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Meeting of the Environment and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 31/01/2006
Actions for Consideration


Actions for consideration:

o Work with SCC Youth Services and Connexions to develop a Youth Council/Forum to be facilitated by the Council and provide an annual budget in line with other Surrey authorities for identified projects

o Be represented on the Waverley Connexions Area Alliance and contribute to joint needs assessment and planning of services for young people within Waverley.

o Through the Waverley Connexions Area Alliance develop a joint strategy for consultation with young people

o Provide targeted activities for youth in partnership with other agencies in rural areas and areas of relative deprivation

o In partnership with other agencies provide activities which support young people in need i.e.NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training), Care Leavers, Travellers, Teenage Parents, and Young Offenders

o Identify funding for a dedicated Youth Development Officer for the Council to take the strategic lead for delivering services to young people

o Create a local directory of those organisations currently working with young people within the borough and work with Connexions to create a Forum to share good practice and to facilitate joint working

o Support external organisations that deliver projects, which benefit young people through the Councils Community Partnership Fund and Sponsored Organisation Scheme

o Encourage through the planning process more youth orientated retail in the Borough and the provision of Cinema in Farnham

o Support the provision of drop in facilities. Target to provide one in each of the four key localities. Monitor the success of Farnham Youth Project as a pilot.

o Identify alternative meeting places for young people, consider using existing venues and facilities

o Improve the major skate parks and provide additional smaller scale provision in identified locations where local demand is identified through consultation

o Seek to provide strategically placed Multi use Games Areas (MUGAs) -Suggested sites include: Holloway Hill, Ockford Ridge, The Chantrys, Cranleigh, Broadwater, Central Farnham

o Provision of Youth Shelters in key sites where local demand is identified through consultation

o Use the licensing function to encourage the development of venues which provide events for young people i.e. live music

o Provide funding and support for joint youth events such a FLY(For Local Youth Cranleigh) and FYE (Farnham Youth Events)

o Initiate projects, which address intergenerational issues and the fear of young people especially by the elderly

o Use SMS Text messaging systems and interactive web sites to engage young people in decision-making

o Using latest technologies i.e. web and text messaging provide additional marketing opportunities for organisations providing activities for young people

o Encourage the Council’s Sports Centres to initiate fitness programmes specifically for youth

o Seek to provide Connexions access points within leisure centres where appropriate

o Actively engage with Surrey County Council and other agencies involved in the development of the Children’s Trust and the implementation of any reforms emerging from the Governments Youth Matters Green Paper

o Investigate ways to encourage greater volunteering by young people and the opportunities for celebration and recognition of young people who contribute to their communities

o Organise an annual one day youth event to celebrate young people in the borough using the event as an opportunity to engage with young people proactively

o Develop and implement a corporate child protection policy for the Council in line with the Council’s statutory responsibilities