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Meeting of the Environment and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 24/05/2004
Draft Cycling Plan



1 Introduction

1.1 There are many advantages to encouraging cycling. It is a flexible, quiet, relatively cheap and non-polluting form of transport with important health benefits for people of all ages. Cycling has the potential to cater for many more journeys than it does at present, particularly shorter distance trips where it can provide a genuine alternative to the car. It is also a popular recreational activity.

1.2 Surrey County Council, as the Highway Authority for Waverley, is responsible for transportation planning, including the maintenance and improvement of roads and public rights of way. Nevertheless, Waverley Borough Council has an important role to play in promoting and encouraging cycling, for instance as the local planning authority. The Borough Council adopted its first Cycling Plan in 1997, and has established a Cycling Forum to bring together interested parties.

1.3 This Plan replaces the 1997 Cycling Plan, and is intended to provide an up-to-date framework for future action that will assist in achieving increased cycle use. It has been produced in conjunction with Waverley Cycling Forum, which will be responsible for overseeing its implementation. In pursuing the actions set out in this Plan, Waverley Borough Council and Waverley Cycling Forum will work in partnership with Surrey County Council, Town and Parish Councils, local cycling groups and other relevant organisations such as public transport operators and health-related bodies.

2 Existing Policies