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Meeting of the Executive held on 06/04/2004
Waverley's Community Partnership Fund

Annexe 3
Waverley’s Community Partnership Fund



Projects eligible under the grants scheme include the following:

o Projects which are located within Waverley and will benefit Waverley residents;
o Projects should normally be based on a request for 25% funding. However, in exceptional circumstances, grants up to 50% will be considered;
o Grants are for capital or project costs only. Grants for revenue costs are not eligible. Revenue costs are defined as the on-going costs of an organisation, including salaries, rent, rates, heating, lighting etc;
o Only projects that fall within Waverley’s area of responsibility are eligible. Projects that relate to health care provision, facilities for schools and highway or road repairs are not eligible.
o Projects within schools and churches are eligible, if there is a wider community benefit;
o Arts projects will be eligible, provided there is an educational or community benefit;
o Funding for recurring events is outside of the scheme. The definition of a recurring event is where it is held more than once over a period of 3 years.
o Costs for general maintenance and repair of facilities or buildings are not eligible.
o Retrospective funding will not be granted.


Applications will be assessed on the degree to which the project meets the following criteria:

o Demonstrates that there is a clearly identified need for the project.
o Provides clear community benefits by improving local services and facilities, particularly for those in greatest need.
o Meets Waverley’s corporate priorities and strategies.
o Priority will be given to projects that help to deliver Waverley’s Community Strategy action plan.
o Projects are developed in partnership with local communities and with the appropriate local, regional or national organisations.
o Demonstrates community participation and consultation to determine support for the project.
o Demonstrates thorough and accurate project costings
o There are clear targets & timescales and the organisation has the necessary skills and resources for completing the project within a year of the grant award being made.
o Demonstrates that the project is sustainable and that the funding required to maintain the completed project has been identified.
o Organisations with large general reserves (excluding any designated funds for specific projects) will need to justify the level of reserves in relation to the grant request and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.