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Meeting of the Executive held on 16/05/2006
Land at Queensmead, Chiddingfold

Waverley Borough Council

[Wards Affected : Chiddingfold]
Summary and purpose:

This report recommends that the Council disposes of a parcel of land at Chiddingfold to enable the development of two pairs of semi-detached homes to be built by English Rural Housing Association. These will be allocated to local people in housing need, nominated by the Council, and let on assured tenancies.
Environmental implications:

Any housing development has significant environmental implications. The proposed development, however, is on a site formerly occupied by two semi-detached bungalows. The new homes will be constructed to meet the Housing Corporation’s “Very Good” Eco-homes standard and will use ‘Modern Methods of Construction’. Careful attention has been paid to the design of the new buildings so that they blend in well with neighbouring properties.

Social / community implications:

There is a significant need for affordable housing for rent across the Borough. The proposed scheme will particularly assist households in housing need who have a local connection with the village of Chiddingfold. Decent homes have a positive impact on the health, educational and social well-being of people. This affordable housing project has the support of the Parish Council.

E-Government implications:

There are none arising from this report.

Resource and legal implications:

The land in question is owned by the Council and held in the Housing Revenue Account. English Rural Housing Association has not secured funding from the Housing Corporation to support this scheme. In order for this development to proceed the Council will need to provide a form of subsidy and it is suggested that the land be transferred to English Rural Housing Association at nil value in exchange for nomination rights.


1. In 2005, the Council demolished two semi-detached bungalows at Queensmead, Chiddingfold, which had significant structural defects and were uneconomic to repair. A location plan is attached at Annexe 1.
2. Since then, officers have had discussions with English Rural Housing Association to explore the opportunity of providing additional affordable housing to meet local housing need.

3. Following consultation with Chiddingfold Parish Council and an information day for local residents in January 2006, a development of four new homes is being proposed – in two pairs of semi-detached houses namely: 2 x 2-bedroom four person homes; and 2 x 2-bedroom three person homes. Plans are attached as Annexe 2.

4. It is proposed that three of the homes be for rent and one home sold on shared-ownership terms. The rent will be in the order of 85 per week; and the shared-ownership home will be sold at 45/50% of open market value, with the association retaining the remaining 55/50% share. In order to keep its rural homes affordable, English Rural Housing Association does not charge a rental on the outstanding capital value but makes an annual ground rent of 250.

5. The Council’s Housing Needs Register already identifies that there are some 33 households already living in the village of Chiddingfold who would welcome the opportunity to transfer to a home better suited to their needs and would hope to be able to remain in the Chiddingfold area. A development, such as that being proposed, would assist meeting local housing need.

6. English Rural Housing Association made a bid for Social Housing Grant from the Housing Corporation, but was not successful in gaining funding for this scheme. English Rural Housing Association has a strong track record of delivering rural schemes in the Borough and is recognised as a key partner in the delivery of affordable rural housing. Although the association did not receive Social Housing Grant for the scheme, it is willing to fund the development if Waverley can provide the land.

7. It is proposed that the Council disposes of the site at nil value in exchange for nomination rights on terms to be negotiated by the Property and Development Manager to enable the affordable housing scheme to progress.


It is recommended that the Executive:

1. supports the proposal to provide additional affordable homes in Chiddingfold;

2. approves the disposal of land at Queensmead, Chiddingfold, to English Rural Housing Association on terms to be negotiated by the Property and Development Manager to enable the affordable housing scheme to progress.

Background Papers (DoH)

There are no background papers (as defined by Section100D(5) of the Local Government Act 1972) relating to this report.

Name: John Swanton Telephone: 01483 523375
E-mail: jswanton@waverley.gov.uk