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Meeting of the Executive held on 02/12/2003
Risk Management

Summary & Purpose
The management of risk is a key factor in the way that Waverley delivers its services. In December 2002 the Executive approved Waverley’s planned approach to improving risk management. This report updates the Executive on the work undertaken against the plan.

Quality of Life Implications
Natural Resource Use
Pollution Prevention and Control
Biodiversity and Nature
Local Environment
Social Inclusion
Safe Communities
Local Economy
Resource Use
Prevention and Control
and Nature
Safe, Healthy
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E-Government implications:

E-Government and information technology issues are included in the identification of risks and opportunities.

Resource and legal implications:

There are no direct resource implications arising from this report.
Introduction and Background

1. The CIPFA/SOLACE Corporate Governance guidance recommends that Councils should have a robust corporate system for identifying, evaluating, controlling and monitoring all significant strategic and operational risks.

2. Examples of the main areas of risk that Waverley could face are as follows:
- Threats to the achievement of the Council’s objectives or delivery of services
- Anything that could damage the reputation of the Council or undermine the public’s confidence in it
- Failure to guard against impropriety, malpractice, waste or poor value
- Poor response to or management of changes that affect service delivery
- Failure to take advantage of opportunities to improve service delivery Work Undertaken

3. Work undertaken to date is as follows:
- A cross-departmental officer group has been established to improve the way in - Zurich Municipal advised on approach and talked to service managers and chief officers about risk management.
- Exercise undertaken which identified Waverley’s key strategic risks following interviews with chief officers and senior managers.
- Workshop held to evaluate strategic risks in terms of likelihood and impact, and to identify any action necessary
- Detailed evaluation matrix of risks associated with the East Street redevelopment
- Workshops for service managers to assess operational or service risks.

Further Work to be Undertaken

4. Further work to be undertaken in the future is as follows:
- Develop the risk register and action plan
- Action plan to be considered by the Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee and the Executive in early 2004
- Implement monitoring and review procedures


That the Executive notes the progress on improving risk management as set out in the report.

Background Papers (DoF)

There are no background papers (as defined by Section 100D(5) of the Local Government Act 1972) relating to this report.


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