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Meeting of the Executive held on 18/04/2006
Table 3: The Location and Density of Housing - Issues and Options


1. Sustainability and the location of developmenta) Continue current approach (I.e. do not use specific sustainability/ accessibility criteria when making decisions about sites)Flexible approach;
Housing numbers are being delivered;
Sustainability issues can only have a limited effect on decision making on density and site suitability
b) Develop criteria to assess the sustainability of sites and use these to inform decisions about site selection, phasing and density.Would ensure that this issue has more prominence in decision making on the suitability of sites and on density issuesLess flexible – may be less scope to respond to other site specific issues;Need to provide clear definition of sustainability.

Could consider site specific sustainability criteria for allocated sites.
2. The density of new housinga) Continue current approach to density (i.e. apply the PPG3 density requirements without identifying specific density zones).Quite a flexible approach;
Housing numbers are being delivered.
Less certainty/clarity;
Difficult to include density considerations when assessing the suitability of some sites.
The approach that the Council takes on this issue will be dependent on the Government policy that is contained in the forthcoming PPS3

Important to consider other issues like delivery of affordable housing and open spaces/green spaces.

Infrastructure issues could also inform decisions about density.
b) Develop density policies further by setting density ranges for all areas, based on criteria such as character and accessibility.Would provide more certainty of what is required. Subject to the criteria used, should assist in ensuring that development is appropriate for its locationCould be regarded as being too prescriptive and less able to respond to specific site circumstances
3. Housing design and the issue of character
    a) Continue with current policies (including retention of existing character areas)
Flexible approach;
Delivers housing numbers; gives protection to the existing “character areas”
May not be providing adequate controls in relation to housing development, particularly in existing residential areas.These options are not mutually exclusive.

The approach that the Council takes on this issue will be dependent on the Government policy that is contained in the forthcoming PPS3

Would need to ensure that whatever approach is followed, the overall housing requirement can be met.
    b) Develop policies on design to enhance the protection for all locations (linked to setting density ranges for different locations)
Would enhance protection for all areasCould be regarded as being inflexible;
Could have an impact on overall supply
    c) Designate new or enlarged “character areas”
May provide added protection to certain parts of the BoroughIdentifying additional “character areas” or enlarging existing “character areas” could have the effect of moving the pressure for development to other locations with possible adverse consequences;
Unless criteria are strictly defined, the identification of further areas may dilute the overall value of these designations.