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Meeting of the Executive held on 05/04/2005
Revised agenda pages


I enclose revised agenda summary pages for the meeting of the Executive on Tuesday, 5th April which members should substitute for the agenda summary pages which were despatched on Thursday, 24th March. Those reports marked ‘to follow’ are attached and, for ease of reference, the items in question are as listed below and are also shown in italic type in the replacement summary pages. The same applies to item 12 where the (Exempt) paragraph wording is set out below and item 19 (Annexe 1 to Appendix M is now included).

Agenda Item
East Street, FarnhamA (and report in
summary pages)
Management Structure -
Reshaping the Council*
H refers
[*The annexe to this report contains exempt information by virtue of which the public is likely to be excluded during the item to which the report relates, as specified in paragraph 12 of Part 1 of Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act 1972, viz:-

Any instructions to Counsel and any opinion of Counsel (whether or not in connection with any proceedings) and any advice received, information obtained or action to be taken in connection with -

(a) any legal proceedings by or against the authority, or

(b) the determination of any matter affecting the authority (whether, in either case, proceedings have been commenced or in contemplation).
Review of the Council’s Policy for Disabled
Adaptations in Council (Managed) Properties
etc. (Annexe to Appendix enclosed)
M refers

Head of Committee and Member Services 42831