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Meeting of the Licensing and Regulatory Committee held on 21/02/2005
Responsibilities for Functions

Responsibility for Functions
-Responsibilities for Functions
Annexe 2
Licensing and Regulatory Committee and Licensing
(General Purposes) Sub-Committee

1. Power to issue caravan site licences
2. Power to license the use of moveable dwellings and camping sites
3. Power to license hackney carriages and private hire vehicles, their drivers and operators
4. Power to register pool promoters, and to grant track betting licences, and license inter-track betting schemes
5. Power to grant permits in respect of premises with amusement machines, or premises where amusements with prizes are provided
6. Power to register societies wishing to promote lotteries
7. Power to issue cinema, cinema club and theatre licences
8. Power to issue entertainments licenses
9. Power to license premises for acupuncture, tattooing, ear-piercing and electrolysis
10. Power to license dealers in game and the killing and selling of game
11. Power to register and license premises for the preparation of food, and other regulatory powers to deal with the hygienic production and retail of meat and other food items
12. Power to license premises for the breeding of dogs, pet shops and breeding establishments
13. Power to license dangerous wild animals
14. Power to license persons to collect for charitable and other causes
15. Power to grant consent for the operation of a loud speaker
Annexe 3
Liquor Licensing Sub-Committees

1. Power to grant licences for both premises and personal licences as set out in more detail below:-

Application for personal licenceIf an objection made
Application for personal licence with unspent convictionsAll Cases
Application for premises licence/club premises CertificateIf a representation made
Application for provisional statementIf a representation made
Application to vary premises licence/club registration certificateIf a representation made
Application to vary designated personal licence holderIf a police objection
Application for transfer of premises licenceIf a police objection
Application for Interim AuthoritiesIf a police objection
Application to review premises licence/club premises RegistrationAll cases
Decision to object when local authority is a consultee and not the lead authorityAll cases
Determination of a police representation to a temporary event noticesAll cases