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Meeting of the Environment and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 18/01/2005
Table of Policies


Table of policies in the existing Waverley Borough Local Plan, showing which policies will be replaced by the Core Strategy and Housing DPD. All other Local Plan Policies are to be saved beyond 2007.

Existing Local Plan PolicyLocal Development Document(s) where policy will be addressed within 3 year period.
Keynote policyCore Strategy
D1 – Environmental Implications of DevelopmentCore Strategy
D2 – Compatibility of Uses
D3 - ResourcesCore Strategy
D4 – Design and LayoutCore Strategy
D5 – Nature Conservation
D6 – Tree Controls
D7 – Trees, Hedgerows and Development
D8 – Crime Prevention
D9 - AccessibilityCore Strategy
D10 - Advertisements
D11 – Telecommunications
D12 – Run-off and flooding
D13 – Essential InfrastructureCore Strategy
D14 – Planning BenefitsCore Strategy
C1 – Development in the Green Belt Outside SettlementsCore Strategy
C2 – Countryside Beyond the Green BeltCore Strategy
C3 – Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Area of Great Landscape ValueCore Strategy
C4 – Farnham/Aldershot Strategic GapCore Strategy
C5 – Areas of Strategic Visual ImportanceCore Strategy
C6 – Landscape Enhancement
C7 – Trees, Woodlands and Hedgerows
C8 – Felling Licences and Woodland Grant Schemes
C9 – International and National Conservation Sites
C10 – Local Nature Reserves, Sites of Nature Conservation Importance and Regionally Important Geological and Geomorphological Sites
C11 – Undesignated Wildlife Sites
C12 – Canals and river corridors
BE1 – Important Green Spaces Within Settlements
BE2 – Frith Hill Area of Special Environmental Quality
BE3 - South Farnham Area of Special Environmental Quality
BE4 – Haslemere Hillsides
BE5 – Godalming Hillsides
BE6 – Low Density Residential Areas
HE1 – Protection of Listed Buildings
HE2 – Buildings of Local Architectural or Historic Interest
HE3 – Development Affecting Listed Buildings or their Settings
HE4 – Change of Use of Locally Listed Buildings
HE5 – Alteration or Extension of Listed or Locally Listed Buildings
HE6 – Building Control
HE7 – Building in Disrepair
HE8 – Conservation Areas
HE9 – Historic Parks and Gardens
HE10 – Heritage Features
HE11 – Enhancement Schemes
HE12 – Historic Landscapes
HE13 – Scheduled Ancient Monuments and County Sites of Archaeological Importance
HE14 – Sites and Areas of High Archaeological Potential
HE15 – Unidentified Archaeological Sites
H1 – Housing ProvisionCore Strategy and Housing DPD
H2 – Monitoring and Phasing of Housing DevelopmentHousing DPD
H3 – Land Reserved to Meet Longer Term Development RequirementsHousing DPD
H4 – Density and Size of DwellingsHousing DPD
H5 – Subsidised Affordable Housing within SettlementsHousing DPD
H5A – Subsidised Affordable Housing at Bourne Mill, Farnham
H6 – Subsidised Affordable Housing in the Green Belt and Countryside Beyond the Green BeltCore Strategy and Housing DPD
H7 – Special Needs HousingHousing DPD
H8 – Retention of Residential Land and Buildings
H9 – Conversion and Sub-division
H10 – Amenity and Play SpaceCore Strategy
H11 – Gypsy SitesHousing DPD
CF1 – Retaining Existing Community Facilities Core Strategy
CF2 – Provision of New Community Facilities
CF3 – Educational Establishments
IC1 – General ConsiderationsCore Strategy
IC2 – Safeguarding Suitably Located Industrial and Commercial LandCore Strategy
IC3 – Well Established Industrial and Commercial LandCore Strategy
IC4 – Existing Industrial and Commercial PremisesCore Strategy
IC5 – Existing Bad Neighbour Uses
IC6 – Wrecclesham Railway Yard, Farnham
IC7 – Coxbridge, Farnham
IC8 – Former Coal Depot, Catteshall Lane, Godalming
IC9 – Catteshall Mill, Godalming
IC10 – Smithbrook Kilns
IC11 – Cooper’s, Chiddingfold
IC12 – Working from Home
S1 – Retail Development: Sequential TestCore Strategy
S2 – Local and Village ShopsCore Strategy
S3 – Farm Shops and Shops Forming Part of Petrol Stations
S4 – Garden Centres
S5 - Markets
S6 – Food and Drink Uses
S7 - Shopfronts
TC1 – Town Centre UsesCore strategy
TC2 – Existing Retail UsesCore strategy
TC3 – Development within Town CentresCore strategy
TC4 – Farnham Key Site: Riverside
TC5 – Farnham Key Site 2: 20-25 West Street
TC6 – Godalming Key Site: Land Between Flambard Way, Catteshall Lane and Woolsack Way
TC7 – Haslemere Key Site: Land Between West Street and Lower Street
TC8 – Urban Design in Town Centres
TC9 – Town Centre EnhancementCore strategy
TC10 – Farnham Green EnvelopeFarnham Conservation Area Appraisal SPD
TC11 – Castle Street, FarnhamFarnham Conservation Area Appraisal SPD
TC12 –Town Centre AccessCore strategy
TC13 – Farnham Town Centre Traffic Management
TC14 – Town Centre Car Parking Standards
TC15 – Rear Access and ServicingCore strategy
TC16 – Footways and YardsCore strategy
LT1 – Retention of Leisure Facilities
LT2 – Retention of Visitor Accommodation
LT3 – Visitor Accommodation in Settlements
LT4 – Visitor Accommodation in the Countryside
LT5 – Change of Use to Visitor Accommodation in the Countryside
LT6 – Leisure and Tourism Development in the Settlements
LT7 – Leisure and Tourism Development in the Countryside
LT8 – Sports Grounds and Playing Fields
LT9 – Golf Courses
LT10 – Noisy Sports
LT11 – Walking, Cycling and Horseriding
RD1 – Rural SettlementsCore Strategy
RD2 – Extension of Dwellings in the Countryside
RD2A – Replacement of Dwellings in the Countryside
RD3 – Garages and Other Ancillary Domestic Outbuildings in the Countryside
RD4 – Large Country Houses
RD5 – Institutional Buildings in the Countryside
RD6 – Major Developed Sites
RD7 – Re-Use and Adaptation of Buildings in Rural Area
RD8 – Farm DiversificationCore Strategy
RD9 - Agricultural Land
RD10 – Agricultural Development
RD11 – New Agricultural Dwellings
RD12 – Agricultural Occupancy Conditions
RD13 – Non-Commercial Horsekeeping
RD14 – Commercial Horsekeeping
RD15 – Renewable Energy InstallationsCore Strategy
M1 – The Location of DevelopmentCore Strategy
M2 – The Movement of Implications of Development
M3 – Development Alongside the A3 and A31
M4 – Provision for Pedestrians
M5 – Provision for CyclistsCore Strategy
M6 – Farnham Cycle NetworkCore Strategy and Cycling Plan
M7 – Footpaths and CyclewaysCore Strategy
M8 – Guildford to Cranleigh Movement Corridor
M9 – Provision for People with Disabilities and Mobility ProblemsCore Strategy
M10 – Public Transport and Interchange Facilities
M11 – Haslemere Station Car Parking
M12 – Traffic Management
M13 – Heavy Goods Vehicles
M14 – Car Parking Standards
M15 – Public Off-Street Parking
M16 – Local Parking Problems
M17 - Servicing
M18 – A3 Improvements
M19 – A31 Farnham By-Pass Improvements