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Meeting of the Executive held on 01/04/2003

The purpose of this report is to respond to the Council’s request on 18th February 2003 that officers consider a grant for the New Farnham Repertory Company. The resource and other implications are referred to in the report.

Executive – 1st April 2003




[Wards Affected: All Farnham Wards]

Summary and Purpose

The purpose of this report is to respond to the Council’s request on 18th February 2003 that officers consider a grant for the New Farnham Repertory Company. The resource and other implications are referred to in the report.



1. The New Farnham Repertory Company applied for a grant of 25,000 under the Matched-Funding
Provision Round 6. The applicants sought financial support for their season of four plays taking place
in the summer of 2003, where the total costs had been projected at 104,000. The applicants were
seeking financial support from other sources, apart from anticipated box office revenue, that would
enable the company to offer ticket prices within reach of lower income groups.

2. In assessing the application, officers considered that a further series of plays in 2003 did not meet the Matched-Funding Provision criteria and as such no grant be awarded.

3. At its meeting on 4th February 2003, the Executive gave detailed consideration to all of the applications made under Round 6, taking into account the views expressed by the Overview and Scrutiny Committees. In relation to the New Farnham Repertory Company, the Executive recommended to Council that:

Resource Implications

4. Subsequently, the Director of Finance has given consideration to this request. The budget under Round 6 has been allocated, with the exception of ring-fenced allocations for urgent applications (20,000) and the Small Grants Scheme (30,000). There is also a balance of 15,251 held in the Small Grants Scheme budget for 2002/03, although some applications have still to be processed.

5. To be eligible under the Small Grants Scheme, a project must be located within Waverley and benefit its residents, and have total costs of 10,000 or under. Applications should normally be based on a request for 25% funding. In exceptional cases, grants of up to 50% will be considered, to a maximum of 5,000.

6. In examining the detail of the Matched-Funding application from the New Farnham Repertory Company, it is noted that the major costs involved are those for actors and staff (57,000). A further element of 10,000 has been included for “Sets, Props, Costumes and Stage Management”. Whilst it is not normal to break projects down into their individual elements, in view of the decision by Council to look at the possibility of considering a grant, it is suggested that an exception be made to the normal Small Grant procedures and itiIt is therefore proposed that Waverley provide 50% of that element of the overall project, by way of a grant for 5,000.

7. The funding is to meet the costs associated with the original matched-funding proposal, which was for a 10 week production. Any changes to the scheme will result in a corresponding reduction in the grant.

“Opportunities for All” implications

8. This scheme should provide an event that is open to all members of the public to attend.

Other Implications

9. There are no human rights, community safety or environmental implications.

Conditions of funding

10. As part of the initial application for use of Brightwells, agreement was given in principle on the basis that a number of conditions were fulfilled. In agreeing the grant, it is assumed that any funding will also be dependent on these conditions being met before funds can be released. These conditions include:

i. planning approval for the erection of the marquee

ii. the necessary entertainment licences for the event

iii. 5 million public liability insurance cover for the period of the production

iv. 1,000 deposit to cover the cost of any necessary ground reinstatement works

11. For information, Officers have received confirmation from Crest Nicholson and adjoining users giving
no objection to the proposal.


It is recommended that:

1. the exceptional amendment to the Small Grant Scheme, which allows an element of the larger New Farnham RepetoryRepertory Company project to be considered for grant, be agreed; ________________________________________________________________________

Background Papers (DoF)

There are no background papers (as defined by Section 100D(5) of the Local Government Act 1972) relating to this report.



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