


Your Sub-Committee has considered applications for planning permission, as listed in the agenda for its meeting on 13th July 2005 and has dealt with these in accordance with the approved scheme of delegation. The following application is referred to this Committee for consideration.

WA/2005/0824Erection of an extension and alterations together with works to provide disabled access at St Peter’s Church, Church Lane, Hambledon, as amplified by letters dated 10th June 2005 and 17th June 2005 and plans received 20th June 2005
The PCC Of St Peters Church
Grid Reference:E: 497043 N: 139004
Ward:Witley and Hambledon
Development Plan:Green Belt Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Area of Great Landscape Value Grade II listed building.
Highway Authority:No requirements
Drainage Authority: No requirements
Parish Council:No objection
Representations:One letter of objection on the following grounds:-
the extension will dominate the north side of the church;
would be an eyesore from views over the fields;
would be erected on the wall that divides the churchyard from the neighbouring dwelling;
extension would provide an overpowering element to the church;
the building overlooks Court Farm garden;
potential for noise and disturbance if the hall is used for social arrangements;
invasion of privacy;
almost impossible to erect without going on neighbours land.

Relevant History

WA79/1688Parking for 10 cars
Description of Site/Background

St Peters is a Grade II listed building, set outside of any settlement in the Green Belt, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Area of Great Landscape Value. It is at the far end of Church Lane, with open fields and a small copse beyond.

The church is set in a walled graveyard, tight in the northwest corner, close to its boundaries. To the north is the orchard of the neighbouring premises – Court Farm. At its western end is a small vestry that links the church to Court Farm.

The Proposal

To erect an extension of some 55 sq m., providing a hall, small meeting room and wheelchair accessible toilet on the northeast side of the church. It is further proposed to provide level access into the church through the south porch and to the existing vestry.

The extension would be built using hand made clay tile hanging to the north elevation. It would be top-lit using a small roof light and would also be fully glazed on its eastern elevation, giving views across the graveyard, with the windows being set in oak timber frames on a Bargate stone plinth. Bargate stone would also be used next to the new entrance, thus providing a link between the church and the extension. Lead flashings would be used and rainwater goods would be in zinc. The roof will slope back and blend into the line of the existing roof and will be constructed from slates to match the existing. Finally, the windows to the small meeting hall and the w.c. would be fitted with fixed oak louvers to protect the privacy of the adjoining dwelling.

Submissions in Support

Three statements have been received from the applicants – design statement, statement of need and statement of significance. These highlight the need to provide appropriate facilities as required by the DDA and the need for adequate accommodation for the increased congregation, especially the number of children at Sunday School. The church has currently very limited meeting space and access to the existing toilets is outside and down several stone steps.

Relevant Policies

Policies LO4 SE5 DN12 of the Surrey Structure Plan 2004
Policies C1 C3 CF2 HE1 of the Waverley Borough Local Plan 2002
Policies CP3, CP8, CP10 and CP11 of Waverley Borough Consultation Draft Core Strategy 2005

Main Planning Issues

As the site lies within the Green Belt and within a landscape designated as Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Area of Great Landscape Value, there is a strong presumption against any inappropriate development unless there are very special circumstances.

Given the relatively limited size of the proposed extension and the need for the proposed facilities, it is considered there are sufficient very special circumstances to permit the development within the Green Belt. The extension would be visible from wider views across the fields, but having regard to its form and location, it is considered that the proposal would have only a limited impact upon the surrounding area and would not be harmful to the Conservation Area or to the character of the surrounding landscape.

It is not considered that there would be any detriment to the amenities of the neighbouring dwelling. The land immediately to the north of the church is an orchard and does not form part of the garden to the house. The proposed louvres would preclude any overlooking onto the patio area situated to the west. Concerns have been raised by the neighbour over the potential increase in noise and disturbance. However, the house itself is some 25 m from the entrance to the new hall and would be shielded by the church. The hall would have a capacity for around 30 people and it is not considered that there would be material harm arising from the use of the facilities.

The use of the hall may generate additional traffic. Current standards would require one space per three people for a church hall but, as it is unlikely that the hall would be used separately and simultaneously from the church itself, it is considered that the existing provision would be adequate.

Issues relating to incursions on the neighbours land are not a planning issue. The boundary wall over which the extension would be erected belongs to the church and the means of erection is a matter for the applicant and the neighbour to resolve.


Officers consider that the proposals would safeguard the character of the church and its setting and would not lead to material harm to local amenity. However, as the proposals represent inappropriate development in the Green Belt and are thus a departure from the development plan, the application should be referred to Development Control Committee for determination. Because the development is small scale it is not necessary to refer the application to GOSE.

Sub-Committee’s Consideration

Your Sub-Committee concurred with the officers on this matter and accordingly


2. planning permission be GRANTED subject to the following conditions:

1. Condition
2. Condition
3. Condition
Summary of Reasons for Granting Planning Permission

The development hereby granted has been assessed against the following Development Plan policies: Policies LO4 and SE5 of the Surrey Structure Plan 2004, Policies C1, C3, D1, D4, HE1 and HE8 of the Waverley Borough Local Plan 2002 and Policies CP3, CP8, CP10 and CP11 of Waverley Borough Consultation Draft Core Strategy 2005 and material considerations, including third party representations. It has been concluded that the development would not result in any harm that would justify refusal in the public interest.

Background Papers (DoP&D)

There are no background papers unless referred to in the reports (as defined by Section 100D(5) of the Local Government Act 1972).

PART II – Matters reported in detail for the information of the Committee

There are no matters falling within these categories.

PART III – Brief summaries of other matters dealt with

Background Papers

The background papers relating to the following report items are as specified in the agenda for the meeting of the Central Area Development Control Sub-Committee.


B.1 Appeals Lodged

WA04/2721Alterations and extensions to roof of existing bungalow to provide chalet bungalow at Evergreen, Hookley Lane, Elstead

B.2 Appeal Decisions

WA04/2294Proposed demolition of existing house and the building of two pairs of semi-detached two and three bed houses with private gardens to the rear and car parking in the front at Hazelwood, Hookley Lane, Elstead
WA04/1494Proposed construction of a new vehicular access track and car park at Charterhouse, Hurtmore Road, Godalming
WA04/0218Proposed livestock building at Rosewood, Haslemere, Brook
WA04/1938Proposal was to form three new vehicular crossovers on to highway to access Nos. 10 and 12 and form a new vehicular parking area to front of No 10 and access steps with perimeter wall at Nos. 10 and 12 Charterhouse Road, Godalming
WA04/0374Proposed erection of three dwellings and associated works on land to the rear of 48-58 Church Road, Milford
WA04/1381Proposed erection of ten dwellings for essential workers with access off Ockfields on land to the rear of 48-59 Church Road, Milford

B.3 Inquiry Arrangements

Your Sub-Committee has noted information on public inquiry arrangements for its planning appeals.


Your Sub-Committee has noted the reports on the current situation regarding enforcement and related action previously authorised.
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