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Meeting of the Environment and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 15/01/2008
Basic Refurbishment Programme

1Refurbishment of all Public areas (to include all Reception areas, corridors, passageways, staircases, landings and other circulatory areas to which the public have access).
2Formation / Refurbishment of larger Reception area (DDA Compliant)
3Main Pool Roof
a) Replace coverings with composite sheet standing seam roofing system
b) Install insulated roof lights (10% of area)
c) Renew gutters and down pipes.
d) Install fall arrest system
e) Install lightning protection system.
4Portal Frame Base Works
Undertake corrosion protection works as recommended by Construction Evaluation Limited's Report dated June 2005
5Flat Roof Areas
a) Replace all felt roof areas. To include the upgrading of thermal insulation and the renewal of all roof lights
b) Replace gutters and fascias.
6External Brickwork Repairs
Repointing of all wall areas generally and other external repairs (including localised rebuilding).
7External Works
Repair / replacement of paving and the formation of access ramps to Centre (DDA compliant).
8External Cladding
Replacement of all external timber cladding (improve insulation)
9M & E Works
a) Renewal of Pool Hall Lighting
b) Replacement of lighting fittings generally around the Centre (energy efficient).
c) Renewal of extractor fans.
d) Shower control improvements
e) Plant room pipe work insulation replacement
f) Heating / ventilation controls – upgrading
g) Upgrading to emergency lighting system
10Main Pool
Major replacement and repairs to tiles and grilles within the tank and surrounds (See USP Report & Estimate dated 21.10. 05)
11All circulatory Areas (as 4 above)
a) Redecoration of wall and ceiling areas
b) Floor covering replacements
c) Lighting improvements
1Refurbishment of all Public areas (to include all Reception areas, corridors, passageways, staircases, landings and other circulatory areas to which the public have access).
2Major refurbishment of pool areas:
a) Pool hall ceiling redecoration
b) Replacement of tiling to pool, surrounds and low level to walls
c) New poolside seating
d) New heating & ventilation system (inch extension to house units)
e) Lighting improvements
3Sports Hall:
a) Glazing of viewing gallery for visibility / safety reasons
b) Replacement of sports hall floor with Gransprung flooring
c) Renewal of Rebound boards
d) Renewal of Curtains
e) Ventilation & heating improvements
f) Security of storage area
4Foyer / Entrance area:
a) Low reception counter to meet DDA requirements
b) Extension of entrance area with automatic doors
c) Additional office space constructed in void
d) Refurbishment of public toilets
5Squash courts:
a) Improvements to ventilation (inc Gallery Areas)
b) Re-laying of floors and refurbishment of all walls
c) Lighting improvements
6Activity room
a) Improvements to ventilation & heating
b) Redecoration and plastering to walls
c) Refurbishment of floor
d) Construction of storage cupboards
7Dry Changing Facilities
a) Refurbishment of shower & changing areas
8First Aid Room:
a) Rendering and tiling to walls
b) Renewal of floor covering
9Fitness Suite:
a) Improvements to ventilation
b) Squash court void conversion to fitness facilities including services
10Changing Village:
a) Redesign to Pre Cleanse / toilet / shower areas
b) Upgrade to Cubicle and lockers
11Internal Generally
a) Internal redecoration of brick walls
b) Renewal of all internal doors and master lock system
c) Renewal of Internal / External signage including DDA needs
d) Replacement of all louvered windows with sealed units
12External Works:
a) Re-surfacing & re-lining of Staff car park including disabled parking bays
b) Rebuilding & repairs to front entrance steps / retaining wall areas
c) Widening of pathways leading to Centre
13Mechanical & Electrical Services
a) Main & Pool equipment control panel replacement with BMS
b) Installation of condensing boilers (energy efficient)
c) Other Energy Management systems / controls within building
d) Clocks & timers to provide synchronised clock system
e) Lighting sensors for energy efficiency purposes
f) Replacement of distribution boards (where obsolete)
g) New water tank & services

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