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Meeting of the Council held on 12/12/2006
MEMBERS’ ALLOWANCES SCHEME - (1st April 2006 to 31st March 2007

Section 13


(1st April 2006 to 31st March 2007)

The Waverley Borough Council, in exercise of the powers conferred by the Local Authorities (Members’ Allowances)(England) Regulations 2003, hereby makes the following scheme:

1. This scheme may be cited as the Waverley Borough Council Members’ Allowances Scheme, and shall have effect from 1st April 2006.

2. In this scheme,

“councillor” means a member of the Waverley Borough Council who is a councillor.

Flat-rate Allowance

3. Subject to paragraphs 6 and 7, for each year a flat-rate allowance of 2,226 shall be paid to each councillor.

Special Responsibility Allowance

4. (1) For each year, a special responsibility allowance shall be paid to those councillors who hold the special responsibilities in relation to the authority that are specified in Schedule 1 to this scheme.

(2) Subject to paragraphs 6 and 7, the amount of each such allowance shall be the amount specified against that special responsibility in that schedule.

Co-opted and Appointed Members’ Allowances

5. For each year, an allowance of 200 shall be paid to each co-opted and appointed Member of the Standards Committee. If any such Member is also the Chairman or Vice-Chairman of the Standards Committee, the appropriate Special Responsibility Allowance will be paid in addition to this amount. 6. Carer’s and Childcare Allowances (1) A carer’s and childcare allowance of up to 6.60 per hour up to a maximum of 100 per month is payable to support the expenses of those Members who may care for dependants, whether children, elderly persons or people with disabilities, whilst the Member is on Council business which attracts travelling & subsistence allowances as listed in Schedule 2.

7. A councillor may by notice in writing given to the Director of Finance elect to forego any part of his or her entitlement to an allowance under this scheme.

Part-year Entitlements

8. (1) The provisions of this paragraph shall have effect to regulate the entitlements of a councillor to the flat-rate allowance and a special responsibility allowance where, in the course of a year, this scheme is amended or that councillor becomes, or ceases to be, a councillor, or accepts or relinquishes a special responsibility in respect of which a special responsibility allowance is payable.

the entitlement to such allowances shall be to the payment of such part of the amount of the allowances under this scheme as it has effect during the relevant period as bears to the whole the same proportion as the number of the days in the period bears to the number of days in the year.

9. (1) A claim for carer’s and childcare allowance under this scheme shall be made in writing within three months of the date of the meeting in respect of which the entitlement to the allowance arises.

(2) A claim for carer’s and childcare allowance shall include, or be accompanied by, a statement by the councillor claiming the allowance that he or she is not entitled to receive remuneration in respect of the matter to which the claim relates otherwise than under the Council’s scheme.

(3) All claims for mileage and subsistence must be made on the official form and submitted within 3 months of the end of the period claimed.

10. (1) Payments shall be made

Annual review of allowance rates

11. The rates of allowance for:
shall be increased with effect from 1st April each year in line with the annual pay award for staff for the same year. 12. No allowances will be eligible for pensions.

Travel and Subsistence Allowances

13. The Council’s motor mileage rates and subsistence rates will be aligned with the National Joint Council rates, as notified each year. The current rates are specified at Schedule 2 and the approved duties for the purpose of travelling and subsistence allowances are specified at Schedule 3.



The following are specified as the special responsibilities in respect of which special responsibility allowances are payable, and the amounts of those allowances:

Special Responsibility Allowances
Chairmen etc

Leader of the Council5,700.00-
Deputy Leader of the Council483.00
Leader of the Principal Opposition Group3,798.00-
Members of the Executive
(9 Portfolio Holders at 1,929.00 each)
Overview and Scrutiny Committees:
Regulatory Committees:
Standards Committee483.00243.00
Licensing and Regulatory Committee1,446.00723.00
Joint Planning Management Committee723.00483.00
Development Management Committee A723.00483.00
Development Management Committee B723.00483.00





Members may only claim travelling and subsistence allowance in respect of the ‘approved’ duties listed in Schedule 3. Normal home to work and work to home mileage must be excluded from any claims.


Motor Mileage Allowance

Engine Capacity Rate per mile
Up to 999cc 39.7pence
1000cc to 1199cc 43.1pence
1200cc and above 54.4pence

When long journeys are undertaken as approved duties, the most economic method of travel should always be sought. Members should consider car-sharing wherever possible.

Public Transport – Rail/Bus Second class or any available cheap rate
Cycle mileage allowance 21.2pence per mile


Day Subsistence Allowance

4 hours before 11.00amBreakfast allowance6.06
4 hours including 12noon to 2pmLunch allowance8.37
4 hours including 3pm to 6pmTea allowance3.31
4 hours ending after 7pmEvening meal allowance10.36

Overnight Subsistence Allowance including accommodation (when claiming reimbursement)

(i) In London 98.70
(ii) Otherwise 86.50
Members should book accommodation through Waverley officers wherever possible.


The following list determines the payment of travelling allowances to members who either work or reside outside the Borough and who travel long distances to attend Waverley ‘approved’ duties:

Nature of Absence Travelling allowance to be paid

Holiday None
Change of residence )Up to a maximum of 27 miles per return journey,
Employment* )being the distance between Godalming and the furthest Borough boundary.

* In respect of employment, each Political group can spend up to 500 above this (based on normal allowances for actual travel) in any one year for exceptional circumstances, subject to the approval of the group leader



The following meetings are approved for the payment of carer’s, childcare, travelling and subsistence allowances:

1. a meeting of the Council or Executive or any other Committee or Sub-Committee of the Council, or of the following:-

Special Interest Groups (comprising Members of Waverley only)
Chairman’s agenda meetings
Opening of tenders (Executive Portfolio Holder, Chairman or Vice-Chairman)
Attendance at site meetings of the relevant Development Management Committees (such site meetings being identified by the Director of Planning and Development and approved at the meeting of the relevant Sub-Committee)
Employers’ Negotiating Team (including Joint Negotiating Committee for Pay and Conditions)
Housing Benefits Review Panel - meetings Computer appreciation and computer training courses approved by the Council
Seminars, training courses, presentations or visits for Members of the Council as identified by the Executive or other Committee or a Sub-Committee, unless formally extended to others with the agreement of the Executive
Meetings convened by the Chief Executive
Pre-arranged meetings between Portfolio Holders and officers which are necessary for the business of the portfolio
Meeting with All Parishes)Waverley members attending as
SCC Waverley Local Committee)representatives of Waverley only
Staff appointments (including staff appraisals)
Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting attendances by portfolio holders and Executive meeting attendances by Chairman and Vice Chairman of Overview and Scrutiny Committees.
Attendance by Councillors at Waverley meetings of which they are not Members when exercising their rights under new Council Procedure Rule 24. 2. a meeting of any of the following associations of authorities of which the Council is a member:-

Local Government Association
Surrey Local Government Association

3. a meeting of a body where the appointment thereto is made by the Local Government Association

4. a meeting of a body where the appointment thereto is made by the Surrey Local Government Association, e.g., Surrey Historic Buildings Trust

5. Attendances by all Member representatives appointed by Waverley at meetings of outside bodies (as listed in Section 4 of the Members’ Handbook)

6. Attendance by appropriate Executive Members at meetings of Outside Organisations where this is necessary to protect Waverley's interests, as approved by the Chief Executive, after consultation with the Leader. Bureau/bs/stanord/079