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Meeting of the Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 14/11/2001

Detailed work

The Strategy needs, as a basic requirement, to provide guidance on the following:

application of Standing Orders
evaluation and selection of appropriate model of procurement
evaluation and selection of contractors and partners
selection of the appropriate form of contract or agreement
environmental and sustainability issues to be addressed
corporate objectives that are relevant to the project/ procurement
assessment and evaluation of tenders/quotations received
evaluation and control of consultants
management of contracts and projects
identification of staff development and training needs.

Standing Orders with respect to Contracts currently have little/no guidance on how to deal with the following and need to encompass the following:

errors in tenders
evaluation of tenders other than a presumption that the cheapest tender should be selected
disposal of assets
invitation and acceptance of quotations
financial appraisal and assessment of the ability of firms/organisations’

Prepare a Staff Development Strategy