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Meeting of the Development Control Committee held on 08/04/2003

PART I - Reports containing recommendations for decision by the Committee


Your Sub-Committee has considered applications for planning permission as listed in the agenda for its meeting on 19th March 2003 and has dealt with these in accordance with the approved Scheme of Delegation. The following application is referred to this Committee for consideration.

Mr and Mrs Smith
Erection of a detached triple garage with games room together with the erection of a detached garden store following demolition of existing garage and outbuildings (re-submission of WA02/1404) at Crabhams, Pockford Road, Chiddingfold (as clarified by letter dated 18.3.03)
Grid Reference:E: 496604 N: 135663
Development Plan:MGB, AONB, AGLV – outside settlement
Highway Authority:No requirements
Drainage Authority:No requirements
Parish Council:Objection – over development of the site

Relevant History

WA88/0658Erection of a single-storey extension
WA88/2013Erection of a detached garage/stable and games room with loft of 110 square metres
WA90/0785Erection of extensions and alterations
WA91/1110Erection of extensions, conservatory and alterations
WA98/1588Erection of a detached building to provide games room/store and the erection of a detached four car garage following demolition of existing garages and sheds
- Extant
WA02/1404Erection of a detached triple garage with games room together with the erection of a detached garden store following demolition of existing garage and outbuildings

Description of Site

Crabhams is a large detached dwelling situated in an elevated position on the northern side of Pockford Road. The site is wholly within the Metropolitan Green Belt and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and an Area of Great Landscape Value.


There is currently an extant permission on the site, granted under WA98/1588, for the erection of a garage to the front of the property (floor area 74 square metres) and a games room with garden store to the rear (floor area 64.2 square metres) following the demolition of the existing garage and two sheds (total floor area of 91 square metres) to the rear of the property. The total floor area of the proposal would be 138.2 square metres. In that scheme, due to the elevated position of the front garden, the garage would be set some 1.5 metres above the road level and prominent in the street scene. The games room and garden store would be set in the rear garden, to the north-west of the property, behind an existing line of shrubs and parallel with the boundary hedge to the west. The permission will expire on 18th December 2003.

The Proposal

The current proposal seeks to erect a triple garage with games room (floor area 110.7 square metres) to the north-west of the dwelling, adjacent to the western boundary of the site and a garden store (floor area 36 square metres) to the north of the site (total area of proposal 146.7 square metres) following the demolition of the existing garage and two sheds (with a total area of 91 metres).

The applicant has agreed to the non-implementation of extant permission WA98/1588 should the application be approved. This will be supported by a legal agreement to that effect.

Submissions in Support

In support of the application the agent has put forward the following points:-

Relevant Policies

Main Planning Issues

The site is located within the Green Belt, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and an Area of Great Landscape Value and outside any defined settlement area. Development Plan policies place strict restraint upon inappropriate development in the Green Belt and very special circumstances must exist if the strict policies of restraint are to be set aside. Development should also satisfactorily preserve or enhance the character of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Area of Great Landscape Value.

The main issues, in this case, are:-

(a) compliance with Green Belt policy;

(b) the existence of any very special circumstances;

(c) impact upon the landscape.

The principle of the erection of two outbuildings in the Green Belt represents a material breach of Green Belt Policy C1. However, in the circumstances, the existence of the extant permission represents an important material consideration. The weight to be given to any outstanding permission should be relative to the likelihood or ease of its implementation. Whilst the applicant has expressed a desire to seek an alternative solution to the approved scheme, the implementation of the current permission would not be difficult if the application was refused. To aid consideration of the current proposal with the extant permission the relevant details are set out in the following table:

Comparison of the proposed games room/garage and garden store with the extant permission

Proposed Building Type
Triple Garage with Games Room
Garden StoreGarageGames Room/Store
Floor Area (sq m)
36146.7 total7464.2138.2 total
Height to main ridge (m)
Position in siteIn rear gardenIn rear gardenFront of siteIn rear garden

In summary, the current proposal has overall a larger floor area and both buildings would be higher to the ridge than the previously approved buildings. However, the current proposal does make use of the change in levels of the ground. Moreover, by the omission of the frontage building, the current scheme is arguably less prominent within the landscape.


Whilst the height and floor area of the proposal have been increased, officers consider that it would be extremely difficult to argue that the current application would cause any greater harm to the Green Belt, than the extant permission.

The relocation of the garage away from the road would be less harmful to the amenity and character of the countryside.

Having regard to the existence of the extant consent, officers consider that, on balance, this proposal could be accepted as an exception to policy.

Your Sub-Committee


7. subject to the completion of departure procedures and subject to the applicant entering into a legal agreement with the Council within six months and the Council’s costs to be paid by the applicant, to secure the non-implementation of the permission to erect a detached garage and detached building under reference WA98/1588, permission be GRANTED subject to the following conditions:-


Background Papers (DoP+D)

There are no background papers (as defined by Section 100D(5) of the Local Government Act 1972) relating to this report.

PART II – Matters reported in detail for the information of the Committee

There are no matters falling within this category.

PART III – Brief summaries of other matter dealt with

Background Papers

The background papers relating to the following report items are as specified in the agenda for the meeting of the Southern Area Development Control Sub-Committee.


B.1 Appeals Lodged

The Council has received notice of the following appeals:-
WA02/2026Erection of a detached garage at Steepways Corner, Steepways, Beacon Hill, Hindhead
WA02/2049Erection of dwelling and garage on land adjoining Outerfield, Tilford Road, Hindhead
WA02/2208Erection of extensions and alterations including the formation of a vehicular access at Restmaur, Beacon Hill Road, Hindhead
WA02/2489Erection of a building to provide 27 dwellings, demolition of all existing buildings together with ancillary works at former Wilton Nursing Home, Wood Road, Beacon Hill, Hindhead
WA02/2517Erection of nine dwellings following demolition of existing dwelling; Howberry, 20 Courtsmount Road, Haslemere

B.2 Inquiry Arrangements

Your Sub-Committee has noted information on public inquiry arrangements for its planning appeals.


Your Sub-Committee has noted reports on the current situation regarding enforcement and related action previously authorised.

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