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Meeting of the Executive held on 06/02/2007

Summary & Purpose
The purpose of this report is to advise Members about possible courses of action that are materialising to develop a household kitchen waste collection service.

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[Wards Affected: All]

Summary and purpose:

The purpose of this report is to advise Members about possible courses of action that are materialising to develop a household kitchen waste collection service.

Environmental implications:

The potential environmental implications of waste management are huge because waste management is perhaps the most polluting municipal activity. Amongst those components of the waste stream that are significantly polluting is the component of biodegradable municipal waste. This report, which proposes potential methods of removing kitchen waste from the residual waste stream, could have significantly beneficial environmental consequences.

Social / community implications:

Waste management is a significant local employer and the proposals contained in this report in relation to kitchen waste management could have beneficial local employment consequences. Kitchen waste is regarded as a nuisance factor in the waste stream and its regular sanitary removal would have beneficial effects at a household level to a whole community.

E-Government implications:

There are no direct E-government consequences of this report although improved partnership working which is recommended in this report will need enhanced levels of electronic collaboration.

Resource and legal implications:

There are significant resource implications in respect of the proposals for kitchen waste including accessing a County Incentive Scheme, the potential for accessing the 2.3 million contained in the Waste Performance and Efficiency Grant as well as potential grants from WRAP and Defra.

A potential kitchen waste collection service

1. An incentive scheme has been announced which will enable district councils to access funding streams under the circumstances that they are deflecting biodegradable municipal waste from the residual waste stream. This scheme, which is funded by Surrey County Council, is designed to encourage the removal of that category of waste whose inclusion in the waste stream could potentially attract penalty payments or the need to buy tradable permits under the provisions of the WET (Waste Emissions and Trading) Act, which is the British equivalent of the European Landfill Directive. More simply, it is to Surrey’s advantage to pay for kitchen waste removal at source than to pay the cost of penalties or permits.

2. Currently Waste Officers across Surrey are considering whether this should be advanced through pilot projects, through geographical clusters or through a Surrey-wide project. At the time of writing this report there is also being explored the opportunity of Defra funding to support Eunomia’s appointment as the consultant for Surrey, WRAP funding for the Capital and revenue costs of these projects and a pilot project is being considered by Guildford, Mole Valley and Elmbridge Councils.

3. Officers have also agreed that these pilot projects can be part funded from the LAA Waste Performance and Efficiency Grant, as long as the evaluation of the pilot projects is made available to every authority.

4. The opportunities for Waverley Borough Council are as a late inclusion in this pilot, or subsequently as part of a County-wide developed scheme following the evaluation of the three pilot schemes. Officers advise that we should pursue being involved in the pilot as there is little doubt that kitchen waste in the residual waste stream is giving rise to most of the concerns, whether real or apparent, that are still being expressed about our alternate weekly system of waste collection.

5. Officers therefore propose that Waverley Borough Council pursues inclusion in the pilot project for a waste collection service extension to include kitchen waste and, at the same time, collaboratively pursues the realisation of beneficial grants and funding towards this scheme from the potential sources identified in this report, with a view to developing a low or no cost waste collection service.


6. It is concluded that it is in the best advantage, including financial advantage and environmental advantage, for Waverley to be considered as soon as possible for inclusion in a pilot kitchen waste collection service and to seek appropriate sources of external money to enable this to occur.


It is recommended that the Executive authorises officers to investigate proposals for a pilot kitchen waste collection service for Waverley, utilising grants and other sources of funding and existing approved budgets, and to report back on the outcome of these investigations.

Background Papers (DoEL)

Minutes of the Surrey Local Government Association Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy Officers Group - 12th December 2006.


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