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Meeting of the Executive held on 05/02/2008
Amendments to Scheme of Delegation, Contract Procedure Rules and Financial Regulations

Waverley Borough Council



[Portfolio Holder for Finance: Cllr M H W Band]
[Wards Affected: All]

Summary and purpose:

This report proposes changes to the Council Scheme of Delegation, Contract Procedure Rules and Financial Regulations following a review which incorporates the implications of the Senior Management restructuring agreed by the Council at its meeting on Tuesday, 11th December 2007.

These changes will be recommended by the Executive to the Council meeting on 19th February, to take immediate effect.

Environmental implications:

There are no direct environmental implications as a result of the recommendations in this report, however, the intention of the restructuring is to streamline decision-making and improve all of Waverley’s services.

Social / community implications:

As above.

E-Government implications:

The Scheme of Delegation, Contract Procedure Rules and Financial Regulations will be made available on the Council’s website.

Resource and legal implications:

Any necessary staffing time or printing costs will be covered within the existing budgets. The opportunity has also been taken to check that delegations for decision-making reflect current legislation.


1. The changes to the three decision-making frameworks of the Council are consequential changes to enable the newly-restructured departments to function effectively, and the opportunity has been taken to review the scheme of delegation and put forward some minor proposals for additional delegations to streamline decision-making. There is a proposal to make a minor title change to one post, from Head of Legal and Property Services to Head of Legal and Estates Services

Proposed Changes

(A) Scheme of Delegation

2. The proposed Scheme of Delegation is attached at Annexe 1.

3. The basic principle followed has been to delegate decision-making to the lowest level necessary for operational effectiveness, but to retain senior oversight of decision-making. Generally this has meant that most decisions will be made by the new Service Head posts, rather than under the previous structure where most were allocated to the previous Director posts.

Annexe 1 is annotated to show the following types of changes: -

(B) Contract Procedure Rules

4. Similar principles have been followed in re-allocating decision-making levels or authorities to posts within the new structure, and the proposed draft is attached at Annexe 2.

(C) Financial Regulations

5. The proposed draft is attached at Annexe 3 and, again, this has been changed largely to reflect changes in post designations or departmental structural changes as the core detail is considered to still be robust and appropriate.

Date of Implementation

6. The proposal is that the changes, if agreed by the Executive and the Council, should come into effect immediately after the Council meeting i.e. from Wednesday, 20th February 2008.


7. The restructuring agreed by the Council is intended to clarify responsibility for decision-making and the new Scheme Of Delegation, Contract Procedure Rules and Financial Regulations have been redrafted to reflect this change of emphasis.


It is recommended that the Executive recommends to the Council to adopt: -

1. the change of job title to Head of Legal and Estates Services and the new Scheme of Delegation attached at Annexe 1;

2. the new Contract Procedure Rules attached at Annexe 2; and

3. the new Financial Regulations attached at Annexe 3.

Background Papers (DoCSP)

There are no background papers (as defined by Section 100D(5) of the Local Government Act 1972) relating to this report.


Name: Robin Pellow Telephone: 01483 523222
E-mail: rpellow@waverley.gov.uk

Lyndsay Austin Telephone: 01483 523230
E-mail: laustin@waverley.gov.uk